How to increase milk supply?

I have to pump and bottle feed my son. It’s been that way since day one. (For those wondering he would latch perfectly but he refused to suck. So we had to formula feed in the meantime. Then due to negligence in the er I was pumped full of medicines that weren’t good to use while breast feeding. As a result he got used to the bottle top.)

But because of that I worry that I won’t be able to keep my milk supply up very well. (In fact the midwife that discharged me specifically told me that I was an idiot for thinking I could pump and feed him like that.) But I also worry that my milk won’t have what he needs due to there not being contact with his saliva. What could I do to help with that specifically?


Don’t worry mama. Skin to skin can tell your body to produce more. There’s also dietary methods that promote lactation like staying hydrated, eating oatmeal or drinking oatmilk, lean meats, etc. There’s also drinks, pills, and treats that help to promote lactation as well: Something to look out for is fenugreek- it can help or hurt supply (for some it helps increase supply, however major side effects are that baby can have runny stool and tummy aches). You can also try Legendairy Milk (fenugreek free) or Milky Mamas (also fenugreek free).