How to increase milk supply?

Ideas to increase milk supply that are tried and true


My dr suggested fenugreek supplements. It worked well for me.


Mothers milk tea and oatmeal

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I was told my water intake was low. So all I did was drink lots of water and pee a lot. Lol

I know this sounds crazy but A&W rootbeer and oatmeal helped me a ton.

Slow rolled oats and gaterade

Body armor they are like gatorade bur way better for you. Ive heard moms say it doubled their milk supply.

Check Pinterest for recipes I’ve seen a ton and know a few friends that have made and worked!

Oatmeal works! Fenugreek. And either chia seeda or flax seeds i cant remember which it is… They also work. But drinking alot of water and staying hydrated is key to it all

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Oatmeal, Gatorade helps a ton. Fenugreek can either help or lower your supply. It actually made my supply worse with my daughter.

Idk how early in you are but sleep. I was having rough time and after I actually got some decent sleep got so much better. And lots of water

When I was having some supply issues I made myself batches of oatmeal cookies with nuts and fruits. They helped tremendously.

Sounds weird but I used diapers filled with hot water and wrapped each breast in them for 20 mins (wear a house coat when doing this ) and drink tea and water continuously. Works to increase milk and also to drain when your super full !

Coconut water and oatmeal👍

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I dont like oatmeal so i eat this stuff and i loveee it and bodyarmor drinks!!

Oatmeal! Get the icecream oats of this world by ben and jerrys. I ate a bowl of oatmeal every morning, with the occasional bowl of ice cream in the evening. I produced like a champ!


Nursing more.

Get yourself a gallon of water. Go to your bedroom with baby and nurse and let baby suckle. All day. It took me two days and then I was lactating beautifully. Every time I hit a dry spell I did this and it worked more than any tea or massage ever did.

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Lots of water and let baby demand feed.

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Drink lots of water and eat regularly (preferably healthy)

Slow rolled oats and gaterade

My doctor prescribed pills to increase mine, but stimulation is best!

I had super low milk supply due to chronic health issues and here’s what worked for me

Oatmeal every morning
Mothers Milk tea every morning
Milk Plus supplements
Fish oil capsules
32 oz Gatorade per day
Gallon of water per day
Breast feed every 3 hours
One hour after start of breastfeeding- pump for 15 minutes.

It takes a few weeks for your body to get used to it but it’s worked!!! I fought my body hard to be able to give my baby breast milk.

Some of these things work for some but it could also hurt your supply. Everyone is different.
The only true method to increasing your supply is putting baby on your boob.
It’s a supply and demand thing.

There is a huge community of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers who eat an animal based diet and their breast milk is plentiful and I’ve even seen some sell their milk because they make so much and I’ve also seen some breast milk so thick it looked like milkshakes. It was really awesome to witness this. After a year of seeing all of the healthiest babies ever, I wish I had known I could have done this for my own.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to increase milk supply?

Dark beer helped me.

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Raw Brazil nuts, lots of water and holding my baby a lot helped me. It’s not a bad thing to supplement when you have to, though. You’re giving your child what they need regardless of your circumstances. That’s a beautiful thing that nothing can take from you both. I hope you find something that helps you!

You have to move milk to make milk. “Empty boobs are working boobs” latch latch latch! Power pumping can help as well. Stay hydrated and eat well. Your body needs calories for energy to keep that milk flowing.


Sometimes women just stop producing enough milk. Just make sure your baby is getting enough to eat


Hugs mama. I have no advice but I know how it feels to feel incompetent of just basic mother abilities.

You could also have a touch of ppd. Nothing wrong about being upset. I couldnt breastfeed at all due to IGT. I also had a c section. You are not wrong but you will also have to learn that feeding is best for your child. Its a tough situation. Perhaps reach out to some LCs in your area or mommy groups and get together.

