How to increase breast milk in one day?

I need to go back to work and thus will be away from my baby. I haven’t invested much in pumping but i need to increase my output a lot in a very short period of time. Any ideas would be helpful


Power pump a few times a day and start pumping after every feed.

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This works but take 2-3 day’s to deliver or try hot chocolate

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It takes time to build up a good supply to pump. It’s not going to happen in one day unfortunately.


Body armour drinks have been a life saver for me to build up my supply quickly

Pump then latch baby on immediatly after u get off the pump itll create an over supply you can balance out after

Mine has been the pink drink from star bucks and lots of oats like oatmeal or oatmeal cookies of all kinds i ate a lot of no bakes lol

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The more you pump or nurse, the more milk you will make because you will be telling your body that you need a lot of milk for your baby.

I swear by body armor drinks

Fenugreek might increase supply as well

Fenugreek is more known for drying up your supply, not work the risk

Baby only needs 1-1.5 oz per hour gone from mom so keep that in mine when pumping. Breastmilk changes for baby so you dont need to increase amount for bottles. Join a breastfeeding group or read up on websites like kellymom .com for other info!

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Start pumping every 2 hours at least

Take 2tea spoon of cumin seeds fried in1 spoon of desi ghee put it in your soup or vegetable bowl It works as magic

Big bowl of real oatmeal

That’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself! Returning to work is tough as it is.

Try the tried and true as mentioned in the other comments. Pump at work, breastfeed at home. But, be prepared to give yourself a break and supplement if it becomes necessary due to low supply or your own mental or physical health. Take care of you!

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Pump every 2 hours and feed baby in between. The more demand you create, the more supply your body should create. Also stay hydrated. It will probably take more than one day to really up your supply.

This is what I’m taking Day 2 and milk is coming in faster

Increase demand by nursing or pumping. However it typically takes about 3 days to increase supply not just one day.

Fenugreek and oatmeal. How much baby nurses at night effects how much milk is produced during the day so pump especially at night

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Pump every hour. Milk is produced according to demand. The more that is expressed, the more the body will make.

Every time I fed, I pumped after to make my body think the baby needed more. Wound up having to donate cause I made so much. Was wonderful. Oh and pray. Lots of praying was involved

Fenugreek, oatmeal, and if you can spend a day in bed snuggled skin to skin with baby.

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I used Fenugreek and lactation cookies which are basically oatmeal cookies with added lactation ingredients. I smelled like maple syrup from the Fenugreek, lol. Here is a recipe for the cookies: The Best Lactation Cookies!

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You may find yourself getting very frustrated at this… you gotta remember you are not a machine. Your body responds to demand but it will take time. 24 hours before seeing any real difference at least. Power pumping and cookies will only take you so far… I’d reccomend lots of rest, fluids and skin to skin contact with baby.

Along with body armour/keeping well hydrated/oats try using a haakaa type pump on the opposite breast while pumping AND nursing, the suction will encourage more output because you’re signaling for more.

My milk supply was very low
I am now currently on day 2 of Domperidone 10mg, talk to your doctor for a prescription and read up on it. It raises the prolactin levels at a fast rate. But I read it’s banned in the USA apperently
I also tried Milky Mama it’s a supplement company. It raised my milk to maybe 2 oz per pump and also made it more fatty. Hope this helps good luck

Lots of fluids, Pinterest had tons of milk boosting recipes for cookies or shakes, power pumping and just pumping as much as you can.

Look up power pumping! It will take a couple of days to trick your body but it worked wonders for me

Body armor drinks/staying well hydrated, oatmeal

My sister found that Body Armor made her milk production increase. It’s similar to Gatorade and you can get it at Wal-Mart.

Body armor and oatmeal has helped me! I pump in the morning after I feed my daughter at least mostly on one boob and then the one she ate off of just a little. I get about 4-5 oz Everytime.

Mothers milk tea and power pumping worked for me. They sell the tea at Wal-Mart

I tried all sorts of crazy stuff and the only thing I have found that worked for me is power pumping, the haaka pump, water as much as you can stand and fenugreek. I really started to see results with the fenugreek.

Power pumping should help. You can check out my tips at @kd_healthtalk or my videos at my YouTube channel.