How to increase milk supply?

When does your milk come in? I’m 36 weeks FTM and people keep asking me if my boobs have started to leak. They have not. I’m just concerned because I want to breastfeed so when should I expect them to leak or whatever?


Some woman leak some don’t. It wont affect your breastfeeding at all :slightly_smiling_face:

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Some women dont leak. Leaking colostrum does not indicate how your supply will be. Your milk doesn’t come in until after you give birth.


Milk typically doesn’t come in till a day or two after birth…


Leaking while pregnant gives no indication of supply while breastfeeding. I’ve never leaked while pregnant and always have an oversupply the first few weeks after giving birth.

not all women leak during pregnancy, i didnt, and my milk came in about 2.5 days after my second. but for some it can take 5-8 days, which is ok! you’ll have your colostrum to feed baby until then!:relaxed:

Some women don’t leak at all. Especially with the first Pregnancy. I didn’t and it took almost a week for my milk to come in. I wouldn’t worry at all hun.

What you leak during pregnancy is colostrum which is a clear sticky fluid. Your milk doesn’t come in until anywhere from 1 to 3 days after giving birth it’s different for everyone some women leak right in the beginning of their pregnancy up until the end and some women don’t


Milk doesnt begin to come in until you give birth and the placenta detaches. It can take as little as 2 days and as many at 5 or 6. Until then you have colustrum which nourishes baby.

My milk didn’t come in until about 2 or 3 days after birth, I didn’t have any leaking beforehand. Happy healthy fed baby :blush:

Milk doesnt come in til after u have the baby.

A while after you give birth. Could be a few hours or a few days but latch your baby on as soon as possible because the colostrum you have at first is pure gold for him/ her. It may be just a few drops, but they really matter.

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I don’t leak. Some people just don’t. I successfully and pretty easily bf the crap out of my kids. Lol. Until they self weaned at 3ish.

Mine didn’t come in til my baby was 4 days old. The day before it came in I felt horrible I ran a slight fever and had cold symptoms

With my fist I could soak a shirt by 28 weeks but stopped producing at 9 weeks pp with my second I didn’t leak at all but had a super good supply

Mine never did until after I had my kids

Your milk usually comes in 3-5 days after the placenta detaches from your uterus. Some moms leak colostrum while pregnant but not all and as previously mentioned, that is in no way an indication of supply. Make sure you meet with a lactation consultant when you are in the hospital after you give birth, you can do this mama you got this!! And join the group Milky Mamas Breastfeeding Support

Not until after the baby is born. Your milk doesn’t even come in till about 3 days after.

I didn’t have anything until about a week after my son was born

I had my son at 32 weeks and my milk came in probably 3 days later. It wasn’t a lot either but they don’t need that much in the beginning. Don’t worry that you’re not leaking. It’s not a sign that you won’t be able to breastfeed.

Not every woman’s breasts leak before giving birth. And if they did, that is colostrum, not actual milk. Actual milk doesn’t come in until after baby is born. Leaking does not mean you will or will not be able to produce.

I didn’t leak at all, if I squeezed then I could get a drop or two to come out. But milk doesn’t come in until after baby is born, before that is just colostrum. My baby is 2 months now and exclusively breastfed. We had to supplement a bottle 2 times while I waited on milk to come in, just because he was having a hard time maintaining healthy sugar levels off of my colostrum. Woke up on the 3rd day PP and my milk was in full blast!!

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Don’t be concerned! Your milk won’t fully come in till after the baby is born. Before my son was born if I gently squeezed my nipple a tiny drop would form.

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Mine didnt come in u til a couple days after i had my son

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Not everyone leaks colostrum, and rain no indication of supply. You will usually start to expel colostrum once the baby is born, sometimes it takes some sucking to get things started. After that your milk will come in between 1-5 days.

Milk doesn’t come in until after baby comes. Your colostrum may or may not leak before baby arrives, it’s totally different for everyone.

My best friend started lactating at 7 months pregnant

After u give birth …mine came 2 days postpartum for all 3 babies

I started leaking at 20 weeks but nothing like they do now! Milk usually comes in 3 or 4 days after birth.

When I had my first I didnt start leaking/producing until after I had my baby

(Other than colostrum) with #1 my milk came in the same day after birth.
With #2 it didnt fully come in for 5 to 7 days.

