How to increase milk supply?

Just curious. Has any mommas milk dried up and have been able to restart producing milk? In other words I want to retry to breast feed but my milk is dried up any way to boost it back up?


Stimulation. You just nurse and nurse and eat and eat lol


It’s completely possible! Frequent nursing and pumping, lactation cookies, and LOTS of water

Look up power pumping

Blue Gatorade and Quality CBD Oil (has natural Cannabinoids that adds a boost to the ones naturally produced in the body) DM for more if you’re interested in the details!

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I have thought about it too. It is possible, women nurse adopted babies all the time! The baby’s saliva and the nipple stimulation will cause you to lactate.


Its actually a thing! Women who didnt even have a baby can produce milk. I believe the process is pumping every 2 hours for 10 minutes and over time youll start producing!

Fenugreek it is a herb all natural you can get it at GNC health food stores. It actually can cause a men to lactate. Good luck mom don’t give up.

Fenugreek is really a hit or miss. For some women it actually dries up your supply rather than boosting it.