How to help sciatic nerve pain?

I am 28 weeks pregnant and experiencing sciatic nerve pain really bad. I am: heating pad, icing, stretching, belly band/stockings/shoe inserts, warm baths and laying on opposite hip for bed. I have asked my OB and he said, “it is part of pregnancy, sorry”. Please help! I work 5 days a week in a restaurant and this mama needs some relief so badly.


Ask for a physical therapy referral

I was same way as well, my ob started me going to physical therapy… and boom gone!

Most insurances pay for chiropractic/massage care. Our chiropractor office here offers both. And when I was pregnant with my first I didn’t know my insurance covered massages :weary:. Until after I had her and it was in my welcome packet when I added her

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Pelvic Therapy referral, ASAP!

I feel u on that my doctor said the same thing and it’s only gotten worse at 24 weeks. The only relief I have found is the tennis ball method and massaging

I went to a chiro that specializes in pregnant people and young children. Soooo worth it, even without insurance coverage.

I have to lay with a ball under my back

Try the chiropractor and definitely physical therapy… I got myself a foam roller too… your hips may need to be aligned which can help with the nerve pinching

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Try eating bananas. Thats what I did during my pregnancy

Sorry love 33 weeks here and have been dealing with it since second trimester with no relief… try cat-cow poses, icing and heating, you’re doing all the right things but since baby is putting pressure on the nerve it’s so difficult!

My sister got like the Dr ho thing .

Chiropractor go see one

If it is a possibility to do while pregnant I strongly recommend a chiropractor and get some supine lumbar traction saved me from getting surgery

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Yoga stretches, physical therapy (my OB has a PT who specializes in prenatal), also chiropractor!

Yoga yoga yoga omg I had the WORST! Then I started doing yoga and shazaammm 1000% better!! On your hands and your knees, raise one leg as straight back as you can and gently lift. Even if you can only lift 1inch off the ground, you will build the muscle in your back that prevents sciatica!

Stretches! They seriously helped. I just googled some. Did the ones I could. They helped so much

There’s yoga poses specifically for sciatica pain, it helped me alot. I would do them in the morning and before bed.

I was the same way for all 3 of my pregnancys and im sorry mama I could not find anything to help releave the pain iv tried everything that was told to by my obgyn NOTHING worked and the farther I got along the worse the pain got by the end of my 3rd pregnancy i knew i couldnt have anymore babies because by 30 weeks i was on bed rest the pain was so bad all i did was cry…

I have the same issue since day one and I’m only 16 weeks :persevere: doctor told me to get physical therapy. I haven’t gone yet. But I did notice stretching in the morning and might helped like yoga and also I have tried pool exercises kinda just stretching in the pool and by pool I mean Jacuzzi.

Stretches and a tennis ball help tons

I had it through my whole pregnancy with my youngest. I used to have my husband pull on my leg and it helped some. But even almost 5 years later I still have sciatic nerve pain to this day

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Putting a pillow between my legs always helped

Acupuncture. Massage therapy. Prenatal yoga and Better shoes. I’ve worked in the industry thru two of my pregnancies, comfy shoes and the belly band were my friend.

I have been having the same pains! I personally found that stretching and yoga didn’t help, since it wasn’t stretching exactly where I needed it. Biofreeze has helped tremendously and sleeping with a pillow between my knees.

Epsom salt bath? Chiropractor? I wish I could say it will go away after pregnancy, but mine hasn’t. It should get better though. Sounds like you’re doing pretty much everything I’ve done. It helps, but I know it doesn’t make anything better.

28 weeks today and I woke up yesterday with really bad sciatic pain. It was so bad that I went to a chiropractor which I’ve never been and he adjusted my hips and my lower back feels way better today. I follow up Monday.

Mine helped if someone massaged it … like digging their elbow into where it was hurting was the only relief i got.

My obstetrician said that Panadeine Forte is safe to take while pregnant & I had the same thing u did.

Sorry? Wtf kind of a OBGYN is that? No my obgyn prescribed me cyclobenzaprine 10mg for it.

I’ve been feeling this way for months. I tried everything you have. Yoga was only a temporary fix. My doctor said the same

Stretch! Yoga! Chiropractor! I have had that with both of my pregnancies! It’s the worst! All three of these have worked for me

I work retail 40+ hrs my whole pregnancy, I had the same thing. I still don’t have 100% relief but it’s certainly not as bad as it was.

Chiropractor for sure! I’d never had sciatic pain & when I did it was bad. My chiropractor helped me so much! I was very thankful. He worked wonders.

