How to increase milk supply?

Have a few questions. My last two children i wasnt able to breastfeed long due to i wasnt getting enough out. I could pump 30 minutes and only get a ounce. I am currently 26 weeks and woke up with my shirt soaked :grin: sounds weird i know but never have done that so maybe there is a chance i can for sure have enough when its time. My questions are how did you do it? Strictly breastfeed or pump as well? What did you eat or take to make sure you increased and had enough to breastfeed? I am very determined to do this and i want to get all the info on it to make sure this time goes right.

Great website for foods to help increase milk production

First of all, some people do not respond to the pump, and you shouldn’t measure your output strictly off what you pump out. Your baby is always able to pull out more than your pump. That being said, I would eat oatmeal with ground flax, and brewers yeast in it about twice a day, if I got tired of that I would make homemade lactation cookies, with the same ingredients. Always stay hydrated, drink lots and lots of water. The more you latch the more you will make! If your little one starts cluster feeding, they are just letting your body know it’s time to start making more, it’s a supply and demand situation. Also if you feel your supply dropping, power pumping helps, but it’s time consuming. Good luck!


I strictly did contact feedings for a long time. I also was a SAHM and could devote a lot of time to doing that though. I started pumping when she started baby food and I noticed her dropping feedings. I ate oatmeal almost every morning. I took prenatals. I also drank mother’s milk tea (which taste like crap add some sugar lol) drank tons of water. I made it 15 months breastfeeding but was becoming to nauseasous to continue after I found out I was pregnant with baby #2.

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I saw a lactation specialist for the whole first month because I didn’t produce enough milk for baby

We bought a baby scale for in-home use. We weighed baby before and after feeding just like they do in the dr office (the baby’s naked weight)

I take More Milk Plus supplements, daily steel cut oatmeal with flaxseed, Mother’s Milk tea, and a gallon or more of water a day (some of that gallon is Gatorade)

To start out- example times- fed baby at noon. At 1pm I would pump 15 minutes, wait 10 minutes and then pump another 10 minutes.(if baby didn’t get the allotted amount of milk from breastfeeding, whatever I pumped she would drink as a bottle)
Then start all over again at 2pm.
It sounds exhausting and believe me it really was.
But it worked!!! I now have a stash of pumped milk in my freezer and baby gets 4-6 oz breastfeeding at 2 months old.

Pumping does not reflect supply. No pump is efficient enough to empty the breast completely only baby can do that. You may be a woman whose body will not respond to a breast pump. To establish a good supply you feed on demand offer the breast often and do skin to skin with your baby.

Its all supply and demand. Baby is more efficient at removing milk than pump. Expect baby to be on your book ALOT in the early days! Their tummies are tiny and cant hold much. Also breast milk is so easily digested and gives them just what they need. Do skin to skin immediately after birth, and put baby to breast as soon after birth as possible.

I wasn’t able to breastfeed my first due to no let down. My second I only lasted a couple weeks before I dried up. Currently am both breast and bottle feeding my 4 mo old. I just don’t make enough. I have tried absolutely everything suggested to me and still have to supplement with formula because she is still hungry after emptying both breasts. I wanted to solely breastfeed, but my body is how it is. Luckily my little one is happy and healthy which is all I really care about

Have baby on boob more than the pump. Drinks lots of milk, eat alot of oatmeal and keep taking your prenatals. And just lots anf lots of calories!

I can’t pump but I can breastfeed enough to feed my son.