How to help a consitpated baby?

Need some advice, my 10 month old has been waking up at night screaming in pain due to constipation, he has a doctors appointment tomorrow but looking for some relief ideas until then. It only happens at night never during the day. I’ve tried every home trick I know , I’ve tried corn syrup in milk, brown sugar water ,massage ,a bath, leg exercises, even vaseline on a qutip gently in his bum. But he cant get relief. Again it’s only a problem at night. He poops every morning but it’s hard. And he is screaming and I cant relax him. Hes passing gas and cries when he does. Please no bashing, I just need some advice i hate seeing him like this and i dont know what to do to help him. If anyone has any new methods that would be greatly appreciated. And can anyone think of any reason it’s only at night? Hes been on the same formula since birth and its only become an issue in the last week.
Thank you


Give him a drop of olive oil

Prunes or apple juice usually works for my son


How much water is he getting? Cause technically if he is pooping he isn’t constipated, but if it’s hard he is dehydrated. And what solids is he eating regularly

Prune juice or apple juice and try warm soapy water in his bum with a nose sucker

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Try prune or apple juice.

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Pear juice or apple juice and warm bath??

yes prune juice apple juice or room temperature water

Wait and see what the Dr says 1 more night isn’t going to cause issues. X

If you’re BF you need to drink lots and lots of water. If he is formula fed try feeding baby apple sauce :purple_heart:

Teething will cause this so feed him anything with a p like pears peas peaches prunes and water will help

Pear juice helped mine more than prune juice.

Prune juice works wonders!!

My newborn had this problem for the first 3 months of his life. He is 4 months in a few days. It was his formula. We have been threw 4 different kinds. Something his body cant break down that’s in the formula so he is now on Puramino and its been a 180 turn around with him

Chiropractor!! Nothing worked for my girl and we tried it ALL! Our chiropractor relieved so much pain we didnt even know she had!

Try prune juice or prune baby food. Apple juice. Or even peaches is the only thing that works for my nephew.

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Miralax. My daughter had issues after a surgery she had at birth and that’s what she has used since she was in the hospital. She’s 14 now and doesn’t have to use it anymore.

Real prune juicw. We now give Miralax the doctor gave us the go ahead on that. Life saver

White grape juice. I tried everything

Pure orange juice diluted with water

Apple juice or a little pickle juice

You can do a glycerin suppository, but if the stool is hard it’s Anbisse of dehydration. I wouldn’t do juice this young! Offer plenty of water and juicy snacks like cucumber, watermelon, pineapple etc

Pear juice! We did prunes too and a probiotic. I had my little in the ER for croup and I was talking to a dad that had his baby in there cause she was having hard stools and screaming when she pooped and turned after a bunch of scans that they figured she was lactose intolerant

Glycerine suppositories.

Maybe try different formula, water and diluted juice, hopefully doctor will help with suggestions when you’re seen good luck

Prune juice in the evening.

Gripe water. All natural and you can get the Walmart brand. It helped my daughter go poo… it also helps with gas and hiccups. I use the Walmart brand personally.

Diluted pure prune juice mixed in with water. I’ve given it to my baby when she was only a few months old and it works within an hour.

What helped me for quick relief was warm soapy water and one of those nose suckers. I wouod suggest a towel you dont mine throwing away or a plastic sheet under them.


Give only 1oz at most of prune juice

Karo syrup always helps with my baby. I put a teaspoon in her bottle and within an hour or so she has success

Prune juice n Miralax… It works wonders for me n lil one when she was younger!

Try Apple or White Grape Juice

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Plenty of water and baby glycerin suppositories

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I used miralax (per my pediatrician) for my daughter

Apple juice lots of water and prunes :slight_smile:

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Gripe water or prune juice

We were having the same exact issue. Our doctor told us to give him a tsp of Milk of Magnesia daily until he was regular again.

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Put it in the bottle with warm formula or warm prune juice & water (mixed 50/50)

When my son was having issues going to the bathroom my pediatrician told me apple juice, milk of magnesium and mylicon in his bottles. You could also try prunes as well

I just gave my daughter prune baby food at first sign of constipation. Works very well and quickly.

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Squeeze tubes were great. I just kept them on hand.

Stool softner( they make them for babies and children)
100% Prune juice (only a little bit a time)

I used the Mommy’s Bliss Constipation Ease and Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water for mine, it helped a ton. But may also talk to pediatrician about changing their formula (if formula fed) or changing your diet if nursing. The Gripe Water saved my sanity with my middle child, usually gassy babies at night is usually because of Colic. Colic doesn’t appear in just newborns. Make sure you are burping them well after each feeding, regardless of bottle or boob. And dont lay them down flat for a while after each feeding as well.