Chiropractor was a life saver for me during pregnancy and helped my daughter a lot she was throwing up entire bottles and really hard to feed. We tried different formulas, medication, breastmilk, restricted diet breastmilk and nothing worked but the second he adjusted her she took a bottle down in less than 5 minutes and kept it down. We went for 6 visit and had no more issues. With me I had soo much pain when siting that I didn’t want to sit and I could immediately sit down with no pain after my adjustment. I was 19 weeks pregnant when I went for the first time.

I’m exactly the same at the moment it’s so bad! Tennis ball in the area it’s coming from is amazing it hurts initially but relieves the trapped nerve

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I had the WORST sciatic pain during my pregnancy only thing that helped was going to the chiropractor and tiger balm

I found that sitting on the floor, with my back against the wall, and doing the butterfly stretch would help a little. If you lay flat on your back and place a tennis ball where the pain is, slightly roll around on the ball, it will break up the pain. Thats the only things i found to help

My ob was no help look into chiropractic and tell them you are pregnant. Some will offer a discount. Ask your doctor if you can get a note saying you can’t work for a week. Hope It gets better. I quite my job I was in so much pain. I couldn’t move.

Maybes get a mommy pillow and more pillows and jam them around you when you sleep and always sleep on left side of you aren’t already maybe it’s your sleep position

As many said, chiropractor is a life saver!! I used to go every other week. I just gave birth and went in and felt amazing. I had back labor and definitely suggest you go after your labor too

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You may need to take some time off work

My husband would help me stretch my back and leg…3 yrs later i still have this problem mosly when its a cold day or im too tired.

Use only ice, no heat. I’m currently going thru PT for this, and was going to a chiropractor a few weeks ago for it. I had been alternating heat & ice. Both the Physical Therapist and the Chiropractor said “no heat! Although heat may feel good while it’s on that area, it will make things worse in the long run because it increases inflammation”. Good luck, I hope you find some relief!

Tennis ball in glutes pressure points work too.

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Look into Chiropractors. I see one twice a week and it’s the only way I get any relief


I got prenatal massages and they helped me quite a bit.

Chiropractor got me through it!

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I have sciatica pain. I use a golf ball on my glute then all the way down my leg front and side and even my foot. It helps for a while.

I agree tennis ball works. Put it under the painful area and lay on it.

I walked 9 miles every day for work and i was told the same thing. I got behind and dr wrote a note to allow extra time. Work gave additional help- it was also bad laying down!!

Get a pregnancy massage and have them run the crap out of your glutes and leg on the side it is on, this is THE ONLY relief I ever got, with all 5 kiddos

Maybe see a chiropractor that deals with pregnant women.

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If you know anybody that is into doing massage therapy see if they can massage the area where you’re having your sciatic pain my daughter went through the same thing when she was in labor had a friend of mine massage her while she was having contractions and her body was able to relax enough that she could deliver her daughter that night

I’m in physical therapy for the same pain. I wish I would have done this 20 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter.

Walk alot and ice it off and on also use a ball to rub it… Dont lay around otherwise it will make it worse

I use a belly band and sleep w with a pillow between my legs.

I had it so bad that my right side was numb for months I was 5 months pregnant when it happen and the feeling didn’t go away till four months after my son was born. It was so bad I try to do therapy but it hurt so bad. My doctor pretty much told me I couldn’t take meds but Tylenol and that never help. I just suffered and dealt with it. My right side tingling and numb for months it finally went away. Best luck hopefully you can find something to help…

Try Yoga it was the only thing which sorted mine out

Chiropractor 100%…was my lifesaver with 2 of my pregnancies

Vick rub. Dollar tree $1.00. Rub on bottom of your feet too put some non-slip sock on. It works on my Fibromyalgia sciatic right hip down right leg in foot pain. Do you know anyone with a T.E.N.S. unit you could barrow for a few days to break up the nerve bundle that is all tied in a knot to straighten out so it can release and then relax. Start with Vick rub follow the pain middle of your back toward your hip down your hip get your knee if your calf is hurt rub the joints out if it to your foot rib cramps out of foot put sock on to stay warm Make sure that your rub and break up any knots of nerves you have working the line down to the foot. It is going to hurt bad when you get into nerve knots. Work them out hurts to bad just work a little today and a little more tomorrow.

Try tonic water.half a can each day for aweek.then try 1 oz when in pain.

prenatal chiropractic massage, pregnancy snake pillow, medicine ball stretching

I know your pain!! It hit me at about that time too. Luckily for me she eventually quit putting pressure on that area

Try a pillow between your knees while you sleep. A pregnancy pillow is best for staying put. It alleviates some of the pull on your hips and helps with sciatica. I still do this today!

I do the pillow too. Some times it still hurts. Going through this right now. :persevere:

Aspercreme with lidocaine helps my back pain and has no smell like other muscle rubs.

Yoga was the only thing that helped me!

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She or he needs to refer u to a therapist. Especially if it’s making u lose balance of your leg giving out.