How to help nipple pain while breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding/pumping question:

I just gave birth 2 days ago to my first daughter, i’ve been feeding her off the nipple for the last 2 days but I think i want to exclusively pump, my nipples are hurting a lot and she has a hard time latching (I have bigger breasts, DDs before my baby and one of my nipples is kind of flatter) how do I exclusively pump for babys demand? Like im scared shell be crying to eat and I wont have milk on hand etc. I have the Evenflo double electric pump as well as a haakaa.


Try pumping for 5-10 mins before latching her , you may have an easier time

Pump every 2/3 hours. Stick to a very strict schedule. It might hurt or be uncomfortable at first but you get used to the pump. If you aren’t double pumping then use the haaka on the side you aren’t pumping on.

I would try sticking it out! The pain gets better pretty quick. They also sell nipple shields that will help baby latch. I just had our 3rd child on Thursday so I feel ya.


In the beginning I had to pump a little bit before my baby could latch. Once your body regulates to babies needs and baby grows a some it’ll be easier on both of you


Join a fb breastfeeding group and find a local lactation consultant


Make sure baby doesn’t have a tongue tie as well. I habe DDs and my son had a hard time latching because of a tongue tie. They clipped it before leaving the hospital after he was born. If your still in the hospital ask to speak with a lactation consultant. This was my second baby but first time breastfeeding so I made sure to ask a lot of questions. I unfortunately had to stop at 2 weeks because he had to be admitted for jaundice and was dehydrated because I wasnt producing what he needed. Best of luck to you and be sure to speak with a consultant they can help with any questions you have about latching, pumping, how to store milk, etc.


Look for a guard for the flat nipple

Your just in the breaking in stage pumping isnt gonna be more comfortable.

See a lactation specialist


With larger breasts, breastfeeding can be challenging. I’m an H cup. My breasts didnt grow hardly during pregnancy or after. But finding a way to support you and her and the right angles she may have an easier time latching. I hold my breast with a V hold to help the little one latch. But I highly suggest seeing a lactation consultant. Even if you want to exclusively pump, see a lactation consultant and they can help you be on the right track!


just remember if it gets too much, becomes too stressful… Fed is best…
could try nipple shields… i wish i knew about them with my lot…


My baby is a premie so working on latching still plus i have the boob size problem I have him on a schedule every 3 hrs so I set at alarm for an hr b4 pump for about 30 mins (I do 1 side at a time) n about that time he starts waking up I feed him 2 oz of the milk and freeze the remainder once he’s done with the 2 oz I offer the breast… 2 days tho don’t give up they start to feel better after a while the fuller they r the more they’ll hurt try expressing some after feeding

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Join an exclusively pumping group on here. Tons of advice. I exclusively pump for my daughter & have since she was 3 days old (4wks now almost 5). Its a rough journey just like breastfeeding BUT less than painful. At least for me. I pump every 2-3 hrs during the day, about every 4-5 at night (most dont recommend going that long in the beginning but so far it hasn’t affected me). Drink tons of water. In the beginning you won’t pump much & that’s okay. Pumping every 2-3 hrs will teach your body


Nipple shields, you can buy them at pretty much any store, target, Walmart or even amazon! I’m a DD & these have worked great for my baby!!

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I exclusively pumped and it actually felt like more work than breastfeeding. You should pump every time the baby would normally feed. I gave a bottle and then pumped right after. It’s exhausting btw and definitely takes away from your “sleep when they sleep” time.

The pain goes away really fast. I know it hurts really bad but stick with it if you’re serious about breastfeeding…you will never get out with the pump what your child will get with just feeding straight from the breast. And milk dries up pretty quickly so be careful…mine did anyway :frowning:

Hang in there and keep trying! The pain is bad at first but it does get better. My 3rd child (daughter) will be a month old tomorrow and I told myself I will be strict with breastfeeding and watch my diet so she wont get gassy like my son did. I also had DD breasts before and now they are insanely huge full of milk and I feel like a cow whipping them out but its actually so much more convenient than having to mix up formula and stuff. Imagine the time you will consume having to exclusively pump then feed your baby.

