How to increase milk supply?

Breast feeding mamas,
Is there some sort of food or drink that can boost ur lactation?? Thank u in advance :blush:


You can get the Mama’s milk tea


Body armour drinks and oatmeal cream pies!!!

I loved these cookies. got them in the baby section of Walmart

Body armor drinks and oatmeal!!! Promise they’ll do the job!!

Red Gatorade helped me

I made my own lactation cookies out of Oatmeal, Brewers Yeast, Flaxseed, and Chia Seed. I made mine with pumpkin and white chocolate chips, and they were so good I couldn’t keep my other 2 kids out of them and had to hide them.

Also, if youre a beer drinker, you can (despite popular belief) have a single beer. Brewers Yeast and beers high in HOPS boost milk production.

Pink drink from Starbucks, coconut milk, Gatorade, body armour, vitamin water… It’s really just about hydration

When I had my kids back in 2957. 58. And 60. They told me 1 beer a day would do it. I really don’t know.

Lots of water. I’ve heard oatmeal or ice cream too and they have lactation cookies :slightly_smiling_face:

Body armor drinks helped me for a while…that and drink tons of water

Lactation brownies and cookies! They were my life savers!

Walmart has lactation cookies and water does help
and that beer situation is accurate from what I’ve read but I can’t stand beer :beer: so I can’t get into that but I drink a gallon of water throughout the day every day and that helped me a lot when I was trying to get my levels up

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Have you ever power pumped ? Works like a charm . You have to move milk to make milk mama. Good luck

Oatmeal! Fenugreek. Lactation plus pills. Lactation cookies. Lots of stuff out there

I drank a Guinness every night and went from a barely enougher to an overproducer. Not saying it’s for everyone but it was awesome!

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There is no food proven to boost your supply. Body Armor drinks are filled with nasty ingredients and it’s them being hydrating why some will see a “boost”. Keep your calories up and half your body weight in oz plus 20 and you’ll be okay. It’s really uncommon to have an undersupply as it’s normally caused by another issue.

Also stay away from Fenugreek as it’s known to cause supply to cease for many and some children don’t like the maple syrup smell/taste.

I was always told oatmeal and lots of water but also keep in mind the more you feed the more you will produce, it’s a supply and demand deal.

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Oatmeal and fenugreek supplement.

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Lots and lots of good old H20.

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Ginger ale and oatmeal

Beer is what we used in the “old days”

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Malt with condensed milk

Water. Drink it like u are dying of thirst. Oatmeal. Be careful with anytbing containing fenugreek because it can actually decrease your supply

Oatmeal and flaxseed meal is what worked for me

Most importantly drink tons of water

Coconut water, fenugreek tea, and eat oatmeal. Always worked for me :blush:

Water and just continuously feeding or pumping. It’s a supply and demand thing.

Body armor drinks helped me:) and lots of water

Fenugreek ! It stinks but it’s awesome !!!

I was told by my pediatrician power pumping helps

Water helped me. And yogurt.

Dont beat yourself up about it tho. I tried everything, with all 3 of my boys and I quit producing around 2-3 months. It’s ok.