Mine never leaked and i breastfeed with not problems

I have 4 kids and my milk never came in until the baby was born. They nurse a lot for the first 24 hours, it’s called cluster feeding, they get the colostrum and send signals to your body to start making milk.

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Small percent of woman will lactate before birth. Most of us don’t lactate until after birth. Usually 3 days after birth. I have never leaked before birth.

Check for location classes in your area. Your milk wont come in for at least 2 or 3 days after baby is born. You get colostrum earlier but it’s not super common to leak that with your first.

3 days after birth
Colostrum fills dependant on hormone levels.
Pressure point: look in mirror (topless) straight up from nipple above collar bone press, initiates let down. Use anytime.
Stimulation will also stimulate uterine contractions. But diolation and thinning of cx is through prostaglandins from baby or Dad (ejaculate).

I didn’t leak colostrum until I was being induced with pitocin at the hospital. Most don’t leak & go on to have very successful breastfeeding journeys ! :heart:

I never leaked colostrum with my first and I’m 37 weeks with my second and have not leaked at all. My milk came in about 3 days after my son was born, up until birth it’s colostrum that baby needs the first few days.

Do the people who are asking you that know how rude they are? I would tell them it’s none of their business! To answer your question I did not leak with 3 out of 4 of mine untill about 3 or 4 days after birth

i’m 3 days past my due date & still have none at all…lol

Started leaking and feeling letdown at 18 weeks. But some people never do.

Mine didn’t start until two weeks before … most of the time it doesn’t come in until after birth

I started pumping colostrum at 38 weeks myself and saved up a nice little stash by the time she was born and was able to add it to babies bottle. (Consult with a Dr. first) My milk didn’t fully come in until 4 days after giving birth.

They wont necessarily leak before labor. I have 2 kids and i never leaked until my milk came in a few days after labor

I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks and noticed I had leakage after my miscarriage up until a month later.

Tell people to mind their own tits. What mind of people ask that question besides an OB. your milk most likely won’t come in til baby is born. Not everyone leaks before then.


Leaking has nothing to do with breastfeeding :woman_facepalming:

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you’re good don’t worry! leaking or not leaking during pregnancy isn’t a sign of how your breastfeeding journey will go. try not to worry!

Im a first time mum and I started leaking from around 20 weeks pregnant. My boobs went huge and I was wearing breast pads (still am and shes nearly 5 months old). But everyone is different and it shouldn’t affect your ability to breastfeed

within 3 days of birth

I was lactating from about 5 months in all 3 of my pregnancies. Don’t worry when baby comes your boobs will leak like taps :joy:

With me it was about 5 days after birth that shit was spraying everywhere :joy:

My milk came in 9 days after having my daughter

Your actual milk doesn’t come until 3 days after birth its colostrum at first I never leaked with any of my pregnancies at all but was able to successfully breastfed all my kids my first I breastfed for 6 months second for a year and a half and my third is now 9 months and I’m still breastfeeding her

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You’re milk generally comes in about 3 days after giving birth. But your baby will start getting colostrum before your milk comes in! Colostrum is super powerful in nutrients and all baby needs the first few days!

After I had my son. I unfortunately couldnt make enough to support him.

My milk came in on day 4 after birth.

Mine never did with my first. And after I had my son it was like 2 days before my colostrum really even came in… and then day 5 my boobs went from As to DDs.
I supplemented with formula till my milk was in.
And pumped every cpl hours trying to get it going. And then fed my son what I got out.
After that we were good and I nursed till he was almost 2. (That part wasn’t planned) lol
But if your milk isnt in there is no issue supplementing till it does.

I’ve never leaked (and successfully breastfed 4 of my 5 for 4+ years each. First was 6.5 months. Currently nursing my almost 5 month old). Milk comes in anywhere from 2-5 days after delivery. Colostrum typically makes an appearance between 28 and 38 weeks.

There is NO NEED to supplement the colostrum. Colostrum is EXACTLY what a baby needs to coat their gut. Read about virgin gut. :slight_smile:

Not everyone leaks prior to birth.

Mine never leaked until after I had my kids.

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Every bob is different

No leaking or anything until 4 days after baby was born. She was a NICU baby so I was pumping and at one point pumping 100oz a day. I still barely leaked with that. Don’t worry!

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I had milk two months prior having my baby… But it usually comes in after you give birth

About a week of constant nursing.