Shower with warm almost hot water to your breasts. Rub them. Stimulating helps bring milk in. Drink lots of water. And eat a good nutritious meal. With snacks in between. Also pump in between feeding. The more stimulation the more milk

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I think you should stop being so hard on yourself. I think we all have in our heads the way things are supposed to be, but that doesn’t always happen. This is the journey your on, things don’t always go as planned. I wanted to breast feed my child but I couldn’t. I didn’t fail as a mother for that. Men don’t have that kind of emotional bond with a child so they don’t understand, maybe that’s why he is like “ get over it. Move on”. Don’t let it run your life right now. At the end of the day all we wish for is a healthy baby. Best of luck


Try nipple shields! Also contact your ob office and see if they have a lactation nurse! They will be a great resource to help you find ways to successfully breastfeed without it being a stressful experience for you and baby!

Just remember - fed is best. Breast or bottle, just make sure your baby is getting all the nutrients

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Hugs momma. My milk didn’t come in at all so we had to use formula. At first it devastated me. After losing 3 I felt like I was failing the one I was allowed to have. My husband was trying to be supportive but my emotional vulnerability about it made what he said seem like the worst statement ever. He was upset about having to watch me be upset and not a darn thing he could do about it. So him telling me it was OK to have to use formula became twisted in my head to “give it up”.

As long as that sweet baby is getting fed you’re doing great.

Ive been using this for 6 months now and it has been a lifesaver bc i do not produce alot of milk in the first place but this has been a game changer. With my second child i had to swap to formula by 5/6 months old, but then i didnt know about all the supplements and things that i do now.

Nurse more. Supply and demand. The more you feed the more you make. Join Breastfeeding Education, Support & Talk they saved me with my son!!


i dont know what state ur in but here in texas the WIC lends u an automatic hospital grade breast pump for as long as u need it. i know there are also places that rent them. they are made exclusively to increase ur supply in a couple of days as long as u pump at least 10 min every 2-3 hours minimum. also i dont know if uve heard of Fenugreek. its a natural herb that comes in a capsule and is used to increase breast milk supply. i think what happened is that due to ur babys latching issues ur body took it as a signal that the milk wasnt needed so its just that sweetie. dont stress over it bcz that also decreases ur milk. eat lots of greens and drink lots of water. i wd drink pedyalite one bottle a week and it helped so much

Those body armour drinks are amazing for increasing milk supply.

Drinking gaderaid G2 blue or purple helped me. Sounds odd but trust me if Worth trying.

Put em on there before food all day on demand. You will naturally increase milk that way.

Stop being so hard on yourself. It can be stressful on Dad, too. He doesn’t know what to do, either. Try using a nipple shield if baby has trouble latching. Good luck.


Oatmeal in smoothies, body armour drinks and. Just pump more often the more you pump the more your body will make:)

Have you tried stinging nettle? It has worked wonders for me. Also had a C-section and had a dip in breast milk supply this helps a lot!!!
You can’t typically find it in a grocery store but you can definitely find it at a natural food store if you get it looseleaf you can make tea with it that’s how I use it and I just put it over ice.

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Stop beating yourself up you have given her the best start!! There is no law that says you can’t just move her onto formula now. Perhaps that was what hubby was saying although insensitively. Maybe take a day out for just you and some self care too. You’re doing a great job :heart:

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Don’t be so hard on yourself :heart: the more frequently you pump or nurse the more you produce. I was so hard on myself the first few months when I had to supplement also, but now when I look back it doesn’t matter. Drinking lots of water helped me alot. Make sure your eating enough also. The more you relax and enjoy being a mamma, I swear you’ll make more milk.

Check out Breastfeeding Babes​:breast_feeding: for help with supply worries! Feeling upset is valid. Fenugreek can actually tank your supply, so I’d suggest starting with cutting that out :heart:

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Your baby will start getting food from other sources so don’t fret. I found having mine around whilst pumping or a picture of them really helped. If you’re stressing it won’t help so try to relax about it. Mine started drinking diluted juice and water at about nine months (from a regular cup) so my breastfeeding dropped naturally to only a couple of times a day. They never really liked formula but have grown up ok.

Baby is 8 months old. You’ve made it this far. Be proud of that. I would say crying over giving formula is quite an overreaction… at this point baby should be getting table food too so do you cry when she eats other things or just when you give formula?


I would feel the same way, honestly. But if your body can’t do it then formula is the next best thing besides a wet nurse or donor milk.

