How to increase milk supply?

Hi, does anyone know if I’ve already stopped producing breast milk (i had my baby 7 weeks ago, and stopped producing around week 3-4). Could mothers milk tea help me produce again?

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I’ve never tried mothers tea. I’m almost 1 year for breast feeding and I slowed around month 7 or 8. I started taking brewers yeast daily, putting flaxseed in my shake and drinking plenty of water. Good luck!!

Green leafy veggies, oatmeal, fenugreek, body armor drinks, lactation cookies, and lots & lots of water. I never had any luck with the tea.

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Also, cuddling/snuggling with your baby should also help restart your milk production too.

Taking a warm shower while you massage them should help.

Speak with a lactation consultant they can help!


Lots of Gatorade and pedialyte. Lactation cookies help too. Drink more than you ever thought possible and pump pump pump