How to heal from a c-section when you have a toddler?

C-section mamas with toddlers- I know you’re not supposed to lift for 4-6 weeks but when did you actually go ahead and lift your toddler? I have a 13mo old with cerebral palsy and limited help. He’s 24lbs and I’m going to have to lift him soonest 1 week postpartum. My c-section is two weeks from tomorrow. I do not have money to hire help. We’re still waiting on more services. I’m not looking for solutions. Just when mamas felt like they could lift after their c-sections. I know it’s more risky. But I don’t have a choice.


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No advice but I am praying and thinking of you :heart:

I would sit down and pick mine up. Or kneel. Just don’t lean over and pick him up like you normally would


You need to find help because you probably wont be able to lift him. Depending on your pain tolerance itll hurt alot plus you dont want to develop any short of issue from overdoing it.


I had baby a 3 yr old an 6 yr old it’s hard I got 2 infections coz of it no help but u can do it why coz u r a strong woman :muscle:t4:

Good dad lots of friends

With my first c-section, it would have been at least 4 weeks. With my 2nd, I was lifting my 4 year old at 2 weeks.

You won’t be physically able to most likely. You need to plan something


I had 3 kids under 3 back to back to back. C sections for all. My doctor just had me take it easy for a couple days and then okayed me to lift them out of the crib etc . It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought.

My mom helped me for the first few days . Otherwise I did it alone . Stay up on your pain pills and walk walk walk


I had a C-section when my oldest was 17 months (about 30 pounds) and she was a stage 5 clinger and wanted me to carry her everywhere. I started picking her up maybe 4-5 days post op because I didn’t have a choice and it was fine. I took it as easy as I could but honestly as I’m sure you know, there’s no real resting with a toddler unless you have someone there helping you that your toddler will allow to take care of them. Hang in there. You got this! Congratulations on the new baby.

Make sure you get a binder post op. Bend at knees instead of hips. If picking up from floor, sit on floor and lift up to couch/bed. Stand up. Then lift toddler from higher level. I was picking up/assisting my 40lb 3 yr old up 2 weeks post partum into the car. Do not recommend, but we gotta do what we gotta do.

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You wanna wait the time because not only might it hurt but you could risk a hernia or tearing something. And make recovery take even longer.


I would absolutely not advise that and plan ahead.

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i know it’s not recommended but when my 2nd was born, my oldest was 2.5 & the day after my 2nd was born I was walking the halls of the hospital holding my oldest… they did get onto me but i was fine…

definitely take it as easy as you can but it’s not going to be the end of the world if you have to pick him up…

My son weight about 36 pounds at the time.

I know it isn’t recommended but I lifted my 1.5 year old at like 1.5 weeks postpartum. And about a month postpartum and healed fine.

Ohhh Momma. As a Mom who has had a c section I wish I could help you :sob:



A c section is a MAJOR surgery. People may think it isn’t but is it. You need to find help. Friend family. If you don’t you can make it worse


I couldn’t pick up my son after I got my tube burned it was hard but told him I had ouchies

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I honestly picked up my son when I really needed too maybe a week after. I just tried to be slow and Cautious when I did pick him up. He was probably 35 pounds at that time he has autism so was hard not to pick him up.

Honestly I was lifting my one year old the next day
It’s hard when you have no help and have to do what you need to

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I would crouch down and pick mine up and stay kind of bent at the waist a little to not stretch the incision and try to keep muscles relaxed.

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I have 3 that are 3 and under. I had to just do it as “careful” as I could.

I did also 1 week postpartum… don’t bend at waist lifting the child… set lift child then stand… also put a binder on( by in pharmacy department it’s Velcro) it helps with support on the incision… my lessons that I learned with mine

I lifted my 3 year old 6 days afterwards

I had my first C-section in may of 2009, my second in September 2011 (when my first was 28 months), then had my third C-section in may of 2015 when my second child was 3 and my oldest had just turned 6. Had my last C-section in June 2016 when I had a 7 year old, a 4 year old and a baby who was only 12 months and 2 weeks… I have no idea how I survived. I just did.

My husband was able to take 2 weeks of vacation time so he was home with me for 2 weeks but after that I was home all day with all the kids and I just explained the I can not pick them up unless absolutely necessary, if they want to be held sit and then have them climb up on ur lap

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After my 3rd c-section I tried to get back to lifting my 1 and 2 year Olds ( they were both under 35 lbs) after 1 week n I got a infection. N lost two staples. 0lease is at all possible have someone stay with u n lift for u atleast for a month. I also had a Friend that had a c-section and she went home n started lifting her little one n she tore open she had to stuff her cut n it took for ever to heal.


Whatever you do find help if you can Hun I didn’t wait I had the feeling I had to do it on my own and 3 yrs after she was born I was having surgery to repair 3 different hernias all from my c section scar to my bellybutton I had caused to much damage right after my C-section and from there it was just a matter of time also should say I convinced myself I was fine and they said I should have had the repairs done 3 yrs earlier my surgery took over 9 hours

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I’m going to be honest with my c section experience. I would not have been able to pick up my toddler 1 week post partum. I know you say you have no choice, but please take into consideration that you physically may not be able to. You truly may need help.