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I’m gonna play devil’s advocate for just a second…
If he was telling you to get over it from the beginning…I’d agree with you…
But…He’s been compassionate…until now.
So I’m going to agree with him. After a certain point your feelings about it are less about your child…less about wanting to give your child everything you can…
And more about yourself…more about your being able to brag that you did xyz.
That shit is toxic as hell to yourself first and foremost.
But it’s also toxic to your relationship with your child.

Not the fact that you can’t mind you. The fact that you’re breaking down at every bottle of formula.

There are a lot of groups on Facebook for breast feeding with tons of great advice. Nipple shields are great if nothing else helps. I can understand the frustration :heart:

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Also, you don’t just “stop producing milk”. Breastfeeding/exclusively pumping is 100% supply and demand so either nurse or pump more.


Lots of water, extra healthy fats, PUMP AT NIGHT!!!
Every 2-3 hrs and power pump when you can.
Also legendairy milk supplements! Hands down the best!

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You said it yourself, fed is best. You are not being less of a mom or causing your child harm by feeding them formula. It’s not shameful. It’s perfectly fine. Don’t be so hard on yourself, crying about it is probably doing your body more of a disservice.


I’ve found that stress play a huge role in my supply. It’s a rough cycle for sure :pensive:

Fed is best. On another note have you checked baby’s tongue? They missed it at the hospital with mine because it wasn’t severe. My little one was about a year old when I discovered she was tongue tied…

Personally, I wouldn’t give a damn what he thought!

Fed is required sis. I had latching problems too and I know how pumping can still cause supply issues I went thru it and also felt so guilty for having to supplement but i looked up herbs to take and then took them every day and it really helped boost my supply back up.

There is an exclusive pumping group! They were very helpful with my journey.
Oatmeal cream pies, body armor drink and Oreos always helped me make more. Brewer’s yeast tablets from Amazon 3 in the morning and 3 at night gave me 10 oz more per day. Fenugreek helped me for a little bit then killed my supply. It helps some and hurts others so be careful with that.
Men don’t know how to understand our feelings about breastfeeding and I have no advice how to help there. But joining a group of women who did understand really helped me :heart:
I ended up supplementing a bottle of formula every day and once I got over my own feelings about it I felt so much better. Take that extra time away from the pump to take a shower, a nap or get your nails done! 8 months is a HUGE accomplishment. Good job :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Don’t stress about it that will decrease your supply. I was not able to deliver either of my boys. My first was emergency c-section and my second my placenta was attached to my uterus causing major surgery and my son being 6 weeks early and 24 days in the hospital. I pump every 3 hours around the clock for a minimum of 15 minutes each time. I also consume a lot of oatmeal, flax seed and brewers yeast. I am pumping any where from 3oz each side to 5oz each side. I put ½ gallon or more away every 3 days as well as keep my son fed. Drink tons of water and less caffeine

Fed is best. You can only do what your body will do. Don’t push yourself. You are doing your best.

Girl let it out. You have the right to feel how you want. I could only breast feed both my girls for 4 months each. I was a wreck because I tried so hard. I cried about it too but not because I didn’t want them to have formula but because I wanted that bond with them and the feeling of skin to skin while they latched on to the food I produced for them. I already struggled with attatchment issues when they we both born and to me feeding them the food I could personally make that no one else could was my way of gaining our bond that I felt we didn’t have when they were born. So no shame girl let that shit out and screw every one else telling you to get over.

Breathe, being upset isn’t good for either you, your baby & your milk supply, Just continue doing what you are doing, And ask yourself, is your baby, healthy? Is your baby happy? Do you love your baby? Now if your answers are all yes, you are doing a great job as a mother & that is all that is important :slight_smile:

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Hun with mine I was lucky enough to get the first 3 weeks after my first born and a then a solid month for my second born but then dried up. I tried all the home remedies and store bought crap. Nothing helped. What’s important is the first few weeks with the colostrum. Be proud you made it as long as you did because there are plenty of us other mothers who struggled from the beginning. You should be introducing baby foods, cereal, and what not soon anyways which will bring the demand for milk down anyways. Be proud abd stop letting it bring you down.