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Honestly I would see a lc about latching issues and keep putting babe to breast. Exclusively pumping is very hard and most moms give up

Sometimes it just takes a while. My daughter took a few days to latch properly. I never had luck with pumping. It hurt, and I never managed to get much.

Keep trying. Feeding from your breast makes it so easy. No bottles to wash. No random bottles left under the car seat to leak and smell. No listening to baby cry while you prepare the bottle. No forgetting the bottle at home.

They will hurt for at least 6 weeks. Sometimes I wanted to cry they hurt so bad. It gets better.

Best things for nipple pain is lanolin and express breastmilk after feedings and let it dry on them.

We had to use nipple shields. Which I didnt even know was a thing. My “sweet” kid made me bleed.

It might be a better transition to nurse on 1 side and pump on the other that way you can build your supply.

If your nipple is flat it’s because she’s not latching properly. The lactation specialist needs to help you. Pumping exclusively is unlikely to be adequate.

Pumping hurts me on my one side more than my baby latch ever did. Breastfeeding is hard. Like intensely difficult! I’m on week 5 and its only just now starting to get a little better. I hate it, but in trying to stick it out til my babe is 12 weeks. I supplement because she wants to be on my breasts literally 24/7. See a lactation specialist to make sure her latch is right, get some nipple butter and just try to relax. The hardest part is the first week or two. Good luck!

Nipple shields! I had to use them when my baby was in the NICU!

my advice is to keep nursing. I had a rough time in the beginning. they say its not supposed to hurt but it did for a little while but we are still going after 7 months. I’m a size 38 H so I get the big boob thing.

I pumped for the for month, only latched my son on a handful of times because he had such strong latching that the dr actually told me not to latch him much just enough to make my breasts think I’m breastfeeding. But anyway, I’d pump every 2-3 hours days and 3-4 nights. I only dried up after a month because I got sick and slept for an entire 2 days basically and didnt stick with the pumping in those 2 days

Just keep nursing. The beginning is always hard, get nipple butter and lanolin and apply it religiously! See a Lactation consultant for the latch and maybe try nipple shields. Baby will want to nursing all day long at the beginning and that is how you will establish your milk supply. I’m a 34 G so I get the big boob thing too, you can pump between feeding to start saving milk to use so you don’t have to nurse all the time but letting the baby nurse in the beginning is super important so your body starts producing more milk!


My daughter made my nipples bleed before we even left the hospital. I had to exclusively pump to let them heal. What a lot of people don’t tell you is pumping is not the same as having baby latch. I eventually lost my supply and had to switch to formula. So what if you MOSTLY pump, but let him/her latch a couple times a day?

First thing the in morning after supply really came in after having both of mine I was able to feed on one side and completely fill baby then pump the other side but also the side they just ate from and create a freezer stash it worked great! Medela lanolin oil was a life saver for the pain if you can survive the first few weeks you will be golden it will become more natural and relaxing to nurse and pump keep up the good work mama!

Nipple butter helps tremendously. Try to pump inbetween feedings that way when you have a day where you are just to sore youll have that backup

It does get better! My girl took a few weeks to figure it out… pumping never expressed enough for me but everyone is different! She’s now 3 months and doing great!

I exclusively pumped for 6 months. You need to pump every 2-3 hours around the clock for at least 30 minutes. Eventually I was able to start saving so it wasnt an on demand thing, I’d just warm up milk from the freezer then freeze my next session.