Well with my 1st i started leaking around 28 weeks and my milk didnt come in until after baby was born and i was unsuccessful at breastfeeding… my next 2 babies i never leaked prior to having the babies and I was able to successfully breastfeed after my milk came in which takes delivering the baby to come in

I started leaking at like 16 weeks! :upside_down_face: But your milk won’t come in until a couple of days after you give birth.

With both of mine it was a few days after giving birth. You’ll know. Colostrum comes in first and that’s what baby will feed on for first few days. I wouldn’t worry

I have five kids and mine never did

Mine never did until the day after I had both my girls. I only remember this because I didn’t breastfeed. So much pain until everything dried up :weary:

I leaked with all mine at 4 months had great supply doesn’t affect if you do or don’t tho

After baby is born usually 2-3 days after but every woman is different and gets their milk at different times. You do get Colostrum while you are pregnant though it’s basically pre-milk.

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I’m a FTM too. and everyone kept telling me the same thing .my milk came after baby was born. basically I had a few drops every day while I was in the hospital and milk didn’t start flowing till I got home. so about 4 days till I saw lots of milk. luckily babies dont need too much in the very beginning. and I have been breastfeeding for 5 months

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I started at 7 months but it won’t even matter til when you give birth.

Everyone is different my milk came in 2 days after giving birth.

My first one i didnt leak until after baby was born. Others it happened at end of pregnancy

I had my baby at 24 weeks I was leaking since like 20 weeks an the night I had him my milk came in it’s different for everyone

Milk often does not drop until after babe is born. In my case it never came in until i was home from hospital ( my oldest is 28…they kept you for a couple days then)…I was just too tense in hospital to let milk down…

If this is 1st baby, sometimes colostrum doesn’t come until the actual birth.

After birth except with my 2nd I could squeeze some out before she was born

It is the detachment of the placenta that triggers milk supply. You may experience colostrum leaking during pregnancy or you may not. It can take anywhere from 24 hours to 5 days for milk to come in after birth.

My sister started leaking before she even hit 30 weeks during her first pregnancy. A lot of women won’t even get their supply until a week after birth. Everyone is different

Mine didnt come in until after baby was born, 1st day was just colostrum then by day 2 it was full on milk, every woman is different and every pregnancy is different, it will come in when your body knows it need to be there

I tried breastfeeding my supply dried up on me about a month after having my daughter I tried everything to keep it but didn’t happen

I never leaked till my kids were born and i had lots of milk!

Not everyone’s boobs leak before they have the baby a lot of people it triggers when they have the baby and then milk comes in 1-3 days after birth for everyone. With my first I started leaking around 37 weeks and with my current pregnancy I started around 28 weeks.

When people start leaking it’s colostrum and it’s just a little it doesn’t spray out like when your milk comes in, milk still comes in a couple days after birth.

After the baby is born

I didnt fill till she was 3 days old. I had to keep latching her on to get it to drop.

About 2 to 3 days after baby us born . Those first couple days are just colostrum…
It usually takes 3 days but with my youngest it came in 2 days after he was born because all he did those first 2 days was eat lol

Mine have only dripped a little colostrum here and there and it started at 28 weeks! Im 33 weeks now and i still haven’t started “leaking” per say

Mine started leaking at 4 months it is colostrum n your milk won’t fully come in until after baby is born about 3 days after

I started leaking colostrum in the middle of the second trimester, but my milk came in about 1.5 days after I had her. :slight_smile: good luck on your breastfeeding journey

I didn’t leak until I had my kids.

If it’s your first child, milk will only come in once the baby starts to suckle.

I actually never got any :woman_shrugging:

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For many women, colostrum wont leak until the baby is born. Some women never leak and still are able to nurse.

I never leaked at all. I was worried too. Even after he was born and started feeding i was worried he wasn’t getting enough because he wouldnt breastfeed for very long , my milk was still clear and thick and feedings were very close together. I let the nurses know my concerns and they showed me how small his stomach was and explained that the colostrum was very rich in everything he needs. I think k a lot of moms get worried that their baby’s arent getting enough because of that. Dont get discouraged or paranoid when baby gets herre. Its a lot of work but so worth it :heart: Your milk will come in in about 3 days after birth so give it time.

Nothing to worry about. I never leaked until I had my children and even then didn’t leak at all until my milk came in you dont have to leak to be able to produce colostrum or breastmilk

I’ve never leaked during pregnancy. My oldest 2 are teens, so no clue with them but my last baby is 17 months. She was born at 1PM, my milk was in by 8 that night.