How to increase milk supply?

Everyone says that the armor drinks help… I couldn’t drink them because of the coconut water in them but I did Gatorade and I definitely saw a difference in my supply with my twins… They also have teas, powdered mixes and cookies that helps… Try Walmart, target, and if course Amazon

Body Armors, lots of water, make sure you’re eating enough calories, make sure you feed as much as you can or try power pumping. Also be careful of anything with fenugreek in it because while it can help some women increase their milk supply it can also dry up your supply. Good luck!

The more you nurse , the more milk you will
Produce . Keep it up and be patient . It’s not an easy thing to do but worth it .

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Baby gets more from physical nursing than what the amount labeled on a pump will tell you. My son would eat until he was full but the couple times I did pump I would get barely any so I know that it was definitely not the same amount he was actually getting. I was told drink a beer or something with high yeast content and it boosts the supply and it worked. He turned two in July and I stopped breastfeeding around then once I got pregnant

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Pumping has nothing to do with how much the baby is actually getting so don’t go solely on that. The more you nurse the more your supply will come in. Keep hydrated and try pumping after a warm shower or even just hand express while in the shower.

Pumping is an indication of supply. And if he’s latching and staying latched for 15 minutes and this is pumping after nursing. I say you’re fine.

Are you pumping after feeding? Had had low supply for my first and didn’t understand about pumping. Wish I’d known more. Also I had lactation cookies, and lactation tea which helped for future pregnancies.

Well my husband says that if they are actively played with they produce


Walmart sales snacks in the infants department that is supposed to help with that. Idk know the name.

Add barley to your diet, it helps promote better lactation… or drink a guineas beer.

Try feeding from one side then after pump the other. Times tippee electric pump in amazing food I have tried several and find this is the best (between my first born and my now baby) been expressing breast feeding for 5minths now :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you exclusively expressing? Some women just don’t take to a pump as well as others, your baby will always remove more milk than a pump. If you’re exclusively expressing then look into power pumping


Hot water on a cloth then cold water .do it on each breast .will help flow more drink more water .my mum did this just let baby feed more milk will increase

Guineas beer used to be given to breast feeding mother try it rich in iron

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Fenugreek did wonders for my supple , plus flax seed and oatmeal

I don’t like oatmeal so I eat oatmeal crème pies & I swear by them

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Back in the old days we were told to drink a beer. Probably frowned upon in today’s world.


Pumps aren’t an accurate indication of supply if he’s having enough wet diapers per day then he’s getting enough milk from the top

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Did you let him cluster feed. Mine always latched withing an hr and was literally on the boom 10+ hrs . You can still do this at 2 weeks let him latch as much as possible and yoir body should be triggered to produce more.
Best of luck momma .
Don’t be discouraged it can be hard but you go this.

Some doctors say drinking a beer will work. i dunno. I didn’t breastfeed at all.

Supposedly, the more he eats, the more you’ll produce. Try not to get uptight about it. That won’t help. Drink a lot of fluids.

15 min a side is enough if he is letting go after he nurses pump for another 15 min per side and drink lots of water

Lots & lots of fluids… and when you think you’ve had enough, drink more

Drink TONS of water & eat TONS of oatmeal.

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. If he’s latching, having appropriate wet and dirty diapers, and growing then he is getting enough. A pump is not as effective as baby at getting milk out. Be sure you are using the correct size flange (generally nipple diameter in millimeters plus 4, nipple only not whole areola) as well. If you are still having trouble with pumping, you can try power pumping once a day.

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Supply and demand! The more you nurse - the more milk is produced. Drink plenty of fluids!


He is getting enough for his age. Keep nursing often & drink lots of water. The more you nurse, the more you will produce. Talk to your doctor about adding “Brewers yeast” to your diet if you are still concerned

Make sure you drink plenty of fluid

I would suggest seeing a lactation specialist. But massaging the boob, stimulating the nipple, I think there is a type f icecream that helps too, I was told just too keep pumping and it would come in more, hang in there mama

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It is normal to have a slacker boob as you call it, (I had it too i exclusively breast fed) best thing to do is stick to your schedule, drink water or anything with electrolyte and keep your calorie intake. Also make sure you have the correct flange size for your pumps

How much you pump has nothing to do with how much you can produce. Try nursing your baby to increase supply.

I had this same issue too, I drank a lot of water but also Body Armor drinks! The Body Armor drinks actually made me produce way more milk from both breasts! (Coconut milk)

Increase in water. Oatmeal. If you pump do a power pump once a day. Body armor drinks . Latch as often as possible.

Latch, latch, latch!
Supply and demand.
The more baby latches, the more it increases.

What makes you think you need to increase your supply?

Water. Increase calories.