How to increase milk supply?

My right boob has become a major slacker. I exclusively pump and have for a couple months now. My right produces 2-3 ounces less than my left. How do I correct this so they are equal?


It may never increase but you can try power pumping. After a normal pump session, rest 8 minutes, pump 8 more minutes, rest 8 minutes, and pump 8 more minutes on that size. Do it twice a day for a couple weeks.

I was told by my breastfeeding consultant that one breast will always produce more. However you can always try only pumping that side more often then you do both!

Try massaging that breast while pumping

Pump more on that side or try to breastfeed if you and baby are able on the under producing breast

Thats pretty normal. You’ll always have one that produces less…

Girl. Good luck🤦🏻‍♀️

That’s normal. My right boob would spray when I pumped. My left would drip. I routinely got significantly less from the left. No matter what I did, my right was the star of the show.

One will always produce more. Place join the group, “expressions! Lactating services” they are very helpful with actual IBCLC

Try to pump that one more. But most likely they’ll never be equal. Everyone has a slacker boob

Pump longer on the right then u do the left to see if it helps stimulate more milk supply.
But one breast generally produces more then the other. Mine’s my right. Completely normal. I wouldn’t stress too much on it.