How to increase milk supply?

Things that are good to take to help with breast milk? He is my third baby he will be here in 10 weeks and my other two were formula feed babies so I want to try hard with this baby I just want to buy stuff now so I don’t have to worry about buying it after he’s born And which is better pumping and feeding the breast milk to him in a bottle or him taking it from the boob? And advice about breastfeeding would be helpful too!


Feeding as mush as possible. Even though it can be hard at first. You can also check out milky mama. Or make your own treats … example cookies with Brewers yeast, oats, flaxseed

Baby to boob is more efficient. Invest in a baby scale and you can weigh baby after feeding to make sure they’re getting enough if youre worried.
Consult a lactation consultant…and your ped…there are all kinds of resources.
A good diet and staying hydrated are most important.
I took fenugreek with my second and it more than doubled my supply( but I was taking 6-9 pills a day :flushed:).

Every baby is different. My #2 took 30-40 minutes to drink directly from the boob, but #3 would finish in less than 10 minutes. I ended up pumping for #2 and #3 never drank from bottles. I worked with #1, so she had no choice but to drink pumped milk from bottles. For bottles, we liked Dr. Browns. People complain about all the parts, but they were not bad to clean. Go ahead and have nipple cream, breast pads and nipple shield in the hospital bag, just In case. The first few weeks can be rough for you and baby, learning what is the best. Don’t give up and if you do, don’t feel bad. My#2 ended up doing formula because it was just too stressful at the time. Good luck and surround yourself with supportive people :two_hearts:

The best way to make milk is to get it out. Supply/demand and eating enough calories. Don’t worry about supplements cause some can actually hurt your supply instead of helping your supply.

Can try lactation cookies, lactation foods.

I breastfed and worked full time for 13 months with my first. My daughter took tomme tippes really well when I wasnt with her and I nursed her full time when she was with me. When I worked I pumped on my breaks and used that milk to take to the sitter for my daughter. If you keep up on pumping while you’re at work your supply should stay good so you can continue to feed your baby. Call your insurance company and see if they cover a breast pump for you or at least cover part of the cost. My insurance will give me a new pump with each pregnancy my dr just wrote a prescription for it and I took it home with me when I left the hospital with my baby. Getting your baby to breastfeed while with you is going to he the easiest option because to constantly pump all the time would be exhausting. Plus babies get more milk out when they nurse versus when you pump because your body responds better to your baby. If you work before you go back try and find a bottle that works best from bottle to breastfed babies. You shouldn’t really have an issue going from bottle to breast because a baby is going to eat if it’s not hungry and starve itself. Sometimes people mistaken nipple confusion for a baby not being hungry because breastfed babies do eat differently than formula fed babies when it comes to eating out of a bottle. I wouldn’t stress too much about it. Essentials for breastfeeding would be a pump, bottles that are good for going from breast to bottle, and nursing pads.

What bottles are good for babies that breast feed?

Take from the boob as much as possible! It helps your body know how much milk to produce.
Especially the first few months.
Once they’re established breasfeeders then you can do 1-2 bottles a day.

Crystal Gallegos The mimijumi is the only bottle mine will take. She refuses all others. It’s a 30 dollar bottle though (for literally just one) so I’d recommend trying others first. Which I don’t know, because mine won’t take them. :joy: but don’t try too many or you’ll end up spending more money than if you would have just purchased the mimijumi in the first place.

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Crystal Gallegos maam, tommee tippie and evenflo natural

Latching is best!!! Pump only if ur away from baby. Keep taking prenatals. Eat snacks while breastfeeding. Stay hydrated. Give baby vitamin D drops. Have gripe water just in case.

Everyone is different. For me it’s easier to breastfeed from the boob, I pump as well to keep my supply up because I’m afraid of it dropping due to hormonal issues I have. This way i can grab a bottle of breastmilk if we are going on a longer car ride and i dont have to worry about pulling over and stopping to feed her. Oatmeal is amazing for boosting supply, theres also lactation cookies and brownies but I’ve never tried those. Mothers milk tea also works for me but I’ve heard some women say that fenugreek hurt their supply so it depends on each womans individual needs. My husband likes to give her dr browns bottles but I like the nanobebe bottles because the nipple is wider and she latches easier to it.