I’ve had 4 C-section, the first after birth, walk, walk everyday little by little and you will heal faster and just take it easy when lifting your toddler, go slow and take your time.

Sit down an have your child crawl up on your lap.

Pretty soon after my third I was driving and lifting her in her car seat and taking 3 kids to the doctor alone. I didn’t have a choice. You gotta do what you gotta do

my 1st c-section i was lifting and bending 2 weeks after. and had my oldest at the time almost 3.5yr old. plus nb baby. my 2nd a week after i was doing the same but my incision almost came open. and i got lectured cause i had to have butterfly stitches…and i had nb 3.5hr old and 5yr old. :upside_down_face: i would not recommend. incision almost popping open is not worth it. theres no one who can help at all??? inlaws, parents neighbors?

I was on my own 5 days postpartum after my C-section with a toddler. Sometimes you just have to do it. Try not to bend. Use a binder. It will be rough but I healed just fine.

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I had to do the same. I wore a waist trainer type thing/ or binder …so I would have more stability because the stomache muscles will hurt for a bit. Please be careful how you pick up your other child i.e, sit before trying to pick him/her up, to be careful not to rip the incision open. Best of luck to you mama! It’s difficult, but can be done.

See if your husband can take a week of vacation.

Just had my 4th c section 5 days ago 4 kids under 5 I have no choice but to hold and lift my 19th month old I just try to do it as easy and as careful as I can :confused:

I was driving on day 4….lifting my 4 year old at the time. You do what you gotta do. I tired to have her crawl in my lap and when I did pick her up I did it slowly and carefully. The belly binder helped me a ton!!! You should def get one of those.

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Check to see if you’re qualified to get a pediatric home health nurse to come and help you.

When I had my son I had to lift my daughter a lot especially with her being globally delayed. I did it slowly and most of the time from a sitting position. Also wore my belly band religiously during the day it helped a ton.

I was lifting my 2 yr within a couple days. I never had an issue, BUT that’s not to say that’s the case for everyone. If you start to pick up the toddler, and you feel any kind of strain, then stop would be my suggestion.


I had a hysterectomy and had a daughter 3 yrs old and she was blind and could not walk. I was like you no help so day 1 after I got home. My husband helped after he got off work. That was 74 years ago. Will be praying for you.

I had a 2 year old when I had my c-section and no help while the hubs was at work after week one. It takes longer to heal but just take it as easy as you can.

Wear a binder … careful tho it can lead to a hernia

Use your legs not your abbs…

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Sit down and pick him up

I had a 1 yr old and did everything as soon as I got home from the hospital.

Like 5 days PP. I had to pick up my 30 lbs daughter. I have 4 kids and was taking care of them alone at 5 days pp

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I had to do the same, toddlers don’t understand. I was picking them up as soon as I got home from the hospital. To begin with I tried to make sure i was in a sitting position before picking them up. But that doesn’t last long. Use a belly binder.

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I would recommend not lifting more than 10 pounds for at least 6 weeks. You are healing still You are taking a chance of tearing something internally and a chance of tearing your incision open which is going to cause you a huge infection. Probably have to be hospitalized. I would find ways to keep the toddler from having to lift him. At 13 months he should be walking. Maybe a family member can help or the baby father. Even a friend

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I lifted my toddler after my CS. I would pick him up and then sit down right away or put him down in his crib, high chair, etc. I didn’t walk around holding him.
I let my body tell me what I could and could not do. If I hurt, I limited what I could.

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It sucks but you do it, trust your body and go slow. I had a 10 month old and a new born after my C section. I lived on a second floor apartment and was a single mom.


I feel this so deep my oldest has cp and at 2½ his brother was born both via c-section. He didn’t sit up let alone walk. My ex husband would abandon us to go get tweaked out! It was pure hell trying to recover, it took longer because I was having to do to much

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I had four c-sections. And with all four of my C-sections I was pretty much living a normal life by day four or five. My two oldest are 12 months apart. And I was fully caring for both of them by 4 days postpartum. And my second and third child are 18 months apart. And I was caring for all three of them by day four or five.

Definitely where ur belly band they give u in hospital and try picking up while sitting if possible I had a toddler when I had my c section as well

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I had the kids climb up on me and helped just a little. But just do what you can that’s all you can. If you feel it pull at all you need to get help

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Your body will tell you when. Just ease into it. I had twins c-section plus tubaligation at the same time. Went home the second day after delivery. My daughter was 5 at the time but I was full-time momma with no help. Listen to your body though. That’s the most important part.

Use a binder, lift with your legs. It will tough but you need to ease into it and try not to do too much too soon.

i think everyone is different and you should personally listen to your body. i had a 20 month old when my daughter was born and i still lifted him and did my regular daily routine things. i just listened to my body and took breaks and rested.

