How to homeschool in Washington State?

How do you even go about startin the homeschooling process? with all of the evil in the world i do not feel safe starting my kinder in school next year…i dont think my anxiety will be able to handle this…i am in washington state if that helps


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to homeschool in Washington State?

I’m in Spanaway. Our school offers it. We would just tell them they wanna go online and they can.

Homeschooling is so easy!!! You can buy whole ass curriculums or you can make your own. You can “unschool” & do it the wild way, or you can keep vigorous notes & be super organized. It’s all about teaching your kids in a manner that works for THEM & YOU.

That would probably be a question for your local school district in your state. Not all states have the same requirements.

Just Google homeschooling near me

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I use to homeschool in California. I totally understand. I searched for the best homeschooling material and being of faith, I highly enjoyed Rod and Staff. They are Amish/Mennonite/Christian and they teach the Bible but doesn’t really get into too much of the Amish/Mennonite/Christian ways other than whats good to know and biblical teachings. I highly enjoyed their material for my sons.
You can shop around with googling key words Rod and Staff or visit their website at

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Join ur state or city homeschool page and ask this question there. You will get guided more accurately :slightly_smiling_face:


My kids are doing K12,it’s public free online school, we are in WA. This is our second year and we love it. They have a teacher and you’re their learning coach.

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It depends on the state. In Ohio for traditional homeschooling I just send in a NOI at the beginning of the year and a brief rundown of what I will teach. :tipping_hand_woman: super easy in Ohio!

You technically don’t have to have your child enrolled in anything until they are 8 years old in Washington. Im in Mount Vernon. So until they are 8, you can do what you’d like for teaching.

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I’m in Washington State and I go through Connections Academy. My daughter has been since kindergarten. She will be in 2nd grade next year.

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Join your local homeschool groups for support and socialization for the kid and you

Look up Connections Academy for your state. I did Indiana Connections Academy and it was fantastic. Hands down the best option we’ve chosen!! I love that it’s mastery based and that they can work at their own pace.

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Look up your laws by state

Call the school board in your community. They will give you some information.

Washingtion Connections Academy. It’s simple to enroll, it’s self-paced. Kids still get social interaction through what they call live lessons. Which are like zoom meetings. You get constant access to teachers and educational resources. My son has been doing it for 3 years now. They even loan you a laptop.

Check out K12, it’s a virtual learning program. They still have classmates and teachers, just all done remotely. They have options for you to use loaner computers if you don’t have one. My son just got done with kindergarten and did great this year. Our plan was to send him to in person next school year but now I’m rethinking.

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