How to homeschool?

Any mamas homeschool their kids or have been homeschooled theirselves? I’m looking into possibly homeschooling my 6th grader and just wanting pros and cons. I have done a lot of research online but I would love to hear firsthand experiences.


My husband was homeschooled up until grade 12. But he wished he would have been able to go to highschool because it screwed him over for college (had to take another test to be able to get accepted) and put his application for his career behind like 3 years. My suggestion is to send them to high school to be able to get their diploma. Although everything else was alright.

I was homeschooled for years growing up. I wouldnt say there were many pros. I loved it at the time until i got older and wished i had the same experiences as other kids. Field trips, more communication with people my age, prom, homecoming dances, sports, and when it came time to graduate i would have given anything to be walking across the stage with my friends that i had spent previous years with in school.

I went to school and switched to homeschool and lasted a year and went back to school. I wasn’t able to learn in front of s computer, I like the teacher interaction and definitely missed all my friends! Not a fan of homeschool personally but I know some love it!

My mom pulled me out of middle school to do the John hagee online Christian school. Personally I didn’t like it. The lack of interaction with other kids and being stuck in the house all day made it really hard to stay on task or WANT to do the work. Plus it all being on the computer made it hard to focus, I like to have my papers and books right in front of me. It didn’t last long and back to public school I went

I was homeschooled through 12th grade, my first non homeschooling experience was college. My parents started giving me the option to go to public school the year I started high school, which also happened to be the year that Columbine happened so I was terrified that if I went to public school I would be killed. Pros are you avoid school shootings. Cons are everything else. No school dances, no school friends, no science fair, no book fair, no school experience to help cope with how people work in the world, you only learn one way to communicate, which is the way your family communicates, you get teased for being a homeschooler. I can continue but I won’t. I wish that they had just put me in school rather than give me the option. I graduated at 16 but couldn’t afford to get my GED until I was in my 20s, so until then I looked like a drop out because my parents kept records but it was before online schooling. I have 2 children, one just started 8th grade and the other is an infant. I personally will not homeschool. My husband has been considering homeschooling our 8th grader but I won’t have anything to do with it and he knows how I feel about it.

If you want to look into homeschool, there are the options for an online public school. Fully accredited (so when they finish or want to go back to brick and mortar their credits will transfer) and in the comfort of your home. Most states provide the laptop and they will also provide all curriculum (based on the states guidelines) and you as mom get to be as involved. They have social groups as well to ensure the children get that social part in school too. Some teachers also plan field trips and stuff just like a regular school. So if you’re open to that idea check out k12 and connections academy and see what will work best for you and what is offered in your state. (It’s also free) if it’s something you’d like to do, jump into enrollment because the spots are first come first serve and enrollment isn’t always open. My kids aren’t school age yet but this is what I am leaning towards and hopefully connections academy makes it to my state by then.

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I was homeschooled from 2nd-12th grade. I could go on for a rather long time about the Cons. I will never homeschool my kids, barring some hideous incident I can’t anticipate. Having teachers on hand to explain things, learning to deal with life events as you, and the experiences grow, learning how to communicate and relate to other people, even people you may not like, or who are different than you, you cannot get this at home. Even if you do learn the basics of subjects taught in school, as an adult, not many people have the blessing of working from home. I want my kids to be prepared for the real world we live in, and to know more than just my husband and I can share with them. When I got my first job, I was so lost, because I had no experience with my peers or the world in general.
Pros: you don’t have to worry about school shootings

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I homeschooled my oldest for a few years. Definitely not for us. They were during his early years and it was too much to get him to see me as teacher vs mom.
But he learned a lot and I got to see all his progress 1st hand. He was also being taught to learn, not to pass standardized tests.

I got pulled out of 8th grade and was homeschooled, it was awful, I gained a ton of weight, anxiety, severe depression, and a pill problem. My cousin is homeschooled right now and all she does is play video games, homeschooling is wonderful done properly, but that’s rare

We homeschool and my son loves it! My son struggled massively in school and developed severe anxiety to where he’d shut down once he was home bc he was so overwhelmed.
Pulled him out last Jan and he has thrived in homeschool. We get to go at his own pace (which is above grade level in a lot of areas), he can actually focus on the work instead of being a robot and following every order and command to sit still, be quiet, listen. He doesn’t learn that way.
The biggest bonus is that we have a very flexible schedule, so no worrying about missing school for appointments or vacations. We can go on field trips whenever to whereever, and he gets hands on learning in a much less restrictive enviornment.
He socializes with people and kids of ALL ages, which is how the world outside of school truly is, so I feel it helps prepare him for how life will be once he leaves school.
We will probably homeschool til graduation, we love it.

Online public school is what we’re doing for 6th grade. My oldest graduated from there in 2018. They held a prom and then a wonderful graduation ceremony for about 750 students. There is an outing day scheduled next month. There is a list of places all over the state to choose from and no school/assignments due that day. They provided a chrome book and headset for live class sessions. I will admit it is difficult to focus on a computer so much and to keep track of everything. We’re still getting the hang of it. The curriculum seems good so far and is NOT a K12 program. The school broke from that curriculum because it wasn’t covering what students needed for end of year state testing and there was a high rate of retention.

I was homeschooled for 6th and 7th grade and it was the WORST experience. I was beyond over it by the end of the first year but had no choice but to be homeschooled one more year and it couldn’t go by fast enough. The lack of interaction with other kids was miserable and sent me into a severe state of depression. But of course a lot of it had to do with the curriculum I was using. If your kid wants it and you have specific reason for needing to homeschool then your experience may be different but listen to your child’s opinion. If they are ok with it then go ahead but just make sure it’s what they want and check in with them often to make sure they still enjoy it. And make sure they have plenty of interaction with other kids their age