How to increase milk supply?

I need advice on how to boost my milk supply, my little one is 4 months old and she’s not satisfied after a feeding, she’ll latch again then instantly start crying like she’s hungry then refuses to latch on either side. I’d rather not give her formula if I don’t have to. Thanks in advance!

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Oatmeal!! And try pumping before and or after she eats to get your supply up. Don’t give up!

Make sure she burps
Could just be gas keeping her from wanting to eat more

Fenugreek tablets works for me. also pumping after each feed. She could also be trying to boost your supply for future


Body armour drinks!!!

Honestly ask her pediatrician. Sometimes we just don’t produce enough. I formula feed and breast feed my son because my supply isn’t where it needs to be.


Oatmeal, brewers yeast, fenugreek, mothers milk tea, body armour drinks, garlic… to name some ways. These have all helped me produce more :blush:

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I take fenugreek capsules twice a day. But i also pumo in between feedings… even during the night i get up and pump while my daughter is sleeping. But also oats, nuts, flaxseed.

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Talk to your Dr. They can prescribe meds to increase the milk.

Pink drink from Starbucks helps alot also

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This and theres a few essential oils you can smell/apply to help! My friend almost lost her milk supply and the cookies worked amazing!

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crying before latching is normal- your breasts let down to crying (which is why alot of women leak when babies cry)

Are you sure your let down isn’t too forceful for her? Or sometimes you have to much foremilk and not enough hind or vice versa. I would call a lactation consultant. There are a bunch of variables that could be going on.

Honestly I had this issue when I brought my girl home. I worked weekly with a lactation expert.

We bought a scale and weighed her before and after eating to monitor how many Oz she gets and then if she didn’t get X amount, we supplemented with a breast milk bottle I had pumped and stored previously.

Eventually the combination of pumping and feeding got my milk coming in and now she’s a fat little monkey!

I feed every 3 hours and during the day I pump one hour after she starts feeding.
Example: she starts feeding at 2pm, no matter how long she feeds, I pump at 3pm. Then the cycle starts again at 5pm.

We did her naked weight just like they do at the pediatrician.

Take Milk Plus supplements with Fish Oil pills
Mother’s Milk tea
Oatmeal with flaxseed
And drink a gallon of fluids per day (I do 4 cups of Gatorade and the rest water)

a lot of ladies on here have very good suggestions to help but please do remember if you do have to give formula you did not fail and unfortunately sometimes you do have to use formula to ensure that your child is fed it is not about breast is best or formula is the easy way out it’s about your little one being said and not having a empty tummy good luck and I hope you produce more

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Pinterest has a lot of good pins on how to boost your milk. I used to do smoothies, it sounds weird but id do it with coconut milk, steel cut oats, almond butter, strawberries, bananas, different variations of fruit.

Check out milky mama products they are amazing

Sooo I HATE oatmeal but have heard its amazing for your supply. I tried making a smoothie with it but my blender just isn’t powerful enough, it was chunky :grimacing: I now mix a scoop of the powdered baby oatmeal in my morning smoothie and another scoop in my night time glass of chocolate milk. Worked almost instantly, my supply tripled, I now have to pump after each feeding to help with engorgement. It sounds gross, but I swear its no grosser than oatmeal and much easier to mix with my favorite drinks.