How to introduce solids to a baby?

Does anyone have advice on introducing solids (not purée) to an 8 month old? I’m having a lot of anxiety that my baby will choke


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to introduce solids to a baby?

Anything you can smoosh between your fingers is safe if you are worried. Pinterest has a lot of blw advice and how to cut stuff

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Start off with soft stuff like muffins, cupcakes, soft pretzels or bread sticks. Mine chokes still at 9 months but his dr said he has to learn how to swallow. Obviously i dig it out if he does choke but cupcakes and muffins has been very easy for him

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look up the baby led weaning group!! It’ll help tremendously!

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Stuff you eat cut up smaller.

Anything the size of their thumbnail. That is what my babies Peds always told us. Nothing bigger or they can choke, but their gums are stronger than you’d think so they can pretty much chew anything that tiny!

Soft foods, bananas fresh fruit, google BLW recipies that’s what helped me get started … my now 11 month loves babymeatballs, mini pumpkin muffins, fish fingers… Brocolli and cauliflower etc

Just give it to him you’re in small amounts you can start introducing solids at 6 months old look up blw

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Baby Led Weaning For Beginners is a great start. Google “introducing baby lead weaning to 8 month old” and it will show you the appropriate way to serve food to baby. I also recommend watching a video on YouTube about the difference between choking and GAGGING babies gag a lot when they’re trying to figure out how to move their mouth muscles and it’s important to remain calm while they figure it out :slightly_smiling_face:

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The big thing is to recognize the difference between gagging and choking. Your baby will almost definitely gag as they adjust to solids, but it helps them learn to move food around in their mouths. You’ll also be surprised by how strong toothless jaws are!! I started with soft foods like steamed butternut squash, baked carrots and sweet potatoes, yogurt, mashed potatoes. But at 8 1/2 months she is eating almost anything we do, just in appropriate size pieces and with supervision.


stick to one baby food for 3 days to make sure they dont break out in hives then switch if good …


Find a BLW, baby led weaning page or group. My first pretty much skipped purees and would only eat things she could feed herself. She gagged regularly but didn’t choke ever.
And in general, take a cpr/first aid class targeted for babies and children. It will help you feel better if your baby did chok on anything or anything else happened.

I just jumped right in. Just like with milk, I ran out of formula so I cold turkey gave him whole milk.

Baby Led Weaning for Beginners & Beyond (BLWBB)

Anything you can crush…they dont go from puree to chewing. They have to learn how…so crushed potatoes, vegetables, soft fruit, yoghurt with bits in, fish without dressing, scrambled /boiled egg
Always small amounts and not too many different foods incase of reaction.
They mouth more than chew to begin with . Be prepared for plenty mess and stay calm when they gag…its normal. Try not to add salt or sugar theres plenty in foods already

I did too! I started with mushy solid foods and always made sure I cut everything up super small. She is three now and I still have anxiety :joy:

Personally, I turned around for 2 seconds my my 6 month old snatched the eggs off my plate and ate them :person_facepalming: lol

But in all seriousness, research what foods are good starters. Make sure you cut things appropriately. Make sure the child is properly supervised during meals.

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Baby led weaning was amazing for us.

Bananas apple sauce mashed potatoes breakfast gravy with crumbled biscuits mashed up pinto beans or backed beans soft macaroni… those are good starters

Kinda depends does baby have any teeth yet? My grandson had 8 teeth by the time he was 9months old I would sit him in the highchair and give him small pieces of animal cookies or teething biscuit cuz they soften easily also did small pieces of watermelon and canned peaches in small pieces an he liked Mac and cheese and mash taters, and green bean cut in bite size pieces too. Just need to be present and attentive when starting baby on solid food like that.

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Go to This.

Google baby led weaning. No teeth needed they can eat what you eat as long as baby can sit up unassisted. Start with softer foods like banana avocados, toast eggs. Cut everything into long strips and let baby eat.

There’s a group on FB called Baby Led Weaners for beginners, can’t tag them for some reason, there’s so much advice, food ideas, things to do in the event of a choking accident etc it will really help you