How to increase milk production?

Kind of a weird question but does anyone know how to do a weekly meal plan with foods to increase milk production


Beer & raspberry tea are supposed to help. I just had a giant glass of water with me all the time & drank from it constantly.

My mom made apple cinnamon muffins with oats. Basically the only thing I ate while in hospital. Just had a lot of oats in your diet

Oats, grains, and protein! And stay hydrated! As previously mentioned, it’s definitely a supply and demand thing. So feed and pump as often as you can. Especially in the first 4-6 weeks, usually it’ll drop a little around then.

Foods don’t produce milk. Removing milk produces more milk.

Milk production is simply supply and demand, as long as there are no other issues at play (medically with mom or physically with baby- poor latch, lip/tongue ties, etc)
Are you strictly breastfeeding? Or pumping too? Why do you think you have low supply? Have you contacted La Leche League or an IBCLC?

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Protein, protein, protein.

Steel cut oatmeal!
Skin to skin with baby.
Feed and pump often!
Stay well hydrated.
Eat a healthy diet and eat frequently.

Lactation cookies and recipes
Check out Pinterest

I took fenugreek vitamins recommended by baby therapist it made me overflow.

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Lots of stimulation to breasts. When in shower let very warm water run over your breast for 10 min. Let baby nurse for 15 to 20 min. You can pump in between and save it. Key is the more stimulation the more milk coming in. Also drink lots of water.

A glass of wine. It work almost immediately for me.

Ask you Dr for the name of a lactation specialists. They can help you tremendously. That’s what they’re there for.

That’s normal for initial milk production. Is she breastfeeding and pumping? Only pumping? Milk supply is supply and demand, so feeding and/or pumping more frequently will increase supply. But baby is eating very little at a time at this point so 1 oz is normal…


Oats really helped with my production.

Drink a lot of fluids and Body Armor.

That’s normal if she just gave birth. Just tell her to feed on demand and pump. Breastfeeding is supply and demand so the more milk that’s taken out, the more milk your body will produce. I was told it takes about 6 weeks for your body to regulate it’s milk supply.

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Frequent nursing/power pumping.

A newborn’s stomach is small. They can’t hold much. That’s why they need to feed often.

Nurse on demand.


Pump every 2-3 hours around the clock. Yup…even when she wants to sleep. That’s what I did. And after a few days of doing that, I had so much milk it was crazy!

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Is she just pumping or pumping and nursing?

BodyArmor lyte drinks! They work within an hour.

I had to pump every hour to hour & a half until my milk supply increased. Make sure she stays hydrated as well, plenty of water, back off the soda(if she drinks alot of it, it’ll dehydrate her quicker)

First, she needs to relax. No pressure. Start nursing every 2 hours, 5 minutes on each side, no longer, so she doesn’t get sore, and drink water while nursing. She WILL be fine and be able to provide enough for her child.

Don’t let doctor put you on Regulan!!!

Mother’s milk herbal tea, it’s in the coffee and tea aisle at walmart

Pi drink the tea and eat a lot of things with protein. Also try the body armor drink and add a teaspoon of melted coconut oil. I got so much more. I do it every day. Maybe that will help her. And remind her she has to eat

Talk to a breastfeeding consultant.

Her production will increase as baby needs it


Have her talk to a consultant. All these people saying it’ll come based off supply and demand have clearly never had a supply problem!!!
With all 3 of my kids I pumped every hour, I fed on demand, I took all the oats, all the cookies, all the teas, all the supplements, and nothing helped!! I had to supplement with formula.

And there is nothing wrong with having to supplement, or not breastfeeding at all!! Not all bodies are made for breastfeeding, and that’s OK!! Make sure your daughter doesn’t get to down on herself for that! It was hard for me being told constantly I was doing something wrong, when I was doing everything I could!!


That’s Normal.
Chocolate pudding with avocado
Fresh Berries
Blueberry pancakes

Nurse nurse nurse. Very rarely will a mothers body not shift to make what baby needs throughout development if she just continues to nurse on demand. If she can only pump, make sure she’s pumping every 2 or 3 hours.


Let her drink tea without milk in, that helped me alot…

Babies don’t need as much as you think per feeding so soon. Also, let her feed on demand. A pump doesn’t tend to give an accurate idea of how much baby is getting per feeding, especially if you do it between feedings.

Demand feed. The more she feeds, the more milk will come in (in theory). Newborns eat a small amount but often. As long as baby is soiling diapers and gaining weight, don’t stress!
Mom should also be replenishing her own fluids. Lots of water and good nutrition. If she’s up for a walk, being active helps too.

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An oz for pumping? If so that’s actually really good! A lot of women don’t respond to pumps. I don’t get a lot from pumps, and I get more from a manual pump than electric.

But a few tips and tricks I’ve learned;
Domperidone you can take 4, 3 times a day I think (ask Newman)
Lactation cookies (I :9’t like smoothies but there’s just about anything Lactation wise, just google :slightly_smiling_face: )
Lots and lots of skin to skin
Making sure you stay hydrated and are eating enough to feel full (stomach wise)
Boobie massages in the nice warm shower :laughing: this was hilarious for me cause I felt awkward af lol

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How do you know how much the baby is getting

Her baby probably only needs an ounce if newborn. If the baby’s not here yet then you can’t judge it. Even at six weeks they only need a couple of ounces. Her best bet is to just keep feeding and get a lactation consultant to check the position is right. You can also pump after feeding or in-between feeds if you need to store expressed milk but otherwise that sounds fine. What she can also do is feed from one breast, burp, then feed from the other one. Ten minutes per breast.


Get her a good beer and make her some “breast milk supply cookies” - google the recipe

A newborn baby’s stomach is the size of a walnut.

Drink a beer ,
Doctor ordered for my daughter with her premmie

Nurse nurse nurse. Stop worrying about the pump, the baby gets more out than the pump.

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If she has a thyroid disorder it won’t.

Keep pumping, there are lactation teas.

Body armor drinks, milk tea, oatmeal, bunch of fruits.
Stimulation of the nipples, listening to a baby cry. I would record a couple of minutes of my baby crying, I would then play it as I was pumping and I swear it instantly brings a let down and it sprayed like crazy.

Your daughter will produce more milk as the baby starts to eat more and nursing sessions lengthen. It’s supply and demand. The more the nipples are stimulated the more milk is produced. It sounds like she’s doing good thus far! Baby suckling on the breast usually produces a good supply of milk. Breast pumps are great but until her supply comes in fully it’s best to put baby to breast. There’s nothing like gazing at your baby along with the skin to skin contact to kick start the milk production.

How old is bubba? Is she breastfeeding directly or just expressing?
The best way to make more milk is to feed feed feed!!
If she’s just pumping she’s got to make sure shes using the right BREAST SHIELD/FLANGE SIZE!
The standard sized included when you buy a pump is 24-27mm, however most woman measure 17mm or smaller