How to increase milk supply?

New mom here! My baby’s 2 weeks old today and exclusively breast fed. Does anyone sometimes feel like they aren’t getting enough milk when they breast feed? I also tried pumping for the second time (the first was an awful experience and I was swollen for days, I’ve also gotten my flanges measured to the right fit) yesterday and now one side is awful sore and the other feels fine. When I pumped I got 2oz out of each the first time and he just sucked it all down (4oz) and was still hungry! Almost 2 hours later I tried to pump again and couldn’t get more than 1/2 ounce total from both, and I’m wanting to start him on bottles but feel like I won’t be able to pump, im large breasted and feel like it just doesn’t work for me. We had some of the Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlelease kept back and he did really well with it and seemed fulfilled. I’m thinking about just keeping him on the formula so I don’t have to worry about him getting enough food. Thoughts?


Wait to start bottles until your supply is established, about 6 weeks. Be sure to use the slowest flow nipple and Google paced feeding.


Maybe talk to a lactation consultant it sounds like your pump isn’t emptying you


You can mix your milk with the formula so he’s still getting your nutrients until your supply is built up


I was alwayse told that the baby can get more milk than a pump. If you do bottles too soon you will never produce enough


The pain might be a clogged duct warm compress and a hot shower will help

My little one was breast fed and on formula. Its okay to do both my little one is 2 now and healthy. A fed baby is a happy baby


The same happened with me with my son, and the lactation consultant told me not to worry because the baby can get way more milk out then the pump will but try pumping between feedings , you will see a huge jump in supply. And also one night I drank like half a small can of beer, I pumped and dumped twice after to make sure it’s not in my milk, but the yeast in the beer caused my milk supply to go up sooooo much . It was a great trick the consultant told me :slightly_smiling_face: and also lots of Gatorade and healthy foods. You need to stay hydrated

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Have a lactation consultant come to your home. They can weigh baby before and after and see how much he’s getting. I paid $70 and my insurance reimbursed me. Feeding from the breast every 1-2 hours is normal for a newborn! But if you decide to supplement with formula that’s okay too!

Gentlelease is a really good formula. I would stick with that!

Fed baby is best supplementing is definitely okay and if he isnt spitting up what looks like straight breastmilk of formula then he probably isnt overeating some babies just have big appetites lol mine had large ones as well and my supply could never keep up with my second she was formula fed from two months on and is happy and healthy do what’s best for you mama!

I ended up having to supplement with formula…I just didn’t make enough milk

I pumped every 2 hrs and after feeding until my supply was established. It was alot of work, but either way a fed baby is a happy baby. Do what feels right to you.

I wasnt able to breast feed with my 1st hopeing to this time round heard people say skin to skin is a good way to get milk flowing also waiting 6 weeks to pump first 3 weeks are the hardest heard too. Your doing really well dont stress x

The baby is brand new. Keep them on the boob. They may want to suckle and cuddle with you. :heart: They are most likely not crying cause they’re hungry. They’re crying cause they love to be snuggled close.

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Could have IGT. Id look into it.

Don’t freak out and supplement just yet! Your babies mouth is designed to get WAY more milk than a pump ever would, although pumping can help increase your supply

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It takes a good 3-4 weeks before full milk supply comes in either via nursing or pumping. I had to supplement both my kids for a month (latch issues so exclusively pumped) till my supply matched their needs and then ended up with an oversupply and donated to three kids each time. Moral of the story - fed is best and it’s a lot of work either way !

I breastfed my daughter nothing but the breast for the first 3 months and she was growing but it was very flow. She always was wanting to be on the Boob so I felt like she wasnt getting enough and when I tried to pump to get supply up it just never worked I just wouldn’t barely get much from a pump. I did supplementing with formula when she was 3 to 6 months and she grew better and stuff. So after that I stopped breastfeeding cause one day she just stopped.

Follow Dr. Jack Newman, he addresses these issues frequently.

