How to increase milk supply?

Before I had my son (1 month old currently) I didn’t know if I was going to breastfeed or formula. Well after he was born I decided to breastfeed I can’t imagine giving him formula at all now but we are in a bad financial state and have to move in with family. I don’t really produce enough milk to pump to leave for him even if I go back to work. I don’t eat or drink enough there isn’t food really anyways also I’m stressed so I don’t feel the need to eat. Yes I know I need to but easier said than done. Also my pump mendela or something is crap it doesn’t really work I don’t have money for another one. So…
1.)what age can you give babies regular milk? Like 1 right?
2.)Do any mom’s formula and breastfeed?
3.)How old was your baby when you went back to work?
4.)What else can I do to make my body produce more milk?


Mama I am a nicu preemie mama who breastfed and still does. You pump and nurse your heart out. The more you pump the more milk you’ll make. Try and make yourself eat for your milk supply but also for your health. you can’t take care of baby if you’re barely hanging on. It only gets easier. Breast milk is so amazing for baby. However it’s totally okay to use formula and I know 100s of mamas who formula and breast feed. Good luck. To add- I’m a full time nursing student who went back about 3 months after my baby was born and I pumped at school and still do we are still breastfeeding 13 months


Oatmeal is really cheap where I am and it is said to really help produce milk!! I wish you the best of luck


Regular milk at a year, yes. Lots of people breastfeed and supplement with formula, there’s no shame in it.

Drink nothing but water. Babies can have whole milk only starting at 1, i started introducing it around 10.5 months, by mixing a little of it with formula / breast milk, just to introduce it. i didn’t give it plain until 1. I went back to work when my baby was 2 months old, but it wasn’t working out for me & i quit my job basically by going relief and picking up shifts when it was convenient.

Just because you can’t pump doesn’t mean you aren’t producing. I barely get anything with I pump and my 14 month old gets more than enough when he nurses.

  1. After 1. 2. I breastfed when baby was home and supplemented with formula. 3. I went back to work after all 3 around 8 weeks. 4. Go on pinterest and look up lactation treats. Oatmeal is great and cheap. But if all things drink plenty of water!!! I cant stress that part enough. Also apply for WIC.

I’ve been breastfeeding and doing formula at night so we both get a little more sleep

You can’t give a baby regular milk until they are a year old and okayed by the pediatrician :roll_eyes:

  1. Yes no milk before 1
  2. You can most definitely supplement with formula it’s better than babe starving.
  3. Try to eat things like oatmeal, and lactation cookies, and pump and feed on demand to get your supply up.
  4. You really should eat. Baby gets its nutrients through your BM. If you’re struggling sign up for WIC. They typically have lactation consultants and breast pumps you can use as well.

I breastfeed and supplement.
Unfortunately my milk production went to crap just as I was getting a good supply going due to a kidney infection. I had to take meds that she couldn’t have, so we had to strictly formula feed for 10 days and my pump wasn’t enough to keep the milk going well.
You just do what you can. The important thing is that your baby is being fed properly. Which means breastmilk, formula, or a combination.
Don’t let anyone shame you.
You just do what’s best.

You can go to your local wic office and get help with formula/ some basic food for yourself

Since your son is only a month most insurance companies cover the cost of a breast pump. You can have your doctor write you a prescription and you take that to a local medical supply store to have it filled. You can pick out the pump you want and get a better one.


Yes you can both formula and breast feed. Its called supplementing. I had to do this with my first born bc I didnt produce enough. No cows milk til 1.
Apply for wic? They can help with food for you and/or formula.
Your insurance should cover a new pump.
Try to get food stamps.
You can go back to work after six weeks. You will need to pump while you’re there every few hours. They are legally required to give you a safe, clean, private place for pumping.
Google all the ways to produce more milk.

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WIC! Food banks! Local church!


