How to increase milk supply?

I didn’t leak anything until like 38 weeks. I didn’t have any breast changes. And it’s always colostrum before baby is born not milk. Milk comes in a few days after baby is born. It’s the placenta detaching from your uterus that triggers it.

Also, breast changed or not or leaking or not does not signify if you will successfully breastfeed or not.

Around 28 weeks with a little pressure on them, my boobs would bead up little amounts of colostrum but they never leaked, so to speak, until little man was born, q few hours after birth.

If possible let baby latch asap after birth, the milk will then automatically kick start and will increase everyday.

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Don’t worry about it in fact be thankful you don’t leak! I leaked so much in my second pregnancy then after my son was born, then two years after I even stopped breastfeeding I would still leak I wish I was like you and didn’t! X

I breastfed both my children till they were a year old. I had no leaking at all in pregnancy so please don’t worry. With both of them it came in at 3 days after birth but you produce colostrum before that which is very high in nutrients and good things for baby :blush:

Mine didnt leek toll he was born.

My colleague got her milk shortly after her first baby was born

I never leaked before either of my boys were born.

For me, with all 3 pregnancies and births, it came in about 3 days postpartum. First few days were colostrum only

I didn’t leak until birth

Mine never leaked before birth. I had plenty of milk and breast fed for 11 months

Mine came in straight away. I latched baby straight after she was weighed and then there was milk. Nothing before even when I pressed.

Everyone is different and if it’s your first a lot of times it doesn’t come in until after a few days baby is born. Also it wouldn’t be milk, it is colostrum that leaks. Colostrum is not a fattening substance like milk, so when babe is born don’t be alarmed if he or she is cluster feeding every hour or so for the first couple days. It does NOT mean you do not have a milk. It means baby is doing his or her job and trying to get it to come.

When you start breastfeeding if you are having any doubts you can message me privately if you would like! I breastfed my first son till 2 and half and am currently ebf my youngest who is months. Good luck mama! It will be a hard but wonderful experience!