How to help back pain in pregnancy?

I am 23 weeks pregnant. Lately I’ve been have really bad lower back pain due to where my baby sits. I’ve tried multiple things such as hot showers/baths, stretches and back rubs however these things are not working! What have other mamas done to help get rid of the back pain or at least lessen it to be comfortable?


Rub a tennis ball where the pain is. It helps!

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Look up yoga stretch for pregnancy back pain

Would a pregnacy belt help?

Prenatal massage will do you wonders. I would make 100% sure you dont have a UTI tho. I thought it was regular old back pain. Turned out I had a UTI :woman_facepalming:

Get a belly band to wear when up on your feet

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The baby may have knocked you out of line. You can get readjusted by a chiropractor. I loooved it and rarely had back pain after I started going to one :slightly_smiling_face:

Chiropractor, worked wonders for ne

When i had that I would sit on my knees with my face against the bed and curve my back as much as possible. That and massages helped soooo much

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Get down on your hands and knees

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Heating pads and lots of pillows were my only relief.

Shouldn’t take hot baths when pregnant tho


I use one of my son’s outside balls (the really big ones you can get from walmart or the ones from yoga) I sit on it and move in small circles. I find it helps loosen up my lower back.

Swimming or lay down in the tub. Your uterus will float when you get in water and it will help shift the baby.
Swimming was a lifesaver for me when I was dealing with round ligament pains.

Chiropractor who works on pregnant woman. Even better if they do infants then you can have baby adjusted when they arrive

I use to sleep with pillows between my legs I had the same problem or a back brace for pregnant women

Chiropractor weekly. I did that with all three of my pregnancies. Joints loosen and things shift constantly so that weekly appointment helped with the pain

I used a heat pad and Tylenol extra strength i would get back pains really bad with my son and my dr told me to try that since nothing else worked

Hands and knees and rocking gave me relief

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The full body Pregnancy pillows saved me and id have my husband move it every which way till i was comfortable lol

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Belly band that helps the back too.

Chiropractor, belly bands, warm baths with epsom salt, Tylenol.

Ask your doctor to order a pregnancy harness. It will help alleviate the stress on your back.

I had a heating pad I lived on and made sure to stretch my entire body every night. Pillow between the knees helped a bit too.

Squats and pregnancy pillow