How to increase milk supply?

I need tips to replenish my milk supply.

My little one will be six months on the 25th, and I am losing my milk supply and have tried EVERYTHING! Even tried pills my doctor had given me to help up my milk supply, and it didn’t help. My baby acts like he is starving and cries so much even after I’m done nursing and then I give in and have to unthaw some saved bm 4to5 oz more then he falls asleep content. I started Gerber foods half jar mixed with a little rice cereal in the am followed by nursing and veggie mixed with rice cereal for supper then nurse for him to sleep well. (I nurse him throughout the day as well usually every 3to4 hours and try pumping an hour after feeding, but don’t get anything) I only have a little supply saved up maybe a month of feedings, but my question is, has anyone went through this and had to buy formula and do that? I hate even thinking about formula feeding, but I’m at my last choice!


Body armor drinks are good for your supply! And pump pump pump! Even when you don’t get as much keep doing it!


There are so many recipies on Pinterest, cookies smoothies etc

I know the feeling Momma, but no shame in having to go to formula. As long as that munchkin gets fed, you’re doing a good job! There is a tea I drank that is supposed to boost supply (I can’t remember the name… Sorry).


Feeding on demand, oatmeal, water, and I found supplements through Euphoric Herbals Llc that took me from pumping 4-5 oz during an 8 hour shift at work to about 14 oz in the same time frame. I’ve now made it to a little over 11 months when I thought I was going to have to introduce formula at around 4 months due to a diminishing supply. Like Robyn Tribble Smith says fed is best but if you want to continue EBF these are some tips that really helped me.


I tried absolutely everything and nothing helped. I was devastated, but Had no choice but to supplement with formula. We’ve been doing both for months now. Long as baby is fed and happy.

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I was just worried about my left breast drying up on Monday, because I couldn’t pump anything from it at all and wouldnt hardly feel any real amount of let down when by baby would eat…made these lactation cookies and my boobs have been nice and full with eating 3-4 a day Lactation Cookies (Oatmeal Chocolate Chip) | Bunsen Burner Bakery

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Maybe try this? I’ve heard good things from breastfeeding moms.


Yea it’s time to be adding in the foods you mention. No shame in that! There is no shame in using a bit of formula too - you’ve given your baby a good healthy start and that is wonderful. There is a tea that I have heard of, I do not know how well it may or may not work but it may be worth a try??’s+milk+tea&qid=1568983334&s=gateway&sr=8-2-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUEzQldEVlpJUldLOUlJJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwNDU4NjI0MzZETktKN1hLUFZaViZlbmNyeXB0ZWRBZElkPUEwMTk3ODgxNlVPRjE1NlpVOUdTJndpZGdldE5hbWU9c3BfYXRmJmFjdGlvbj1jbGlja1JlZGlyZWN0JmRvTm90TG9nQ2xpY2s9dHJ1ZQ==


Are you drinking at least a gallon of fluids per day? ,skim milk, water, anything else that you can


Bf every 2 hours…the pump only gets half of what the baby gets. 5min Minn on each side…each feeding. Natural yeast tablets increase milk supply. Drink plenty of water. And rest when the baby rests.

You might dislike the thought of formula feeding but it’s not toxic poison I promise. I bet you dislike the thought of your baby going hungry more x


Make sure you’re getting lots of sleep and nourishment. I notice a dip in my supply if I skipped a meal. You can start offering baby more foods as well. If they aren’t liking purées there’s baby led weaning. Some pumps respond better with women than others so you can try switching from electric to hand pump or vice versa to see if you get more. Many breastfeeding groups have lots of tips that you may not have thought of so I recommend joining a few. Have you checked your thyroid? Many women swear by coconut water or coconut milk and orgasms release oxytocin which in turn releases more milk afterwards. Ultimately if baby is still hungry then you can try donor breastmilk or start with mixing a little bit of formula with your own breastmilk.

Someone told me to cover the bottle while you are pumping so you can’t see how much is in there and have the baby in sight while you are pumping!

