How to increase milk supply?

I just had my daughter I’m formula feeding cause I had to get back on my meds but how do you guys manage to manually milk yourselves?? This is my second and they are so full and I read breast feeding helps reduce weight and am not sure the logical stand point on creating a routine of expressing my milk


I massage my boobs top, bottom, side all the way down to my nipples to help start a let down and then i use the pump machine.
I was on meds 1 month after having my firstborn so yeah, try to pump every morning and every time your baby feeds on formula so you can create a system that your baby will follow

Following I had my son the 29th and am having the same issues and they hurt so bad I have had people say to pump them and to not I’m already having a lot of complications from this csection and don’t want to make anything worse

Are you just wanting to empty them or save to give to your baby? Cause you could get a little pump for like $20 for pump & dump. Or just express in the shower so that the warm water will soothe them.

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If you’re not planning to feed it to ypur baby or save it for bathing etc, then expressing is just going to make you produce more and you’re just prolonging the problem. My SIL wrapped her boobs in an ace bandage to help with the pain of engorgemnt until her milk went away.


Just throw some raw cabbage in your bra and let it dry up. My boobs and body went back to normal with my first… I’m about to have my second and I only breastfeed a few weeks so we will see if I go back to normal this time. My boobs got so swollen and sore u til it dried up.


Isn’t there a group for breastfeeding momma’s I’m having a girl in August and tried with my son but he wouldn’t latch I honestly am clueless about the whole thing what are some good groups to join

Don’t express them or your body won’t get the clue to dry up. Take a rolling pin to cabbage leaves to break the veins and place them on your breasts all over. Then wear an extra tight sports bra…one that’s a size too small… then wrap your chest with an ace bandage. It only took a few days of doing this for mine to dry up

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Express twice daily in the shower and then use cold cabbage the rest of the day. Milk should dry up within 3 days. Literally just went through this with my twins.

Just dry up isn’t the same. Hot shower will help a bit. But you should do cold cabbage leaves.

I honestly just dealt with wet shirts and sheets for a minute. I tried to wear a bra and nursing pads but learned that it preventing me from leaking. And I’d still be so full. And it was painful. So I just quit wearing bras. And sat my boobs under the hot water. And used a heating pad on them. If you pump it will create more of a supply.

have a look on Lactmed to see if your meds are breastfeeding safe because majority are (depending what they are of course) & then maybe try establish breastfeeding with your little one…

Please becareful of mastitis as it can get had pretty quickly, if you definitely don’t want to feed see your doctor about meds to decrease your milk :woman_shrugging:

Any time you try to get milk out, your body will think it needs to make more. Raw cabbage I’ve read really does help. I used ice and a really good bra.

Why would you express milk if you arent nursing?