Prune juice with butter. Apply juice, also mandarin oranges. Cut out all the binding foods until his bm are back to normal

No apple…Pediatrics Assist…use Pear juice…with a dose of Miralax stirred in.
Treated alot of infants through older kids with this.
Safe for infants…my granddaughter had a very severe case of intestinal tract not fully developed at birth…did tests to see if there was an actual disconnect…but just the muscle that stimulates action needed to develope.
Miramax was added to anything she drank for her daily dose.
It does not thicken, separate or taste…
Takes a couple doses to get regular but solves the problem

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Try apple juice, apple sauce, prunes…

We use gripe water or apple juice

Mine were fine if I gave them pear juice or prune baby food. Apple juice was horrible on them

Try 100% Apple juice or prune juice

Add karo syrup to bottle add prunes to diet

Offer more fluids. Offer puree green veggies like kale and spinach. Applesauce can help too.

Apple juice don’t work. Pear or Prune.

My son has the same problem he’s now 2 It’s always struggle. I found the more diary he has the more constipated he gets try no dairy my doctor said only almond milk Also benofiber in his drinks helps and putting him on the toilet bowl helps it come out easier

Prune juice! Worked wonders.

Did you use dark corn syrup?

Prunes anything that starts with p

Water. My son had the same problem so our pediatrician told us to give him more water through the day and then purée prunes! Solved the problem in 2 days!

Prune juice and ask his doctor about kid saposatories… when my son was a baby they recommended half of the jelly kind and he finally pooped after a half hour or so… good luck momma

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There was a time when my granddaughter had to poop… Somebody told me put petroleum jelly on the end thermometer and stick it the anus. Not to far. Just enough to lubricate the anus and stimulate. It worked for me

What do you do when you canr poo you drink water, why not give him water.

Prune juice in bottle or Babymove from Walgreens in bottle

Try fletchers castoria

Flat Canada dry ginger ale just a small amount

Prunes and prune juice

Pear juice is a life saver for my little one

What table foods is he eating? Something might not be agreeing with his little body.

Baking soda bath water helps make it so they have to poop and cant hold it. Sometimes they wont go if it hurts so it makes it worse

And the pear juice worked well!!

Glycerine Soposetory…small little wax gels insert into bum…prune juice…no apples no bananas…Karo Syrup

This happened to my baby. I had to change formula with a probiotic in it. After a few days it all worked out. You can always add a tablespoon of prune juice in the milk. Or there’s Gerber probiotics at Walgreens. If you’d rather use that than change formula. Gripe water helps

He needs more water and berries usually help.

Sounds like he needs a script. Probiotics have helped my son too. Try one.


How sure are you that it’s because he’s constipated?? Do you give him the bottle at night until he falls asleep? He could be sucking an empty bottle and getting gassy because of it.

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My son had an issue similar to that and he had to sleep propped upwards. I used a wedge or if it was really bad he would sleep sitting up and his swing sometimes also vibration will help if you have a massage or something might help on his belly or back


My kids always seemed to go when I stuck them in the tub! Too busy in the day to let it out.

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Soften soap and ease gently just inside back passage old fashion method my nanny swore by it , and always worked

Water. My son had the same problem so our pediatrician told us to give him more water through the day and then purée prunes! Solved the problem in 2 days!

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Bicycle legs and also look into a thing called windyfrieda.

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Also soothe probiotic drops were given to me by my son’s pediatrician and it helped get a lot of gas out

I had my daughter on miralax…I gave her a 1/4-1/2 of a teaspoon everyday…worked wonders

water and apple juice or baby prunes

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Cap of miralax in his cup every day

Try some Miramax my daughter was born with Spina bifida and has been on it since birth. She has low tone in her rectum and cannot push it out on her own. The Miramax works with the water in the body so it is not harsh and does not cause stomach cramping. If you want something more natural try prune juice.

Yakult milk with the probiotics in it might help

Miralax or juice every morning

Give him alittle bit of apple juice watered down

Did you use the dark Karo?

Coconut oil in with his formula works like magic

White grape juice!!!

My kids always seemed to go when I stuck them in the tub! Too busy in the day to let it out.

My son was constipated on breastfeeding alone…had a barium xray at 4 months to check his colon…he was then put on 3-4 jars of prunes a day…worked wonders…now 36 but has had problems most of his life…

Pear or prune juice work great

My son was the same way I had to take him off whole milk! Been hundred times better since then!

75/25 pear juice n water with dinner