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Yeah i went thru this i was eating the cookies to help support mill supply and the chocolate milk shake mix in but it wasnt helping turns out i was just pregnant n my horomones chnaging was causing me to loose my supply i supplemented with formula but he was around the same age and it didnt seem to bother him even thou like u i really wantrd to try to breast feed up to a year offically wasn’t able to after 6 1/2 month. But as long as he was fed was what counted also did the same thing gave him baby food mixed with baby cereal helped and tried giving him some water to help but not a whole lot maybe like 5oz

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Fed is best. You are no less of a woman or a mother if you have to supplement. I tried pills, teas, recipes, wives tales, but with my job and the stress I couldnt make it past 3 months without supplementing. I will say, I wish someone had told me back then to trash the feeding schedule and let them feed as long as they want, I’m going to try again with my 3rd and see how it goes!


He’s going through a growth spurt most likely and will need to nurse more frequently to increase your supply. Sometimes, my almost 10 month old still nurses round the clock for comfort, too.


I never pumped with my daughter and was never short on supply. Just demand feeding. She went well over a year.

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You ultimately have do what’s best for baby. I REFUSED to feed my oldest formula…but after 2 weeks of projectile vomiting, my doctor confirmed she was allergic to my milk. So, formula it was and it hasn’t bothered her a bit…she is married, working full-time and going to school to be a phlebotomist and is so mature and responsible…just turned 21. So just keep in mind, in the end, it matters not what we WANT, it’s a matter of what is BEST for Baby. Good luck…you probably already tried it bit reglan [script from Dr.] Helps with milk production.


Have you tried mothers milk tea?
And eat- eat and snack often! Not junk food but fruits and vegetables, carbs…

Being tired and stressed will not help, try to relax.

I had trouble breast feeding my first daughter because I was still active duty/ working.

Fast forward, 12 years… lol- currently :arrow_down:

With my 8 month old, I have been fortunate to stay home and feed her on demand… I don’t have a super strict schedule, fed her on call which was kind of demanding but… I’ve had a really good milk supply.

Best wishes to you…

Try to relax… it helps the milk supply.

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I’m a member of this fb group. Very helpful! Lots of info to read through that can help.


I had this problem and yes I had to formula feed. It isnt the end of the world and doesnt make you a bad mom.


Pinterest also has recipes that help increase milk supply. I used that when I started to lose my supply. The “boobie” cookies I found to work. It has flaxseed in them which helps increase milk supply.

Try nursing him at meal time before you offer him baby food. He may not be as interested in nursing as much after eating solids. At this age, breast milk is the most important food for him. Also drink tons of water! Good luck and just continue to feed on demand, I’m sure your body will catch up to his needs.

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Feed him more solids more often

Oatmeal, tea I’ve heard some people talking about a new sports drink that works really good for them ,armour

Stress can lessen your milk supply. Drink water, milk, soup and sleep. Eat nutritious food. Fenugreek helps a lot. Don’t give up. :sparkling_heart:

There are no galactogues that are proven to work. Fenugreek can hurt your supply even more. I’d highly recommend just giving Baby formula so he isn’t hungry. I promise formula feeding is okay!

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Nurse more frequently. Try rice cereal at night with breastmilk. Try munchkin lactation cookies.

I started loosing mine 2 month in. I tried everything in the books to but my time was up. I was stressing too much about if i was making enough or if he was eating enough ect Finally i gave him a bottle of formula and he slept full and happy. Fed is best momma.

Are u eating enough to make up the increase he wants? Increase your food… Hand express and nurse often… Continue supplements… And even if your supply doesnt meet his try supplementing w formula and keep nursing. Still getting the bm is good

With my first I was in the same boat but he was 3 month old. I took fenugreek tablets 2 twice a day it helped, eat oatmeal and lots of water. But my dr said if he was still hungry after breastfeeding to give him 1-2oz of formula and to pump after every feeding to make sure they were empty so the body knows it need to make more and that it should help build the supply back up. Hope it helps and good luck

I would consult with a lactation consultant. But a few things…1.) Make sure you are hydrated…drink lots of water!!! 2.) Breastfeed before you give solids not after. 3.)let baby suck go as long as they want (no ones better at emptying the breast than baby) 4.) pump after each feeding even if your not getting anything it will help stimulate your body to produce more 5.) pump in between feeding sessions (again will stimulate your body to make more)

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Dont unlatch him, just keep nursing. When he cries again like he is hungry latch him back on. Your breasts will start producing more to fill the demand.