I have 4 kids I breastfed/pumped, all c-sections, best thing for supply I found is oatmeal. I would eat it for breakfast and make cookies when I was tand b’fing my 2yr old and baby. Also if you can let the baby nurse her saliva will stimulate milk production. I pumped for one of mine that was a preemie and you deserve a big pat on the back for that, it is hard.

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yes, he should have compassion for what you are going through but since he doesn’t quit talking to him about it since that will just stress you out more and stress decreases supply! The best way to increase milk supply is to nurse–pumping does not have the same effect. Nipple shields may help–though not sure how baby would react to them after this long. If you have another baby later keep this in mind. Also if she has not been checked for tongue ties you need to do that–they can not only effect the ability to nurse they can have other problems too. There are lactation systems you can get which allow baby to get formula through nursing so she is getting nourishment while still giving you nipple stimulation which will then increase your supply. Drink plenty of healthy fluids, and eat anything with oats to help. And ignore everyone who says you should just get over it! Yes, be proud you have made it this far–any amount of breastfeeding is good for baby and for you. However this is important to you so stick with it! and get together in person with La Leche League moms if you can–they will help support you better than anyone online can.


Strawberry banana body armor

Eat oatmeal, drink milk, and drink lots and lots of water. Eating a bowl of oatmeal everyday and drinking a lot of water has me pumping 7-12 ounces every session every 4-5 hours. I also pump exclusively since my baby’s been born 2 months ago. It’s very time consuming and it’s a lot of work, I understand, just know that your sacrifice is well worth it. You are doing a great job!

Has she been checked for tongue tie or lip tie?

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Eat porridge for breakfast every day.

I’m just going to be the blunt one I guess, your view of what things “should be” is very skewed. First of all you did it for 8 months, pat yourself on the back, second your baby is 8 months and should be eating solid food at this point. You said it your self feeding is best, are you upset when she eats real food? Crying for having to give her formula is an overreaction and no matter how a baby is birthed its natural. Otherwise we would be saying women who used drugs to deliver didn’t do it naturally, it’s absurd.


Nurse as often as you can. Babies are far more efficient at drawing out milk than any pump. The days I could nurse more I would get more productive pumps.

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Stay hydrated, pump in longer sessions even after the milk stops flowing, eat healthy and just relax.

Fed IS best and having to supplement doesn’t make you a failure as a mother. Some women are just champion milk producers, and some of us struggle to meet daily demands. Your baby isn’t judging you, so don’t judge yourself.

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Try calling La Leche League for support and help. Also see a lactation consultant if you can. Often insurance will pay for it.

I had thyroid issues and didn’t know it. Tried many things nothing worked. Now looking back as emotional as I was about it then. It really didn’t matter how they are fed and yeah I know breast milk is better… Again. Doesn’t matter when you look back years later. Get blood work make sure all your levels are good, if you’re trying everything and it’s not working that’s what formula is for. There is nothing wrong with formula feeding.

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After 8 months you have given it a fair shot. It’s perfectly normal for milk production to slow as onfants begin to supplement with other foods. Don’t cry because you need to supplement. You’ve made it further than many women just by getting as far as you have.


I used to have crazy Mom guilt over this and over like every little thing I think it was part of ppd but have you tried seeing a lactation consultant and not just the one at the hospital? The one they gave me at the hospital kept questioning me like I just wasn’t trying to pump she kept acting like I was lying when she was actually a complete idiot and gave me a broken pump but I didn’t know for like 3 days so they started supplementing my daughter with formula I was really upset about it at first but I ended up supplementing whenever I needed to and I may not even breastfeed for more than a couple of months this time around! Whatever you need to do is okay you just gotta really try to quit beating yourself up about everything. I use to do this really bad too and was always listening to everyone else around me and felt like I wasn’t a good Mom until I just started ignoring everyone and doing what was best for me and my kid now I know I’m a great Mom! Just takes a little time with all the crazy hormones and stuff right now but make sure you stay hydrated that’s the most important thing with breastfeeding and if you can pump near your daughter that will help too!

