How to increase sex drive?

How do I deal with decreased sexual drive and keeping my significant other happy after having a baby?


Mine dealt with me not having any sex drive for months

Your doctor can probably prescribe you with something to help your libido. And for now maybe trying to spice things up so u get aroused?

It’s not easy but put it in God’s hands and he will lead and guide you in your marriage and relationship…


You can’t. My youngest is almost 2 (in December) and we barely have sex. I’m not in the mood half the time and he is always down to do it.

We have been together for 8 1/2 years and it’s driving us apart.

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I honestly feel that spicing thing up can help. sexy lingerie toys, lubes and playing different characters make it fun and exciting. it can only help out if both are trying.

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It takes time…sometimes you just have to convince yourself that you will get back to tour normal self. Mind over matter pretty much.
It will happen but it does take time. Do what you are comfortable with😉
I had my two babies 14 months apart and I went through the crazy stupid hormones as well as postpartum depression/anxiety. It was hard on my relationship but also made us stronger. Hang on their girl!!

Just do it anyway. Not every time, but come to a compromise.

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Maybe try reaching out to a sex therapist as well as asking your doctor. I don’t loose mine while pregnant but my husband does and it sucks but after I heal and doc says I’m good he’s usually back in it…

I really don’t see why you should go to a Dr. If you don’t want to have sex then don’t? You just grew a baby for 9 months and become a mother! That shit is exhausting! You need time to heal, find your feet, learn to adapt to new things etc. Your partner should be supportive of that and help you find your own feet again.

Even when I’m not in the mood, I do it. He eventually gets me in the mood once we start

Just start doing it even when you don’t want to! It comea back! Trust me!

Find your sexy place and live in it as often as possible!

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I have the opposite problem. My husband made an appointment to see a doctor. Or you could try new things, wear some lingerie, watch porn together, give him bjs