How to increase milk supply?

My question is about breastfeeding supplements… I have less than a week before my baby girl is here and my fiance is wanting to buy me breastfeeding supplements. He’s actually the one that wanted me to ask y’all this question because to be honest I feel like there’s no need to buy them until we know if I’m good on producing milk or not. So I guess my question is are they necessary? Like should I be taking them now to get my milk production going or should I not worry about it until after I have her and know how well my milk is coming in?? TIA❤ ps. I’m already leaking pretty bad so I think I should be good but still not too sure, this is my first time.


He can get them. Ots always nice to have things on hand just in case. Also blue Gatorade, and body armor are amazing. As long as you stay hydrated and eat well you should be ok. There are some people who just dont produce also. Have him look up lactation cookies as well. Great things!!!

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Just eat oatmeal everyday and buy the mama’s milk tea if anything. I took fenugreek even though I had plenty of milk. I wouldn’t stress until you actually need to. At least he is already supportive of you breastfeeding

No momma. Don’t stress about your supply.

It’s RARE that a woman doesn’t produce enough milk for their little one- it’s lack of knowledge and education that makes them think that.

Your milk doesn’t come in until after the placenta detaches, and even then can take a week before fully coming in. Your colostrum will be plenty for babe.

Breastfeeding is all about supply and demand. The more you nurse, then more you will make.

Anything you eat or drink is just a temporary fix.

Trust your body! It was designed to do this!


Drink a lot of water. Water helps keep your milk flowing and keep taking you prenatal vitamins too. Oatmeal is great too.


Join the page milky mama LLC they have alot of tips incase your supply drops and I’ve heard that their edible supplements are awesome as thry boost your supply within two days of eating them. But don’t take supplements until your supply regulates (usually 6 weeks). If your supply is good then there’s no need for supplements

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I wouldn’t unless you need to
Usually as long as you pump on time your supply is good esp for the first couple weeks bc it’s really bout hormones at that point
I would not take fenugreek anything because it has been known to have the opposite effect on women and their supply as well as it can give your babies gas and upset tummy
If you feel you need a boost oatmeal, coconut water, staying hydrated, and eating plenty of protein and carbs should help but there are women who are undersuppliers idk how common it is but you can supplement with formula too if you want
For the first week we supplemented with formula bc it took all of 5 days for my supply to come in that being said I pumped plenty of colostrum in the later days so we didn’t have to do it as much

I swear up and down by this soup! Even if it isnt this recipe, after every child when my milk supply would go low, I would drink/eat this tor a week and EVERYTIME I would have a surplus of milk:)

They don’t always work. I never could produce enough for the 3 I’ve had n I know I won’t for #4 on the way

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Oatmeal, flax, and drinks tons and tons of water

If you have a La Leche League in your area it is a great support group in the leader is very knowledgeable.

Steel cut Oatmeal with flaxseed
Mother’s Milk tea
More Milk Plus supplements (cheapest off eBay)

Oatmeal every morning
Tea once a day or more
Supplements - 2 pills in the morning and 2 at night

Drink a cup of water per hour! Hydration is so important!!!
I do 16 cups a day- 4 of which are sugarless Gatorade.

Pump in between feedings
Example: start breastfeeding at noon, pump for 15 minutes at 1:00pm.
So exactly an hour after baby starts feeding.

All of this helped me so much. I worked with a lactation specialist for the first month because my milk wasn’t coming in. I now have a freezer of stored milk and baby gets 5 oz from breastfeeding.

I was producing little milk, but my doctor said to just take prenatal vitamins and lots of water. He also suggested smoothies in the morning and add flaxseed and yeast. Worked great! There are really great recipes on pinterest for oatmeal muffins and cookies for lactating mothers. So much cheaper to make yourself and they are a lot better tasting!

Have on hand. Won’t have To panic about it if you Do need it. Feed The Baby. Breast IS Best!!, But life happens, sometimes stuff interferes. Relax.

Its hormone related to trigger production make sure you are set up with a lactation consultant the first 2 weeks and you can have them on hand but you might not need it. Most give up the first month because your milk isnt in and it hurts and is a huge adjustment so get your team in place and rock it!

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Your getting good addvice have you toughtened your nipples if it’s your first baby you may need too

I would wait! Best way to get supply is nurse nurse nurse! Especially if you’re already leaking

I produced plenty on my own with no issues.

It really irks me when other are always pushing “Breast IS Best”… so why make other Mama’s feel terrible when they, for whatever the reason may be, can’t breastfeed?! Seriously :woman_facepalming:t3:

FED is Best… I wish I could have breastfed with my LO but, 1) he wanted nothing to do with breast or the milk, no matter how many times I tried and tried… 2) he wouldn’t even take the pumped stuff… he preferred his formula… Every baby is different.


Talk to your doctor first. Your boyfriend is well meaning but don’t take anything unless your doctor approves it first.

Your milk won’t be in until 3-4 days after birth, the first few days is nothing but the colostrum that is like antibiotics for the baby and all they those first few days. Think about this that women have been breastfeeding for all of time and bottles weren’t. Eating healthy is the best thing you can do for good production, plenty of water, oatmeal is good as well but as long as you don’t have any kind of medical issue you shouldn’t have any problems pricing what the baby needs.

Water, water, water, water. I’ve had luck with the body armour drinks too, they have coconut water.

I breastfed all 3 kids past 18 months. Only “supplement” I ever needed was drinking more water. They never even tasted formula. They all hit their weight milestones months early. Never had a problem producing. I’d say wait and see. No need to spend extra money if you won’t need to.

Prolly wants your boobies bigger

Drink lots of water after baby is born. I drank it like i was dying of thirst & had a regular schedule for pumping starting when baby was 2 weeks old & had a decent milk supply going