How to increase milk supply?

I’m a ftm 25 I’ve breast fed for 5 months. But my supply has dropped today I got an ounce pumping today… I used to get 12-15. I’ve tried tea,fenugreek, oatmeal, gatorade, body armour,fennel and hydrating… nothings helping. Any advice or is it just time to switch formula? Did I lose to much weight to bf?


I’ve heard 1 beer a day helps.

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Keep nursing as long as baby is content and follow up with a bottle of formula if you feel baby is still hungry your body will adjust as babies needs change


Fenugreek can do the opposite for some people. Also your pump output is not the same as what baby is getting from nursing (babies are better at removing milk than a pump)


Fenugreek dried me up at one point! Stick to staying hydrated and try oatmeal no bake cookie balls, I’ll add the recipe.

Can be getting your period back. Calcium and magnesium helps!

Fenugreek can make supply dip for some women.

My kids pediatrician recommended drinking beer to boost your supply. I hate beer so that didn’t work for me but maybe it might work for you :blush:

A dark beer might help and lots and lots of water

Drink a bee works most everytime

Pumping a lot can reduce your milk supply because it doesn’t get all the milk out…making your body think the baby doesnt need that much. I would suggest nursing as much as possible…or do what they call a “nursing vacation” where you basically lay with your baby for a couple days breastfeeding as much as possible and eating healthy foods.


Nurse baby as often as he/she wants to, and for as long as baby will keep eating. Keep a water bottle next to you while nuraing, and drink as much as you can while nursing. If baby is still hungry, then make baby a bottle of formula or previously pumped milk, and while baby has bottle, you pump. Even if nothing comes out when you pump, the stimulation will help your body realize it needs to make more milk. 99% of the time, it’s really about supply & demand combined with making sure you are hydrated enough. If after doing that for every feeding for a couple of days, your body still doesnt seem to be keeping up, make an appt with a lactation consultant. Many hospitals have them now, and they can really help.

Are you nursing? If baby is content after nursing, your supply has just regulated. Baby is the best at pulling out milk, so your pumping is not an indicator of how much you’re producing. A lot of women don’t even respond well to pumps; I didn’t. Just keep nursing your baby as often as they like.

Mothers milk tea!! Its amazong, had the same issue and then i was able to continue till she was 1!

No it happens you just dried up

I’ve heard the cookies work really well and you can find some good recipes on Pinterest. I’ve also heard beer helps boost your supply.

Gatorade. That and I always had a major dip in supply right before I would start my period. Could that be it?

Ask your doctor about regalan. Had the same issue and tried everything literally and only thing that helped was medicine intervention… It made my milk come in like water fountains lol

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Take a nursing vacation if possible. Use a weekend to literally just sit and nurse your baby as much as possible. That helped me re-amp my supply with my first. :heart:

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Have you been stressed out? That’ll do it.

I once dried up because of stress. My doc game me a short term prescription for a nausea medication that will also boost milk supply. I took it for a couple days and I was back on track.

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Pumping is not a good indicator of your supply. If you are also nursing and baby isn’t hungry after then they are getting what they need. If exclusively pumping it may be time to replace your pump parts - the soft pieces can wear down and become less effective. Also many women have a dip in supply when they are on their period. Fenugreek increases supply for some women but it decreases it in others so be cautious there. Try to keep nursing baby as long as possible - some days I don’t pump as much and we do supplement with formula when we are short for daycare but I have not dried up yet at six months. Don’t give up just from one bad day.

My supply always seems to drop when I’m stressed which stresses me even more :sweat_smile: nurse if you can, try to relax and hydrate A LOT!

Fenugreek can dry up some people’s supply

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I could never get anything to write home about when I pumped, but I breastfed til my babe was two! If your babies not upset or hungry crying or fussing then your doing great!

Can try skin to skin. Gets your hormones going. Nurse heaps.

If you’ve ovulated supply will drop and come back when your period starts

fenugreek actually Effects every women differently! Its very common for fenugreek to dry you up!! Thats what happened to me, fortunately i noticed in time and was able to do something about it!!!:sunny:

I was once in a exclusively pumping group, and alll the women swore by coconut milk/water! Worked with me! I would pump twice as much. I still get fuller after drinking coconut water! I swear by it :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3:

My nurse told me to drink a dark ale beer.

I’ve seen a lot of people in groups talking about the body armour drinks helping a lot! They’re so good too!

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Not sure if it’s possible for you but my milk dried up at 5mo and found out I was pregnant again soon after. Doc said it was the preg hormones. Fingers crossed for you that’s not the problem :grimacing: :wink:

Try lactation cookies, they also have teas. I heard those work miracles.

Do both still breastfeed but give the baby some formula to

I didn’t breastfeed cause i didnt want to but dont give up if u are just make sure u got backup for when your milk supply is not going

Maxi milk from

Sometimes it’s amatter of letting baby nurse longer even without milk be cause your body goes “oh I need to make more”?