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You shouldn’t hate the thought of formula, you should hate the thought of a hungry baby. This is so silly. Feed your baby. However you have to.


Am a mom that bf 3 little ones, and have my 3 year old still on breast milk in a cup, and the tap when cranky or feeling bad. In the past year the drink body armor. This is one my favorite flavor. Give it try.

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My supply didn’t drop but I just couldn’t pump enough at work to keep up with what my daughter needed with her growing appetite (she nurses just fine yet). I’m still pumping while at work but she’s on formula when I’m at work because she eats way more then I could ever pump. I felt like a failure for a long time but she’s fed and happy so that made me feel better!

Stress isn’t helping drink and make sure your eatting enough. I had the same at about that age. Also make sure to offer breast before food then let LO eat what your eatting several time’s a day. My kid’s snacked about 4 to 6 times a day at 6 months. Try making lactation cookies and have a beer. This will help.

Giving my son formula was a life saver when my supply couldn’t keep up anymore. He wouldn’t cry with hunger and my nipples weren’t dead anymore lol. I was an exclusive pumper too. Feed the baby soothe your soul

Honey if you have to use formula don’t feel bad about it. Things happen to lose milk supply and sometimes there is nothing that can bring it back. If you have to use formula then go for it, fed is best honey


Keep taking your prenatal vitamins and eat, eat, eat. Fed is best by the way. I don’t know if you look down on formula because you’re going to miss breastfeeding or if you think formula is not “up to par” for your child but you should be thankful you have another option and your child isn’t going to starve if your milk dries up completely. 🤦🤦

Primrose oil, I used it to keep my ducts slick. Idk how true it is, because it’s a vitamin supplement, but I took 2 a day. It helped.

Lactation cookies/brownies, mothers milk tea, and liquid gold supplements

I couldn’t breastfeed after 3months kid was hungry I try formula and some babblum still hungry so my mom suggested Carnarion milk …frist half milk and half water tablespoon of corn syrup did wonders wasn’t hungry and didn’t cost as much as formula

My pediatrician told me to drink beer! :woman_shrugging: Probably won’t help you at work though.

Fed is best.
Rather a happy full baby then a starving screaming baby !


I figured out when my son was constantly hungry that I needed to supplement. I would give him cereal mixed with breast milk so he was still getting something from that and then bottles were formula. He’s now a happy and healthy 13 year old. Formula won’t hurt your little one so feed however works best for you guys.

Beer works every time

Seriously you need to put this in perspective. If your milk supply is low, there is no need to feel bad about using formula.

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When my 1-month old didn’t gain weight for one week, I knew I just wasn’t making enough milk…or in my case only drops. Formula is not the worse thing in the world…in my case it was my only option. She is a thriving 21-month old! Fed is best!

Try fenugreek natural herb pills.

You can look on Pinterest for recipes or other food/drink items to try. Nothings wrong with formula, as long as baby is fed that’s all that matters.

The EXACT same thing happen to me. I was so depressed and sad. I couldn’t get it back… I had no other choice but to give him formula. He was so hungry. He’s 7 months old now and has been on formula for 2 months. His little tummy was messed up for about two weeks when we started formula… girl I cried and cried. Through all my stress he is perfectly fine now. Luckily we had some enfamil Nuro/pro the hospital gave us when he was born… we gave him that because he was so hungry at the time… that’s what we stuck with

Drink lots of coconut water.

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I had this issue with my oldest daughter. I just attributed it to a different suck power and my obgyn and her pediatrician said the same thing. She was satisfied and that’s all that mattered. Don’t get down in yourself. If baby is happy and milk wasted all is well in the world.

Breastfeeding is all about supply and demand the more the baby is at the brest the more your body will make…also pumps are not a good indicator of how much milk you’re actually producing as your baby can remove more milk then a pump can… please also skip on the lactation items they are a gimmick and don’t really help just keep yourself hydrated :slightly_smiling_face:


Your supply is probably fine! A lot of women’s bodies don’t respond to a pump. My sister in law tried at least 4 different pumps but couldn’t get any milk out unless she hand expressed.
As long as baby is having wet/dirty diapers and not loosing weight then it’s not your supply that’s a problem. It’s either the pump or your body just doesn’t respond to it.
Talk to your OB or a LC before taking any supplements because some of the things that people suggest could very well cause your milk to dry up❤️
I speak from experience! Someone told me fenugreek would do wonders. I took it for 3 days and could barely get an ounce between my two breasts and I was pumping 3-4 ounces before I started taking it.