A pump is a fill in for baby, not the other way around and the more often your breasts are emptied means the faster they refill. Your baby may seem more fulfilled with formula because it’s harder to digest than breast milk so they have to sleep longer to digest it. We used the same brand to supplement when I went back to work, be aware that it’s soy based vs similac is milk based (some babies are allergic to one or the other)

Before you pump massage your breasts carefully and thoroughly to help to milk let down and take a break half way and massage again. Also feed the baby first then pump after to increase your milk production. You won’t get much but that will help you make more. Also it helped me to totally relax and think sweet thoughts of your baby. Start out with the suction really low on your pump and increase it slowly to an amount that you are getting milk from several spots. Good luck.

Baby will always get more out than a pump

My son breastfed for 6 weeks and one day he wouldn’t stop crying so tried supplement and he stopped . I ended up finding out he was getting enough breast milk and I was basically starving him . He would only use my boob as a paci and eat just enough to go back to sleep so I dried up really fast .

Do what works best for YOU & YOUR baby… don’t stress to much, yall are both brand new to this, so just do what you feel is right for yall both.

In the beginning it really does feel hopeless, but I assure you you’re doing ok. I too am big breasted and sometimes I feel like my baby is going to smother, my son is nearly 6 months now and we’ve figured out what works for us, but those first few weeks were dreadful. Keep in mind babies go through small growth spurts at 3 & 6 weeks so it may feel like you are needing to feed more. As for your one breast feeling swollen and sore it could be a blocked milk duct a warm shower and self stimulation and continuing to pump will help to unblock it, but in the end you do what feels right for you both :relaxed:

I breastfed until my babe turned 6 weeks and part of the reason I switched was because she was latched literally 24/7 and she was definitely getting enough. They cluster feed BAD around 2-3 weeks. It does get better but it takes a while! If I didn’t have a needy 3 year old and didn’t feel so uncomfortable feeding in public I probably would have stuck it out a little longer lol fed is best whatever is better for you and baby you should do :heartbeat:

Just make sure that you are drinking lots and lots. Also eating fruit such as watermelon, which is mostly water will help. Try not to be stressed, the baby will sense that and will be stressed as well.
Breastfeeding did not come natural to me and I was so stressed. I was told to drink drink drink and to relax.

I had the exact same issue and ended up switching to formula. I was very sad because I wanted to EBF but my son was screaming constantly and as soon as I fed him he was fine. It’s definitely a personal choice. Its fine to ask opinions hit don’t let anyone make you feel bad for one or the other.

Keep breast feeding it is best for baby don’t give up best of luck momma

FED IS BEST. Do whatever you feel you need to do to enjoy this time with baby.

I so desperately wanted to BF and failed miserably with both kiddos. Come to find out they are both lip tied and that’s why it was such a nightmare for me. I stressed so much over trying to make BFing work the first few weeks of their lives and I wish I could have just spent the entire time enjoying the newborn phase.

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Don’t supplement yet. Baby needs at least 6-8 weeks of feeding and sometimes cluster feeding to tell your body what to make

Please join the group La Leche League before you supplement. They will assist you.

I pumped and supplemented with formula. If breastfeeding isn’t for you don’t feel shamed into doing it. Every child and parent is different. I tried breastfeeding until we gave up and gave her formula then I decided to pump. 2-3 Oz was normal for me from each breast but only after I had been doing it for a week or two. At first I was only getting 2-3 Oz total. Consistency is key with pumping. every two to three hours and every 4 hours at night.

I pumped every two hours religiously and fed my son as often as I could while he was in the NICU. I took Reglan and even took part in an acupuncture study by one of the NICU doctors to increase my milk production. I never got more than 2oz. I switched completely to formula when he came home from the NICU because it was too hard on him to feed then switch to a bottle. Fed is best. Exhaust your resourcrs but if your baby isn’t getting enough, switch to formula. Some people really don’t make enough milk.

I had the exact same problem. I had to switch to formula and it made all the difference in the world. Don’t feel bad about not breastfeeding. You just want your baby to be full and satisfied and happy And you not to be so stressed out. Good luck.

