How to increase milk supply?

Breastfeeding moms, I need help! I’m 3 weeks postpartum and having some trouble with my milk supply. I primarily pump and bottle feed vs letting my baby nurse, it’s easier for the both of us as he was in the NICU the first 8 days of his life and I was not able to try latching until he was 3 days old. I was pumping 3-4 oz every 3-4 hours and my supply has dropped seemingly overnight. I’m lucky to get 2 oz per session and pumping has become painful within the last 2 days or so where before I felt no pain at all. I’m eating all the oats I can get my hands on, lots of protein, trying to drink lots of water (and drinks with electrolytes). I’m also drinking a postpartum tea and a lactation tea, and started taking fenugreek. I also did a 3 day “power pump”. One session per day for 3 days I’d pump for 20 mins, rest for 10, pump for 10, rest for 10, pump for 10 again. I know that this is supposed to boost your supply, but hasn’t helped me. I feel like I’m trying everything with no luck. What are some tips/tricks you used to increase your supply? How many oz were you producing at 3 weeks postpartum? Thank you all in advance!


Ginger makes a huge difference in supply!

Fenugreek can drop your supply!
Just keep doing what you’re doing. Try pumping more often… every two hours if you can.

Congrats on your little on momma.

Fenugreek can actually decrease your supply, so I would stop taking that immediately.

Are you pacefeeding babe when giving a bottle? This is crucial so you can keep up momma.

To build a supply at this point you should be pumping 10-12 times in a 24 hr period. Its all supply and demand, by only pumping every 3-4 hours youre telling your body to make less. Get in with a lbclc, and try to get baby latching. That will cut down on your work. Baby is also much more efficient at removing milk than a pump. Good luck momma! You got this!

There is an enzyme in babys saliva that encourages production. Try that? There should be lactation consultants at the hospital and at any WIC office. Call them! They can help too! Good luck mama

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Oatmeal! Pump more often

Letting baby latch lets down your milk it might be hard at first but try to get baby to latch at least once a day good luck

Try pumping and then having baby feed off the breast right after

Also I heard oatmeal works wonders
And I drank Gatorade which actually helped me :slightly_smiling_face:
Good luck momma!

Check out Milky Mama, LLC they sell supplements that I’ve heard help boost your supply in no time!

Aside from everything that’s been said, pumping doesn’t get you as much as nursing would. With that said, what you’re pumping is considered a normal amount. I’ve been breastfeeding for over a year, and if I was to pump, I’d only get 2oz out. People who produce more than that have an over supply.
You’re doing great, try to latch if you can, and stop the fenugreek (as previously said, it can lower supply)

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Stop the fenugreek. U may notice a change

My baby is 3 months, he’s breastfed when I’m with him, and I pump while I’m at work, I get about 5 ounces per pumping session, but since your baby is so young, you don’t need that much.

Try latching baby using a nipple shield. That way he won’t get confused with bottle and breast and it won’t be painful for you. Also, your doctor can prescribe you some pills to increase your supply!! It’s called METOCLOPRAMIDE

Good luck!:slight_smile:

he needs to nurse as much as possible…this happened when my son was in the NICU and by the time he came home after 2 weeks I was pretty much done for you need the stimulation. I could literally feel my boobs tingle and the milk drop but without the stimulation to sustain it it goes fast…

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Eat more oatmeal drink more water and latch your baby. The stimulation from a pump does not compare to the babies one so that will help you a lot.


There is a wonderful company called Milky Mama. They have all kinds of treats and herbal drops you can use that work extremely well. There is also a supplement you can take made by Motherlove. You can buy it from their website or find a store near you that sells their products. Also, you can get an herbal tea called Mother’s milk. Also, pump after the first feed in the morning. You always have more milk in the morning and every other feed. and less in the evening. Drink a lot of water! Good luck mama!

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Mothers milk tea, skin to skin. Try to get baby to latch. And pump more. They also make lactation cookies you can buy them at almost any store like Walmart or target. Good luck!

Body armour and lots of skin to skin!


Fenugreek can LOWER MILK SUPPLY… do not use

I’d spend a whole day skin to skin and make sure that when you pump you’re holding or looking at your baby. It can make a huge difference.


