How to help separation anxiety in kids?

I am looking for some words of encouragement , my daughter will be two in november and I am going back to work after a long break​:worried::pensive:. Here’s the thing my daughter is attached to me during the day she cries when she thinks I’m leaving even if my husband is here. I will have to put her in daycare do to my husbands work schedule, which isnt ideal but necessary. She screams when family members come around even ones she sees often! I cant handle it so I become protective because shes crying hysterically my husband says she stops after I leave but that’s daddy! I’m so afraid to send her off to a place where she doesnt know anyone! I know eventually she will do okay but the thought of it gives me severe anxiety! Please any other moms with this issue and survived it! HELP!!! TIA​:grin:


My advice, be careful about being to overprotective as your baby continues to grow and explore the world or they will grow more anxious as they get older