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At 2 weeks old they go through growth spurts. Just keep trying if it doesn’t get better than switch.

Try to breastfeed first and then pump.

I would try at least for 6 weeks it is good for the baby

Keep going keep pumping keep feeding use lanolin keep going you got this

First 6 weeks or so are hard. But remember if baby is gaining and has enough wet diapers then he is getting enough. Cluster nursing is normal and healthy. He will nurse more to make you produce more and nursing isn’t just about food it’s comfort as well.

As much as I agree with these comments, you need to make sure baby is actually getting fed vs cluster feeding. I tried to bf for a week after I left hospital. I ended up making a bottle one night out of frustration. Good thing I did because she wasn’t getting enough. A week! She coulda starved! So supplementing isn’t a bad thing. At least baby is eating and not starving.

I’ve read a news article where mom lost baby, due to starving. Even after talking to dr and lactation consultant about her concerns, they just kept saying ‘cluster feeding’, ‘it takes time’, ‘don’t give up.’ Listen to your gut, no one else. Supplement but maybe keep pumping and breastfeeding in between to help your supply. Just make sure baby is fed. Good luck.

Hes clusterfeeding trying to get your milk supply up to help with his growing tummy… dont be discouraged, sometimes pumping never shows how much your actually supply is also… just keep going mama’s you are doing great

Fed is best🙂 do what works for you, you know your baby better than anyone else. Trust that mommy feeling.

Look up LLL. Go to the hospital and ask to speak with their lactation consultant. Google growth spurts and cluster feeding. Eat oatmeal and chia seeds and drink plenty of water. Dont give up, the first 6 weeks are the hardest but you can do it! It’s so amazing for your baby to have breastmilk! :heart:

Don’t let anybody guilt you into continuing breast feeding if you feel like formula is the route for you and your baby. I did both breastmilk and formula for my son. He did great switching back and forth.

Pumping doesn’t always work for everyone. However even though it might sound strange try this, cover the bottles with a baby sock as you pump so you can’t see. Try not to think about it or worry on how much you’re getting. Read a book, watch a film, a game on your phone or something to just take your mind of pumping and you might see a difference in the amount, oxytocin release is inhibited by stress, and oxytocin release is required for letdowns, so if you find you are getting stressed while watching, try it! also think of your baby at the breast a lot as sort of putting in an order, the more he is at the breast the more you will make for him for the following day. They go through many growth spurts so he could just be putting in a bigger order for tomorrow so to speak lol

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If you want to continue breastfeeding, you could try foods/drink with ingredients that help increase laction like fenugreek. There are also pages and groups where women request/donate breast milk. But also don’t feel bad if you decide to use formula.

Being concerned about their intake is one of the hardest things about breastfeeding, especially in the beginning! Go look up this online tool called NEWT.

As long as you have a kitchen scale, you can weigh them and input your amounts and it will graph your baby’s weight to see if they are on target or not. I just put my baby in a plastic dish bin on the scale. It really helped reassure me in those early days when I worried.

I have no advice on pumping because it didn’t go well for me, but I just finished exclusively nursing my little one for 18 months, so I’ve been there!

Also, check out The Milk Meg here on Facebook. She’s a lactation consultant and has great articles, support and information on breastfeeding. Including how supplementing can affect your milk supply and perpetuate a supply issue if there is one. Good luck!

Babies cluster feed to start with to get your milk supply in and pumping is not a good measure for production because baby can always get milk out better than a pump. And for the soreness sounds like you have your pump set to the wrong streangth suck. Always start lowest you can and up the flow. And drink drink drink and drink some more water. Hydration and eating enough calories are so important.

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4oz honestly seems like a lot for a 2 week old exclusively breastfed!!! Breastmilk babies don’t need as much milk as formula babies! Breastmilk babies eat more frequently! Babies can mistake tummy hurting for “hungry”!

Also, there is no need to worry about your baby getting enough if he is having adequate wet diapers and gaining weight!!