These supplements plus one body armour per day have doubled my supply. I’ve been doing this for probably 3-4 months now. If i miss the supplement or the drink I can def see a huge difference.

Your supply wont kick in because the babies saliva is what gets the supply going


definitely make sure you are taking a milk supplement everyday that seemed to help me. I also drank the v8 hydrate drinks and those boosted my supply!

I posted this earlier and Ill post it again, I swearrr by this soup. I ate this for 3 weeks straight with rice and my milk supply came in full force!!! You dont have to drink it that much but its just soooo yummy to me. Plus this also helps heal other parts of the body!

But if you’re not into seaweed, just drink a lot of chicken noodle soup:)

My daughter drinks water & Body Armour & that has seemed to help her supply quite a bit. It has more electrolytes, is higher in vitamins and potassium, lower in sodium, contains coconut water and nothing artificial.They are about $1 a bottle at Walmart.

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Mothers tea and pump ever 2 hour’s. I could never go 3 or 4 without pumping or latching at this young.

Lactation cookies, water, Gatorade clear, pump, :slight_smile:

Found this on Pinterest earlier

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latching baby is the best way to up supply. Feed then pump for 10 min on each side it’ll fool your breast to make more.

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up your healthy calories

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I know it’s weird but have sex then pump right after lol. It allowed me to flow lol

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pumping is no indication of supply.
is your flange size correct? what pump are you using? some don’t respond to pumping as well as others.
I started off pumping huge amounts, then it slowly dropped although my supply was still great & I was engorged etc. :blush:

Pumping is great, but his nursing is stronger and will empty your supply better. That will, in turn, tell your body to produce more after each feeding. I know it can be so hard and some babies take a lot of practice to latch properply . Good luck mama!

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Have u tryd to give it a go again on boob!

Keep trying to get him to latch. It was like REALLY hard for me and my LO to get the hang of it, but once we did my supply came in like crazy and its so much easier now! Keep at it and maybe contact a lactation consultant in your area! They a are great tool to use! They helped me!

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Drink a Gatorade a day and try nursing. I never could get much when I pumped but had plenty for the baby when I nursed. A baby can learn to latch.

Fenugreek can actually dry up some women’s supply, I’d cut that instantly and see if it helps in addition to all the other suggestions made here. Body armour drinks, flax seed in cookies with oatmeal helped me too. My twins were in the NICU and I was pumping round the clock.

You might have a clogged duct if it’s painful to pump. Latching is the best way for supply to come in or boost supply. I have a pretty low supply and small breast ducts. I have to hand express for a few minutes after each pumping session until I’m completely empty, and I take sunflower lecithin to prevent future clogs(I’ve had a few more following a very large breast abscess that had to be drained at 5 weeks PP). Just really pay attention to your breasts… massage them, play with then, get your SO to help if you like :wink:

Fenugreek cam lower your supply instead of helping it

Pumping won’t keep your supply up, my youngest was in the NICU for nearly 3 weeks for being too early and couldn’t latch on at all but when I got him home I worked with him at every feeding till he could latch on and it took a couple of weeks but then he was like a pro. Eat right and stay well hydrated but don’t stop trying to get the latch going cause that triggers things a pump can’t. It takes lots of patience but it’s worth it.

If u smoke, dont it ruons your supply. They sell herbal meds that help you produce more. In the mean time make sure you are drinking plenty of water and eating right. Try and be as little stressed as possible. Pump pump pump. Relax, it will come!

My baby is exactly 3 weeks today and I also am pumping and bottle feeding. Just like I did with my first born. I produce about 1 oz per boob per hour. Im trying to boost that number up but I also have a toddler so its more difficult this time around to eat and drink and pump the way I need to

The less you put your baby to your breast, the less nutrients your baby will get. Your milk is a difference color when you primarily pump vs breast feed. Because your baby tells your body what it needs. My baby was in the NICU too. Try to put your baby to breast as much as possible

Fenugreek can tank your supply stop taking it

This is what worked for me Yellow Gatorade (doctor recommended it) and a couple swigs of a hoppy beer would almost instantly make my breast fill with milk. There’s another drink that Walmart carries in their international isle called Malta Goya. It’s non alcoholic and has hops which helps lactating.

My son was hard to latch because he was premie but we used sugar water from lactation consultant and it worked great. Your baby nursing will help to produce more milk.