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Okay, so my son is 9 months now and ive been pumping since birth as he would not latch. I get a decent amount 4-6 oz every 3-5 hours. I do supplement with formula when I don’t produce enough or on time as I was never able to pump extra to create a freezer stash. I’m planning on continuing pumping for as long as I can, my supply seems to have started dwindling a bit now though. As far as pain goes, pumping can hurt too! I’ve gotten mastitis twice and the pump is brutal on my nips so I suggest lanolin ointments to sooth them in between sessions. Be prepared to pump once a night to keep up production or I find it tanks. It’s hard work, but worth it!

The pain gets better overtime. I have triple Ds and have the flat nipples as well. The hospital gave me this shield to put on my nipples to help with the feeding. You can get them at Walmart. I had to use nipple cream as well because it hurt so bad. I wish I could have breast fed my son the entire time but after a month. I was hospitalized with gallstones and pancreatitis. The levels was so high I almost died from it. I had to stop breast feeding because of the extreme dosages of pain meds and antibiotics they had me on. Then the surgery to remove my gallbladder. But bare through it the pain does get better.

You can also use nipple shields to help with latching

Pump but don’t give up on the nursing, don’t use soap on your nipples in the shower cause that can add to the dryness and use a baby safe nipple cream. I have big breasts and fed 5 kids from them and 2 of them had trouble at first but don’t give up. Try to stimulate the nipple to harden up so it’s not so flat for baby and make sure their little mouth is as open as it can be. If you try to only pump it won’t last. The baby’s sucking activates hormones in you to help you produce what you need so your supply is enough and those hormones help calm you and baby for this time. It will get easier for both of you.

I have larger breast like that and had flatter nipples. I had to use nipple shields for about a month to help get my nipples to pop like they should. Baby girl is 2.5 months old now and absolutely no issues with latching anymore. I still pump and give bottle during the day so my nipples get a little break

I exclusively pumped. 8-12 times a day, daughter had a tongue tie so she wouldn’t latch. The more you pump the better so your supply wont drop. It’s not as effective at nursing but I managed to pump 8-14 oz per pump depending of time of day (always got more late at night like 1-6am.) freeze any extra. May not get a lot at first but supply is still establishing :slightly_smiling_face: I took fenugreek and milk thistle (blessed thistle) made lactation cookies and drank A LOT of water!! You got this mama :heart::heart:

I have larger breasts and at first it was hard for my lo to latch and eat but after about a month it got better and the pain went away. I dont pump because pumping hurt me worse than breastfeeding. When you have bigger breasts theres tricks to it that’ll help alot. I’d look into a lactation consultant at the hospital. That my opinion though

Nipple shields are life saver. If u run out just stick her on the boob lol x

Nurse your little one pump when you need to it is gonna hurt at first but it gets better make sure baby has a wide open mouth and stick his mouth on your nipple it comes easier each time you do it good luck momma

In the beginning it always hurts. It’s more painful to pump imo than breastfeed once you get use to the feedings

The whole area goes in not just the nipple

Same size and had an issue with the flat nipple. Did the football hold and the crossover. And had the nipple shield for them to latch and was able to take it off.

I had the same issue but kept trying. I stopped hurting the 5th day and he was finally latching like he was supposed to. On the pumping issue. I do pump also because I overproduce milk and I pump at least 5 to 6 times a day

Get in with a lactation consultant asap!

Before you try exclusively pumping try a nipple shield! They help a lot ecspecially if you have a inverted nipple. They are fairly cheap

Do what you think is best. Pump every two hours and your will have enough supply for the demand. I did breast and pump and formula. He ate a lot. He’s a rambunctious almost three year old now. My 11yr old did only formula and he is top of his class.

I have much larger boobs amd was able to breast feed. i used a nipple shield for the first 4 to 6 weeks u til she got latch down good.

Pump every 3 hours. But just as a fyi it does get easier. I had that problem too the football hold helped us alot. Also unlatching him and getting the whole nipple in his mouth helped too. Sorry I know it hurts. Keep the nips moisturized pumping or breastfeeding I found out if I didnt use lanolin at first every day my nips would crack and hurt hugs hang in there

Pumping hurts worse !