How to increase milk supply?

What did you do to increase your milk supply? I was pumping every 4 hours but then my supply dropped by about an ounce. So I’m pumping every 3 hours now, drinking as much water as I can, eating oatmeal, and drinking mothers milk tea. My supply still isn’t going back up. I even ordered the sample pack of goodies from the Milky Mama website and it did nothing. I also got the spectra silicone massager inserts for my flanges that are supposed to help, and haven’t noticed a difference with those either.

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Try mixing the mothers milk tea with Apple juice, that’s what I had to do

Mothers milk has fenugreek which can kill supply in some women. Try some power pumping, pump every 2 hours and for 5 minutes after milk stops flowing to signal more. Make sure your flanges are the correct size also. Skin to skin with baby is also super helpful. Milk is supply and demand the more you remove the more your body will produce.

Do you nurse at all? If you do it would help you milk to come down more. I ate a lots of snack cakes and drink milk a lot, this was what my mother and law told me would help and I guess it did I nursed for 16 months. I never pumped.

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I was having the same problem and was recommended to drink black tea with condensed milk to sweeten it… just started yesterday i drink it before I feed or pump and today I pumped an oz more on both sides then yesterday so I’m assuming it worked but I haven’t been doing it long enough to say for sure

Lactation cookies from amazon

I pumped every 2 hours during the day. Drink lots of water. Eating oatmeal increased my supply too.

I ate nutritional super healthy meals 3x a day, and healthy snacks whenever. Body armour drinks, blue and red Gatorade’s. Mothers milk tea made my supply dip after drinking a cup a day for a month straight and gave my baby an upset tummy so I quit drinking it

Black tea!!!Stoney cooldrink!!!ginger beer!! don’t mix anything!!