How to increase milk supply?

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I have a 2 month old son, long story short he did not want to latch on at the beginning so i had to pump the first month no we just went straight to formula. My question is he is now latching on but i don’t think im making any milk anymore :disappointed: is it too late to breastfeed? If not i need help on making milk? I feel like a bad mom now…


I cant answer your question but I can say you are not a bad mom! Things happen! :heart:


You can either get a prescription from your doctor to produce or try drinking Mother’s milk tea that you can find in health stores or grocery stores. Never feel like a bad mom. Your doing what’s best for your baby to make sure he has a full tummy. Good on you for wanting to try again.


Contact a lactation consultant. There are meds to help

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No, it’s not too late. Latch baby as often as possible and do lots of skin to skin.

I really have no advice from personal experience, but talk to a lactating specialist, usually have them at hospitals. I’m hoping some breastfeeding moms can suggest foods to help with your milk supply. My friend had a similar issue but with the more suckling her baby did, the more milk she eventually made. I don’t know anymore than that except YOU ARE NOT A BAD MOM!!!

Have him latch and itll start to come back. Keep pumpijg even if nothing comes out! Go to walmart and get mothers milk tea, lots of oatmeal and ice cream ( or other dairy but i like ice cream lol ) And drink lots of water!

Youre not a bad mom. Things happen. Just keep giving him the boob and itll come back. Make sure youre eating 3 full meals a day AND SNACKS! Buy some lactation cookies ( or make some!!)

Try hand expressing first. If you still have some milk come out then you can get your supply back up. Lots of water and you’re pretty much going to have to sit with baby all day and keep he/she latched. The supply will start to come back

Not to late start chugging water and buy some lactation cookies put him to the breast as oftan as possible the more he’s on the boob the more it sends signals to your body to produce milk

Your not a bad mom I have to formula feed my children my body didnt produce , I dried completely up in 2 days 🤦🏼 a fed baby ks a happy baby ! But maybe try a lactaction consultant mama

A bad mama wouldn’t care about this. A fed baby is a great baby. Don’t feel bad xo

You arent a bad mom if you are dried up keep on the formula

You’re not a bad mom for choosing to feed your baby however he would eat. You can consult a lactation specialist about possibly trying to breastfeed again but don’t beat yourself up over him eating formula.

Cluster feed… just offer a boob as often as possible luckily you still have time to up your milk… feed every 2-3 hrs and pump when not feeding… skin on skin will also help

Never feel like a bad mother. You are feeding your baby when he’s hungry & that’s all that matters. As for breast feeding. Start pumping every 3 hrs , & see how much you are making. Feed him that & then put him in your breast for 5 minutes each side. You should get it flowing again. After a wk if you are only getting about 30 cc/1 oz, it won’t be enough. But you can still give him your milk( breast feeding) & then supplement with formula

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It’s not impossible to bounce back! Talk to a lactation consultant! Baby is the best one to bring your supply even if you feel it’s low, the more he’s latched the faster it’ll come back. If you pump, have a pic of babe or have him near as it’ll help stump you to produce. Lots of galctogogues - oatmeal, cookies, milk maid tea… make sure you’re well hydrated! Keep at it and you’ll have it in no time! You’re not a bad momma for doing what you think is best for your baby

My baby wouldnt latch at all. I pumped for 3 months and gave up because I wasnt making enough and it was too sugary no matter my diet. Formula isnt bad. It’s almost the same as breastmilk. It does the job! Dont be so hard on yourself.

First of all you are not a bad mum, breastfeeding isn’t easy, im lucky and have been able to but I know so many mums that can’t including mine, you fed and love him that’s all that matters. Consult with your Dr and get in contact with a lactaion consultant, good luck