How to help gassy baby?

any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated…
I have a one month old and she has really bad gas bubbles. With the way they smell, I know it has to hurt coming out. We’ve tried switching her formula, giving gripe water, gas drops, changed her water, bicycle legs, rubbing her belly clockwise, and putting pressure on her belly. It helps a little bit, but she is still in pain. She also fights her sleep a lot during the day and it makes her cranky. She will fall asleep and then wake up a half hour later and be fussy because she’s tired but can’t stay asleep. I’ve tried warm baths with lavender, rocking her to sleep, bouncing her, putting her in her swing, going for a drive and nothing I seem to do helps… I’m not frustrated with her by any means, but I can’t think of anything else that’ll help her be more comfortable and able to sleep.
This is my second baby, my first one is 5, will be turning 6 this year. So it’s not my first rodeo, but I can’t seem to find a way that’ll work and help… Any one have any ideas on what I can do for my daughter?..


Get the windi pipe it’s made by frida baby and it helped so much!

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Try warm sweet water with a peppermint in it or chamomile tea.

Try bio gaia. It’s a probiotic.

Dominique Rigos far too little too do that .

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The Windi by Fridababy.

Try a different formula

Have you spoken to her pediatrician about it? She might have a gastrointestinal problem that they can address. I know there’s formulas out there that can be prescribed to help. Best of luck.


I have a 4 month old. She was exactly like this. I talked to my doctor and she told me that it was colic and that sometimes there is nothing you can really do if you have done everything you can. My daughter finally outgrew it around 3 months.

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Warm bath to relax her muscles enough to let it out and sugar water

Gerber probiotic drops worked amazing for my daughter. We also switched to MAM bottles and it helped too.

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You might try searching “human milk 4 human babies [insert your state here]” and see if you can find a breastmilk donor. Not that there’s anything wrong with formula in general but your little might just be sensitive to it and need a different option. Most of the time the groups don’t allow people to charge you for it either, they just ask you to replace the bags!


Have her see a GI doctor. My daughter was the same way and it turned out she was allergic to the milk protein in her formula. We waited so long trying to figure out a formula ourselves and it got so bad that there was mucous (a sign of an allergy) and blood (sign of intestine damage) in her poop. Have her see a doctor before it gets that bad. The GI doctor switched her to puramino formula and she was completely different within a few days and even more so within a week. Slept through the night, no more crying spells, her poops were normal, no more horrible gas. Definitely worth looking into! If she seems uncomfortable and in pain…she more than likely is and it will more than likely get worse.

Google silent reflux. Try keeping baby upright as much as possible during feeding and then for 45 minutes after. See if that helps. Keeps acid from traveling back up esophagus. One of the side effects is gassiness


Try Doctor Browns bottles. They allow less air to get to the baby.


I would not give a baby that young water, the risk of choking is very high. Although have seen that put a drop of peppermint extract in their bottle has help in some cases.

Don’t give baby water this young. There is lots of good advice on this feed. Hope one helps your sweet baby.

For my colic baby (he’s 2 1/2months now) we did 1tsp camomile tea and gerber probitic drops at bedtime. The drops are expensive but worth it. He drastically improved within a couple days. We also used similac pro sensitive formula and breastmilk. Glad to say that within a month of that routine, he’s colic free! You can also try using formula that isn’t milk based. Definitely consult your pediatrician though! Every baby is different and takes time to weed out the cause.

My kids had these issues, once i quit eating dairy (i wS breastfeeding) everything was fine! When my oldest was 4 months old i got pregnant again (lost my supply) and we went through lot of different formulas until we found the best one for her. This formula seriously saved her!! And ofcourse dr. Brown bottles


Have you tired soy formula? Maybe she is lactose intolerant

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My son had horrible gas pains. After months of struggling i found2 things that helped. A little chamomile tea after eating (doctor said he could have 1 once) and feeding him in a sitting position instead of a reclined position. Also try different bottles, look for ones that stop them from sucking air.

Maybe reflux?? Talk to your child’s pediatrician, they me prescribe something for reflux. They usually grow out of by 1 year if age. If reflux is the case, try playtex nursers to help eliminate trapped air during feedings. Also incline the head of the crib slightly and keep baby upright for a bit after feedings to prevent reflux. :blush: hope you and baby get some relief soon!

Keep go to doctor get him it you can to run protein test. My daughter and one of my granddaughters was like that it turn out they were not able to break down the protien in the breastmilk or formula. We had to go back to one with no soy and no lactose. It is real expensive was made during WWII. But if that is case it can cause brain damage. Please don’t think I am says that what is wrong but that is what happened to us. Keep trying to release pain but keep gin back to doctor. I found out by calling formula manufacturers. As long as you get prescription WIC does pay for any formulas doctor orders you may have to keep trying until you find one that baby can take.

Have your little one checked for acid reflux and milk/soy protein intolerance.

Maybe she needs soy formula or maybe she has reflux. Also are you giving it enough time when switching formulas, it could take a little while for her to get used to the new one. I would talk to her doctor about it.

Tummy time helped mine some. And laying him on his belly across my knees and rubbing his back and patting his bum. Sometimes he fell asleep like that

Try getting donor breast milk. My niece had some issues at first and her mom had decided not to BF. so I have donated my pumped milk to them and she did a lot better.

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Might seem silly but my oldest couldnt drink READY TO FEED formula. I used powder and he was fine.

Get her latch checked and check for tongue tie x

Posible mente tenga intolerancia a la lactosa y por eso llora yle duele la pancita llevala con el doc. Y k te la chequen bien

Ok … I’m sorry… but you can’t say a fart hurts worse because it smells bad :joy:

So check out Windii it’s by the same makers as Nosefrida. I haven’t used it personally but I have used their snot sucker and if that works great the windii has to work good too. It’s basically this little funnel you stick in their butt to help with gas

Was gonna say try the ol vaseline on the quetip?

Try Colic Calm! It’s literally a life saver when my son was that little. It’s a gripe water, but it’s different than others because of the activated charcoal in it. It’s all natural and sold at Walgreens/CVS. Someone suggested it to me when my son was colic and gassy and we could noticeably see a difference in him within 20-30 minutes. You could see him get more comfortable as his belly stopped hurting. I hope this helps!