How to increase milk supply?

Need help my breast milk isn’t coming out and my breast are full any tips on how to help with this problem


Warm shower and massaging them


Warm rag if shower isn’t an option (babies keep ya busy)

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Hot compress… Gentle massage

You also can take a clean diaper and fill it up with warm water and put them on and massage.

Warm water is your bf for life. Fixes alot of problems& soothes many aches.

Ditto on the hot shower and massage.

Lecithin (soy or sunflower)

Hot compress and keep on pumping

Warm shower, hot compress, pumping in between feeding.

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Search for hand expressing, breastmilk (or something like that) on youtube. I found them very handy :blush:

Warm water!!
Get in a bath with your boobs submerged and nipples sticking out
And massage under the water in circles around your whole boob
Start in your arm pits and get deep
Make sure to get underneath too

Moist warm compress, massage, and you can look at your baby while doing so, believe it or not it helps.

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Squeeze them just like cow udders

Pump in a warm shower.

Massage… Hot long showers

Everyone mentioned warm/ hot shower & that worked great for me but unfortunately with more then 1 child I didn’t always have time for the warm shower so I would use a heating pad & it worked great for me. Hope the advice helps to relieve some of your discomfort and feeding issues.

Get your SO to stimulate your nipples and breasts