I’ve had four sections. Second section I had a 19 month old. Fourth section I had a 17 month old.
My second I had ZERO help. For my toddler, newborn and for my house. I left the hospital early ( used to be 4 days, I left the day after ) and went home on the bus. Hurt like a bitch and I didn’t fully heal until a few months later. But my 19 month old was around 30lbs and I picked him up but limited it.
You’ll be okay, ask for help from family for the first two weeks.

My c- section Baby is now 27. I wish I had listened to my doctors and let Mt body heal! At 59, my bladder is weak and I pee on myself if I cough or sneeze. My recovery took twice as long and I kept ripping the stitches.

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You’ll know
I had 4 c-sections
My last one my son was 9months
I was picking him up 1-2 wks after I got home
With stitches and all
You know what you can handle
Just be easy
Lift with ur knees place on hip
DONT pick up in front n place on stomach

Just don’t let him jump on you

Good luck
Many blessings

See if your child’s Dr will order some home health help for you while you recover


Just take it slow and easy… when you have to lift or move him do it slowly and you’ll be ok … by day 5 I would carry my kids in their car seat

Ask for c-section band that goes around your belly and c-section area helps alot with doing work and taking care of your kids was a blessing for me


I had a natural birth and I got a pretty nasty hernia from lifting my daughter too soon. With a c section you’re more at risk. Your entire abdominal wall is weak and susceptible to tears. Get a binder if you don’t have one already. They help a lot!

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I would definitely talk to your doctor to see if there is any kind of visiting nurse program that can help you with your child while you heal


About 4 days post c-section I was lifting my 3 yr old daughter. I tried not to but as a sahm I had to sometimes so when I did I done it easy. I would kneel and wrap my arm around her and then stand with my legs instead of lifting with my back. No issues

They don’t won’t your incisions to come a loose or hurt yourself. If you have a playpen, that will help out a lot.

I was lifting my 23m old 72hrs after c section just take it slow and easy no fast movement. Know ur limits love u got this

Honestly I recovered quicker after my section than i did after my natural birth i was back doing everything after around a week as if i dont do things nothing gets done! It did open up one side & needed re glueing and got told to rest but having another child in lockdown no help was impossible :sweat_smile::roll_eyes:

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Around week 1 post C-section…I was feeling pretty good. Aside from ibuprofen I hadn’t taken pain meds except at night. I hadn’t been bleeding. I’d been able to go for a walk at the park. I’d been able to drive…soI decided I was good enough to lift a hamper packed full of clothes and dump them into the washer.
Maybe an hour later I started bleeding again.
Thankfully I was ok. Nothing injured, ripped, or torn…
I was ordered to take it easy. Go
it was definitely a wake up call…

I think you will know. I was very lucky and healed great with no issues . I had a 2 year old and I was so worried too about being able to get back to normal.
Listen to your body and don’t overdo it. Also look up ways to reduce scar tissue etc bc that’s one thing I wish I’d done as I still have some pain and discomfort from that. Good luck :white_heart:

I had no help with my toddler when I had my csect. Their father literally laughed at the nurse when she said “don’t lift anything heavier than baby”. He told me “you’ll figure it out”. I carried my probably 20# baby upstairs to my apartment 2 days after my csect. Idk how I healed. I couldn’t “takd it easy” like they told me to.

I was same had a c section with a 13 month old and i went straight back to mothering i had help from my parents but pretty much straight away x

I was doing laundry, cleaning, lifting everything as soon as I got home. I was a single mum had no choice. My first C section I had a husband but still did everything. Everyone is different.

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Lift to your capability. And try use your legs more. I’ve had 2 c secs and had to do everything still

I was at a water park a week after.mine… from what I’ve seen the more you sit the more you will hurt I was up out of bed cleaning my hospital room 3hrs after mine and just kept going… Stairs are the worst though! But my room was upstairs so I had no choice!

Firstly all bodies heal differently. Please don’t take advice from how another mom healed. Your body may not be as lucky.

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As soon as I got home. They say not to lift anything larger than your new born and car seat. If you have to lift try holding your babes sitting down. But I did as soon as I got home. It’s all up to you and your body.

My first csection was rough , however my second I could squat a day later and didn’t hurt too much . Just take it easy mom

Just try to loft only with arms and not core.

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Girl, I was the same! My little girl has central palsy as well, and I had a c section with my son. And if I’m honest, I had no choice BUT to lift her after one week. My husband was at work and everyone that was willing to help me also had to work. It was a little painful for me, but if I felt any pulling from the stitches I stopped lifting instantly. But everyone heals differently. Lifting with your legs help allot too

I had trouble lifting my 9lb baby after my C-section for the first 3 weeks, I also had a toddler, who was very independent.

Bendy straws to drink while in bed. Everything is done on the floor … lots of picnics and floor naps until you are healed enough. Have the. Climb into everything for you. (4 csections - I had a newborn, 14 months, 2.5 and 7 year old.) Babywearing.

You know your body but I continued life as per normal. Household duties doing my other bbys at that time. I healed quick and smart I Neva looked at it like a problem just carried on. You have no choice when you independently do things all the time. Each individual are different.