Drink water constantly

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Get on WIC, they saved us when it came to getting my baby formula. Was in the same situation no money, stressed couldn’t produce milk my hair was falling our couldn’t eat. They help a lot also offer up and apps like that people sell formula super cheap just dont go alone when picking it up.

If u don’t produce enough there’s places you can get/buy? donated milk, if you’re not eating enough you may not produce enough, if u dont have enough food available for yourself… u may need formula… baby needs to eat- formula is very close to breast milk, not the same but close and better than not enough… I wasn’t able to breast feed and used formula with both my kids. Is the WIC program in your area? they give u free formula and food for breastfeeding moms… no milk til 1 at least

Babies should have breastmilk or formula for the entire first year. You can do both but don’t mix formula into a bottle of breastmilk. Most Moms can work and breastfeed but you may notice a drop. Baby may compensate by staying up all next night to nurse. Walk around topless, nurse on demand, pump on 1 side and nurse on the other at the same time.

Oatmeal and stay hydrated!
Pump between feedings and feed often. Your body will take time, but it will adjust and start producing more. Also, don’t stress! Record your baby crying and listen to it while you pump. Your bodies natural reaction will kick in and produce milk.

  1. 12 months is the age that you can start whole milk some doctors recommend at 11 months giving them a little bit mixed with breast milk or formula to get them used to it
  2. I started off Breastfeeding then Bottle feeding Breastmilk then my son was placed on a special formula due to a protein allergy.
  3. My son was 11 weeks when I went back to my job.
  4. There are so many things you can try, Oatmeal, Gatorade, Brewers Yeast, there are supplements you can take. The most important thing is making sure your Hydrated and your getting at least 1500 calories I know it’s hard but you really need it. I totally recommend trying to see a Lactation Consultant if you can!

Go on WIC immediately!!!

Get wic you and your baby shouldn’t go hungry. I did both breast and formula

I went back to work a couple weeks before my daughter turned six months because finances were really tight and I didn’t have another option. She was ebf until then. Once I went back to work I had a hard time pumping enough for her. I didn’t react well to a pump there wasn’t a supply issue just I didn’t respond to a pump. So I started to buy formula for while I was at work and she would still breast feed when I was home. Water is key to keeping up your supply. I would bring two water bottles to work for a four hour shift and usually I’d have to refill them. My daughter did need the gentlease formula. She couldn’t handle the normal one it made her throw up. Get WIC and food stamps if you can’t afford food. You have to eat in order to provide food for you’re baby

Sounds like you need to sit down and talk to your doctor. Nothing wrong with that. A lot of times they can get help for patients with programs for formulas, diapers, even wipes. Just be honest and direct with them and ask for help. Also you might check with your township trustee. They usually have access to the different programs to help new Mommies. All you need to do is ask. That’s what they are there for.

You say you couldn’t imagine giving your baby formula like it’s so bad, yet your admitting to not taken care of your body which needs so much more to produce milk that is full of all the nutrients a baby needs to develop. Wow.
I choose formula because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to eat enough to provide either of my kids with the nutrients they need. And the both walked talked and advanced well beyond for their age. There is nothing wrong with formulas. Esp if your not taken proper care of urself because not only are you not replacing what’s being taken by the exhaustion of have a new baby, but if baby needs X amount of nutrition and your not eating or taking vitamins or anything then your doing both you and your baby more harm then formula ever would.


You can apply for wic to get you more nutritious foods for you. They also do have breast pumps so you may be able to get a better one. Not every mom responds well to pumping and it is very stressful which kills your supply. Is a vicious cycle. Hydration is very important and so is managing stress! You can try supplements such as fenugreek and brewers yeast but eating oatmeal helps too! The traditional ones, not quick oats though. You can make them into cookies or mix them with bananas and flaxseed to make little balls to snack on. And i read to cover your bottles with a little sock while you pump so you don’t constantly check and stress in output. Pumping is exhibit breastmilk is so great for your little one! Apply for assistance as well to help you lower stress, there is nothing wrong with needing little help sometimes. Good luck momma!!

