How to help itching during pregnancy?

I am 35 weeks pregnant and have uncontrollable itching all over my body at night. I haven’t used any different products. Has anyone else experienced this?


Get checked. It could be your liver.
However, I started itching during one of my pregnancies and was just fine. Unfortunately, the itching never went away.

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You need to contact your doctor, it could be cholestasis of pregnancy…especially if on your hands and feet


Same, unfortunately we had figured out that the reason was cause someone who visited my home had given us bed bugs and they looooved munching on me the most because my pregnant blood is supposedly pretty sweet to them

yes.i had it for about 4 or 5 weeks straight until i gave birth…and would keep me.up too. it was terrible. i never knew what it was either

YES omg I had it so bad.
They thought I had cholastasis. I didn’t. It was just bad pregnancy symptom stuff.
My remedy to try and sleep was benedryl AND tylonal PM, use a massage ball on my legs and bottom of feet.
Use lavender lotion from knees down and on feet

And it sometimes helped :neutral_face:

Your skin is stretching from your belly. Just rub lotion all over and baby oil

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my husband would douse my whole body with lotion it helped some…

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It might be what’s called PUPS rash look it up. Can be common with 3rd trimesters. Although I had it through my 1st and 2nd trimesters…

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Its probably due to your skin stretching, but its worth talking to your doctor.


It’s called ICP or cholestasis of the liver for your. Ask your dr for a blood draw to test your liver enzymes. Early delivery is neccesary and once you deliver it will go away. Had it with four of my pregnacies.


Pregnancy stress is what I was told. Zyrtec works wonders.

I did ended up having choleostasis. Talk to your dr if you have it you have to deliver before 37weeks

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I was so itching I would strictly sleep in sheets of different fabric so I could switch through the night so I wouldn’t itch :roll_eyes:

Mine was just in my feet and I found cutting out sugar helped, and if my feet wouldn’t stop itching soaking them in as hot of water as I could stand for about 15-20 minutes then go back to sleep :woman_shrugging:t2: I hope it gets better momma

I had a friend that itched from the moment she got pregnant up until about 2/3 weeks after her delivery. Her body just DID NOT like her being pregnant and until her hormones got back somewhat normal she itched!

i had this in the last few weeks of pregnancy but just around my belly and upper thigh areas

Yes!!! I am 34 weeks now and this has been happening to me as well for a week now. No real rash or anything but extreme itching all over!! I lotion up every night but nothing helps! Happens mostly during evening and night hours for me :thinking:

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I take 25mg of benadryl before bed to help with the itchiness. I’m 37 weeks. Just started about 2 weeks ago.

Talk to your doctor. Several people have mentioned cholestasis, which I had.

If you have it they won’t want you to go past 37 weeks because it’s very dangerous for the baby.

Please call your doctor immediately.


Could be PUPPS also. My doctor prescribed me medication to help with it for my first and second pregnancies

I get itchy spots that kinda burn when I try to lay down sometimes, but being pregnant and moving to a dey state has given me eczema.
I also get heat rashes on my legs that get worse after I take a shower. But my legs will randomly be extremely itchy without a rash and then go away.

Hydrocortisone has helped me a lot.

Definitely something to address with your doctor. It could be very serious.

Maybe try lotion it could be your skin stretching

Doctor. I’ve heard this can be something serious.

pupps rash - Google Search…0…1…8…35i39j46i39i275j46i131j46.EarjoUuUKuc

Gawd! I had the worst case of PUPPPs!

I’ve had it twice it’s PUPPS. Nothing really helps but delivery.

Yep I did. With my last child.

Do you have spots? I ended up having pityriasis rosea all over. It was HORRIBLE!

Cholestisis. Get your dr to check you for it. I had it my first pregnancy and only a blood test can detect it. Its common at the end if pregnancy

Tell your doctor to check for cholestasis

Yeah i had the itching.

welcome to dry skin just use lotion that has shea butter in it

That happened to me with my last baby. I had no spots or redness, nothing different, no dryness. Just itched all over. Ugh it was crazy!!

I had that. It was cholestsis. It’s dangerous for the baby. It’s your liver putting boil back in your bloodstream. I had to be induced right when I hit 37 weeks. They detect it through a blood test. The itching started in my feet and palms and ended up itching from head to toe. Please go get bloodwork and a stress test on your baby ASAP.

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Go to doctor might be something with ur liver had same problem had get blood work thank god every thing came out okay

You need to be checked, it could be a number of things from cholastasis, PUPPS, the stretching of your skin. Do you have red spot on you? It could possibly be scabies as well. I would definitely be seen a about it

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The itching ended up being bad for me n baby have dr check it

Happened with me , turned out to be pre-e

I’m 30 weeks and I feel your pain!!!

UPDATE: I went to labor and delivery and they said it’s not preeclampsia and the cholestasis test takes 7 days to come back so I’m being discharged

Go to the doctors could be cholestsis