Just wanna throw out there to the moms who have to use formula, this post doesn’t mean you’re a failure because you do… :yawning_face:


Eight month should be eating food pluse a few bottles


I understand the emotional struggle, but you’re not a failure for giving formula now and then. A fail would be letting her starve while you’re having supply issues. I know it’s hard but try not to stress so much over it! Stress won’t help your supply.

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Try rehydration. Pineapple juice, body Armour, fresh fruit, plenty of water and there are also some juice sprinkles that help lactate! Let me find some pictures of what I mean and I’ll post under my comment.

8 months is awesome! It’s ok to need to supplement, it truly makes you no less of a mom. You should be so proud of yourself! Also you shouldn’t be upset about a csection! Though I do understand. My first I was induced and her heart rate kept dropping and the doctor says to me… we need to get her out now. I cried so much because it wasn’t the plan. But didn’t make me any less of a mom.

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Your supply is probably dropping because she is getting to where she needs real the course.your a good momma some would have given up andd not pumped at the 1st sighn of issues.

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I heard the body armor drinks help but I’ve not tried it

Some of these comments are RIDICULOUS sweetie :joy: try Dairy Queens Breastfeeding Support Closed Group. It is the most amazing and judge free groups ive EVER been a part of. :heart:

Good on your for pumping for 8months. My supply stopped with pumping at 4months and we switched to formula. Bub is at an age where supply isn’t required so much anyway, and they should be on solids aswell so don’t stress too much if you need to supplement with formula. Just see it as bub taking the next step a little sooner then planned. As for your husband, there is probably only so much he can hear of the subject. You say he is normally supportive of your feelings but there’s only so much one can do that especially if it doesn’t seem to be actually helping the situation. Sounds like he’s a great husband and is just over it. Cut him some slack.


Try body armor drinks and cut out the fenugreek! Fenugreek can actually lower your supply sometimes instead of helping.

Fed and using formula or having to supplement doesn’t make u a bad a failure.just tell ur self that ur trying ur best and it sure sounds like u are that’s all that matters

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Men just can’t comprehend the mental process.

Be careful with fenugreek, it can actually cause a dip in supply in some women.

I don’t have children myself so I can’t understand your pain, but just from an outside perspective I feel that if you love your child and are feeding her any way you can, you are being an amazing mother. There is no one way to be a mother. Your # 1 concern is your child and that is all that matters. Many mothers can’t breast feed at all and they are still wonderful mothers. Your husband is probably stressed out from seeing you so upset when he knows your child is healthy and safe. Maybe he was harsh this last time, but people can lash out when they are frustrated. Be kind to yourself and just feed your baby any way you can. You are an amazing mother!! Your child will be healthy either way.

:purple_heart: Peace, and take care.


There is a medication your dr can prescribe to increase your supply

Fed is best. You’re not a failure. Before you know it your kid will be eating gold fish crackers from between the cushions of your couch. I promise you that your kid will be fine with some formula. Try to take it easier on yourself. Parenthood is a long ride. Don’t wear yourself out.


fed baby is best… you will have your emotional days i had 5 breast fed babies and the last 3 got shorter and shorter with time my last one super preemie major medical issues and i only made it two months feeding and pumping each body is different. your husband is likely at a loss i know mine was… Do not be hard on yourself as you made it 8 months is amazing

Did they put you on birth control.My midwife did me with my daughter and mine dried up over night! At almost 1yr old.I had no clue.With my son I made it too 2 yrs old breast feeding. Let her nurse all she wants.The more bottles you feed the less your baby will want to nurse.

He is getting tired of hearing it and getting really annoyed.


Have you spoken to lelache league? If not I suggest it. Also I was told to take brewers yeast tablets to make good supply. Sure worked I nursed 18 months ha well after 12 month I only nursed at night.

I think he may of said it a little wrong” but in a term there’s not much you can do about it obviously he has seen you try an get upset an if there’s not much more that is working he maybe coming/come to terms in that” … an that’s Not because u failed but sometimes we just can’t do it, I would see a doctor but if it’s making you emotional then maybe that’s not good for your mental health an maybe mix feed … Don’t see it as failure (I breastfed for 3 days an gave up) an no doubt his probably being supportive at the start but maybe he just has seen You try an he sees there’s probably not much more he can do to help you do it.

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