I breast fed exclusively for the first 8 months bc I was home…my supply took a hit when I went back to work because I didn’t have a comfortable place to pump, so I pumped at home in tandem with feeding her…that being said after that happened, I did supplement with the target derivative of Similac it has the same ingredients, but a bigger container so more cost effective . You don’t have to eat great or a ton of excess to make it work Mama, just make sure you eat protein and some fruits/veggies and WATER…hydration helped me so much

U can formula and breast feed I did with my daughter bc the first week I wasn’t producing enoff milk to feed her so I gave formula and breast milk then when I completely couldn’t get anything anymore I gave formula , it really didn’t do a difference between breast milk and formula kinda both the same in my point of view , I was told when u dry up u dry up and I trued to produce more it just wasn’t gonna happen so I had to formula feed and I don’t regret it at all , my daughter is 100 Percent healthy , but go talk to wic so they can get u ur formula so u don’t have to by it with cash :slight_smile: also go sign up for ebt , it will help too :slight_smile: just do what u can and do what’s best for u and baby :slight_smile:

Please go to your closest wic office! They can help with a pump, formula AND bf tips/advice. Also, I just found out Medicaid helps with pumps! Use your resources mama. They are there for a reason. To answer your questions : regular milk after 1. I have both formula fed, breastfed and a combination with my kids. I went back to work around 6 weeks with one of my kiddos and one was 7 months. They others I was a sahm. You can try breastmilk energy bites(Pinterest), mothers milk tea(talk to your doc and pediatrician) and drink tooonnns of water. Like, a shit ton.
Hope this helps!

I did both…for twins. A lot of women do.
Went back to work after 8 weeks.
The more you pump/feed the more you’ll produce. Let the baby empty you. The goal is to get empty…the more you empty then your body starts saying ‘make more’. If you dont feed/dont pump regularly you’ll start to dry up. Do it every couple hours even if baby isn’t eating.
There are numerous foods and supplements that’ll help too.
Try fenugreek.

I formula & breast feed. Anything ginger will up your breast milk supply. Both of my kids were & will be 8 weeks when I return to work. Please wait until 1 to give your child cows milk. Also pumping in between feedings will help up your supply. But if you aren’t getting enough nutrients, neither is your child.

Babies cant have cow milk until 1. I breastfed and supplimented with formula the first few months then completely formula fed. Drinks TONS of water to help with supply. Also look into wic, they can help with food or formula.

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Go to WIC in your area, they will supply you with formula, a new pump, & healthy food for you! Make the appointment or just walk in!

Also apply for food stamps and make sure you take care of yourself. Under no circumstances give the baby regular milk until 1 year, unless your doctor approves it.


Check into WIC for sure - - you can get formula and other grocery items. Maybe check into a word from home job - check out this place: - not all WFH jobs are able to be done while caring for an infant at the same time. Good luck!

WIC!!! get the help you and that baby need!!!

I’ve always used formula and breastfed. Regular milk is at least 1 IF they are eating other foods ok, if not, stay in formula…

You must eat and drink plenty of water, but you and baby should be on WIC and they can help with a pump and food for you and if needed formula for the baby and food stamps for the family to have food. There is never a good reason to not do what’s needed when there is help out there for you.

  1. Definitely wait til after 1.
  2. I breastfed and used formula when needed (mostly because we were traveling around and I didn’t have the time to breastfeed) with my first.
  3. I went back to work when baby was 3 months (though I didn’t work long, it was incredibly stressful for me.)
  4. Honestly eat some lactation cookies or look up some things online and maybe see if you can pick up a couple of those items. Other than that, pump as often as possible that way your body knows it needs to produce more milk. If the pump isn’t working too well (I’m assuming it’s not sucking hard,) it could mean you either need to replace those little white circle things or they’re not fully attached to the piece they go on. And as PPs have said definitely look into WIC. :slight_smile: I hope this helps.