If your nursing full time, 3-4 oz is great! A baby is much better at emptying the breast than pumping. Get haaka to catch your let down from the other side as you nurse. If you’re still worried about your supply, stay hydrated, eat plenty of healthy snacks, and have oatmeal for breakfast. The drink LMNT has really helped me too, it’s an electrolyte drink without the sugar and is cheaper than buying bodyarmor which some people suggest. It’s more pricy upfront but it equals out to like 1.50 a drink. The watermelon salt is my favorite :fire::fire::fire:

water water and more water! body armor drinks also help!
i’ve noticed lately that if i don’t look at the amount i’m pumping i tend to pump more, you can put a baby sock on the bottle!
oatmeal, flaxseed, and brewers yeast :slightly_smiling_face: good luck mama​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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BrendenandSusan Doucet this might help

What you pump is not a reflection of what baby gets from breastfeeding. It sounds like you have a great supply. If you just want to increase pump output though l would suggest “power pumping” . However, if you are nursing baby frequently and just need a bottle once in a while l don’t think you really need to pumping a whole lot. Sounds like baby is getting plenty of liquid gold!

Try lactation cookie :cookie: lol maybe that’ll help

Pumps never liked me. I could never get barely any but when my kids bf I knew they were getting it bc they would spit up or leak out their mouth. As long as they r growing u r good. <3

Oatmeal, soups, body armor drinks and water

Pump on one side wile nursing on the other. Let baby latch onto one side and feed a little. Then switch to the other and pump the first one. Babies saliva saoks into the nipple and tells brest to produce.
Also some don’t respond well to a pump.

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Pumping and a baby feeding are two totally different stimulus on your breast that’s why you get more when she nurses …instead of using the pump try to hand express as soon as she is done eating and see if you get more

A lot of women don’t respond as well to the pump. Check your flange sizes and keep super hydrated.

I would get more with a hand held pump. I tried different electric pumps but never got the good results. The lactation nurses told me to pump after baby eat every time. You could try massaging them before you pump, warm packs before you pump too.

I was never able to pump successfully, but I did successfully nurse all 4 of my babies (including a set of twins) until their first birthdays.

Body armor drinks. They’re coconut water based hydrate you very well.

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Best thing I used was mothers milk tea I drank it hot right before and during pumping I sweetened it with honey. Also fenugreek pills only thing about them is when u take them right everything smells like maple syrup.

unless you need to build up milk to store for when you go back to work there is no need to pump–your baby nursing produces much more milk. If you need to then pump on the one side while baby nurse on other–you will get more that way.

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Check your flange size. There is a nipple ruler for pumps online you can print to make sure you have the right size.
Lots of water, body armor drinks, oatmeal cream pies and brewer’s yeast tablets helped me tons! I exclusively pumped for almost 15 months and all of those things helped me the most.
Fenugreek can help some women with supply and hurt others. So if you are taking anything with that be careful.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to increase milk supply? - Mamas Uncut

Put a warm flannel on your breast when pumping it does help

In my opinion, pumping will help with milk supply if tandem with feeding. Try pumping the other breast whilst you nurse. Then if baby is happy to, switch sides. And pump the other side.
If you are 4 weeks in and able to get 3-4 Oz out of the breasts whilst also feeding that’s really good.
People think we’re able to produce mountains but bodies are used to producing how much babies need. So your body will product 3-4oz as that’s how much baby is drinking when they’re having a full feed from both breasts.
It’s supply and demand :slight_smile:

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to increase milk supply? - Mamas Uncut

Hydrate! And eat alot of oat meal.

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If you’re super concerned about it, they make things for lactation supplements. Google upspring. They sell it at Walmart. I liked everything I ever got from there. Kept it in the freezer for when I noticed it dwindling. (Usually from slacking off a bit) but the bars and teas would help bring it right up while working on it

Body armor drinks. I’ve seen tons of videos of women’s supply being crazy because of drinking the body armor drinks daily.

