How to improve mental health?

It’s been kind of crazy here at my house. A good crazy but my mental health has been down in the slumps with no motivation for some reasonAny tips that helped you get out of the slump? I like to listen to music that’s been helping me a little


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to improve mental health?

I draw, write poetry, cook. I learned in therapy to redirect those feelings in to something you love. Spend your energy on that, not the depression. (Easier Said than done I know) I also keep a journal and burn it when I’m done with it, it’s a whole release ceremony for me as I watch it burn I try to let go of those feelings. Good luck love!

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Therapy if it’s not bad enough for meds

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Hobbies help. Reading, crocheting… help me. I go to group therapy once a week and take my meds. I also have my emotional support dog. Music is a great one. I still have trouble with motivation. I have to do it one job at a time. Gear yourself up, one job at a time. Then rest, then add the next. That’s how I have to do it.

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Take some time for your self. Whether it be reading, listening to music, or even going for a walk. Find something that’s enjoyable to you, and do it. As parents, we become consumed and overwhelmed with running around and making sure that everyone else is taken care of. We often neglect taking care of ourselves. Sounds like you just need a little bit of a break.

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Never stop believing in yourself because at the end of the day no matter what happens, it is the hope that we have within our hearts that keeps us going…
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