You need to contact a lactation consultant. Your pediatrician should be able to refer you and typically health insurance will pay for it. My daughter is a lactation consultant and so I know first hand how big of a deal this is for a lot of new moms and there may be reasons no one has yet advised you on until you see a professional.

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Water water water! And patience! It takes a while to build up but drinking water is key!

There’s a great group on fb called Exclusively pumping and it helped me through my pumping and was full of resources!

There’s actually a hormone that’s released when actually breastfeeding the baby that releases more milk. There’s some foods that’ll increase supply I think one is called the Luna bar, it’s like a granola bar. Or, it may sound weird, but watch a video of your baby while you’re pumping.

3-4 ounces is a high pump output! A normal output is .5-2 ounces for in between feeds, 2-4 for replacing feeds. This is both breasts combined not each. You’re on the high end already!


A baby will always be able to get more out then a pump will. It doesn’t mean you have a low supply! But things that will help increase supply would be oatmeal/oat milk, make sure you’re hydrated, lactation cookies/snacks/supplements, and power pumping❤️


Do not over hydrate as this will not help. Try a small amount of beer or fenugreek which is the main ingredient in curry

3-4 ounces is a perfect amount for a four week old baby. Trust me.

I was so stressed about it as well and accidentally created an oversupply issue. I would have six ounces on one breast and 8-9 on the other in one pumping session. I was still nursing 24/7 and had no plans to return to work. It was miserable and painful to try and regulate back to a normal amount. Unfortunately for me no matter what I did my supply stayed the same ( 6 ounces /8 ounces) since I stopped pumping hoping it would help regulate the supply issues ( it didn’t :confounded:) I was constantly leaking, and my breasts would get rock hard and painful. I was lucky I never got an infection. My baby wouldn’t drink breast milk after it was frozen.

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This is very normal.
A baby will be able to get out alot more then a pump, they have the right technique, saliva to tell your boob what they need etc
The pump is artificial and can’t get out as much.
Some woman can exclusively breastfeed with no issue but can pump hardly anything. It is not an indication of your supply at all

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One thing that helped me when I was a working, breastfeeding mom was I made a video of my baby nursing. Exactly the way I see the baby from my angle (you might need help holding your phone), and the exact length of time my baby nursed. I also only pumped on one side, just like my baby nursed on only one side. Putting in my earbuds and listening to the sounds of my baby helped me to not think about pumping, and more of feed my baby. If you need to, bring a blanket or shirt that has your baby’s smell on it. You’d be surprised how much your body responds to smell!

I also made my own lactation cookies. I just made oatmeal cookies, added chocolate chips (my preference, you don’t have to), 2 tablespoons of brewers yeast, and 2 tablespoons of flaxseed meal (I mix two TBS of the flaxseed with 2 TBS of water before adding to the cookie dough). It’s helped me, and they taste amazing! And you can add brewers yeast and flaxseed meal to nearly anything! I also drink the Body Armour juices when/if I’m able too. You’ve probably heard it a million times, but water is essential. When I do pump, I try to drink 20 oz while pumping.

Most importantly, do your very best to relax. Try to not think about pumping, try to think of it no differently than nursing. You got this momma!

The doctor told my daughther to drink a beer a day it helps wit breast milk

A lot of women can’t pump. Doesn’t mean anything for their supply. Nothing is as efficient as a babies mouth…I could barely pump a drop. I did find a pump better than others but as a whole, it was rubbish. Your supply is likely fine, regardless of pump output xx…


Power pumping. It tricks your milk ducts to make more, 20 minutes on, 15 minutes off, 15 minutes on, 10 off. Every day, once a day.


Try drinking milk & water. I was the same way. Baby was gulping milk but when i pumped it was barely anything. Just pump as much as u can, refrigerate and add to it the next pump.

A child’s mouth is much more efficient than a pump. I’ve breastfed two children for over 1.5 years each and have never been able to get more than 0.5-2oz total when trying to pump.

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Having bub skin to skin during pumping can help with the let down. Also gently massage your breast while pumping. Another way I was able to collect more was pumping one breast while bub fed from the other.

Blue Gatorade…guzzle it down!