How to keep a toddler in their crib?

How do you get your toddler to sleep when he starts jumping out of his crib ?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to keep a toddler in their crib?

Move to a toddler bed.


No more crib. Time for a big kid bed :slightly_smiling_face:


You don’t :joy: time for toddler bed unfortunately

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I am a firm believer that cribs should come with lids.:wink::wink::wink::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Toddle bed or take base out and mattress on floor. Our soon three year old is like that. I like knowing she’s secure and she loves her bed so we went back to the crib after she’d get restless nights in her toddler bed.

If they’re old enough to climb out, get them a toddler bed.


You can do a toddler bed or buy a twin bed, bought twin beds for my kids and skipped the toddler bed…you can put pillow or they have bumpers or you can use a pool noodle

Sleep sack. My 1 year old figured out how to climb out of his crib, sleep sacks worked wonders. He couldn’t climb anymore lol


They make crib tents.

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Put them in a toddler bed so they don’t get hurt jumping out

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Usually when they’re climbing out of the crib it’s time to get a toddler bed. Otherwise you risk them getting seriously hurt by trying to climb out


You get a big boy/girl bed

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Their leg can get stuck in the bars and break it or their arm

Um I literally bought a mesh crib tent. They’re on Amazon. It was a lifesaver. My son was a Houdini. Once he went and pulled the warm clothes out of the dryer and covered up in a laundry basket in the middle of the night and fell asleep. We almost called 911 and then I found him. We were not ready for a toddler bed until 3.


Time for a toddler bed.

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Turn in into a big kid bed

My 3 year old got moved to a twin bed when he was 2. We have one side against the wall, and a mesh toddler rail on the other. He loves it.
We skipped the toddler bed cause I feel it’s pretty pointless. A twin will last him a good 10 years! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Time for a toddler bed

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If you have space I’d just go straight to a twin because the toddler beds are so small I ended up having to buy a twin within another year or 2.

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I like this new thing people are doing floor beds and still has the railings and stuff and then they let the babies just fall asleep where ever they are in their room and then put them in their bed


Duck tape! JK!!! :wink::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I had a three sided mirror unit old fashioned type in the bedroom my little ones cot just across from it , my little one didn’t want to sleep so she would get up and jump about it was funny because she noticed another little girl doing exactly the same as her. Well she played with the little girl then she noticed another little one and another one and they all did everything same together she would wave to them they did it back and so on I stood at the door watching in amazement with how she communicated with herself in the mirror eventually she sat down then fell asleep cos her little friends did the same, it didn’t happen every night but most of the time it worked . I think the idea was in her little mind she wasn’t alone and felt comforted that she would sleep all night… she was a year old

Toddler bed…
Put to bed normally (goodnight love you. Kiss /hug etc tuck them in.
, an if they get up walk them back to bed as soon as they get off to know it’s still bed time, tell them quietly they need to stay in bed. (But just do it silently no more goodnight again. just put them back/tuck them in.
Repeat if they get out
They understand after a while.

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Personally I waited until they were responsible and ready. They are 3&4 and coslept up until a few weeks ago. Now they have their own beds and room and I put them to bed with a baby gate up by the stairs and leave the door open to my room and theirs. When they wake up they either play in their rooms or come lay with me. It was a great transition.

However if that’s not your route, I’d just switch to a floor bed or a toddler bed instead of worrying about them getting hurt.

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No conversation, no eye contact, no engagement other than putting them back in bed. Over and over until they figure out they have to stay in bed. It works I swear. Sometimes it takes a couple of days. It’s worth it.

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Ready for a big kid bed :slight_smile:

Means it’s time for a toddler bed!


I had to lower it all the way

when they start climbing out of the crib its time to transition to a toddler bed…


Toddler bed mama.
Broken bones can happen once they figure out how to crawl out of a crib.

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If you can, lower it. If not, straight to toddler bed. Like…tonight.
When I lowered my daughter’s bed as much as I could, she was able to climb out still. So that night I took the front off (it was transitional) and she did so amazing.

I “reintroduced” her to the bed, expressed how she needs to stay in bed for night time. she had no problem with it.

Toddlers shouldn’t be in cribs. They need their own bed at that point.

Make them stay in bed. Watch them go to bed. If they choose to sleep on the floor, fine. They’ll figure out the bed is comfier eventually.


Keep taking them back to their bed until you wear them down. You may have to do this several nights before it finally sticks

I seen a product on Amazon that you put around the crib (looks like a tent) keeps them from crawling out , definitely recommend

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get the child a bed. Once they start climbing out or showing signs of discomfort and needing more space is the time to get rid of the crib.

A toddler shouldn’t be in a crib, they can climb up, jump out etc. Put them in a toddler bed. Just make sure that if they a chest of drawers or something that a child could get into that it’s fixated onto the wall.

If your toddler is crawling out of the crib it is no longer safe for them to sleep in. I would suggest getting a toddler bed and teaching your child to stay in their bed. My daughter actually has a twin platform mattress on her floor with a gate that is locked at night. She has been in it since 18 months

If they can climb or jump out time to just switch to a toddler bed. It’s dangerous for them to be doing that especially if they do it if your asleep. Our toddler got switched to a Ned by 2 years bc he was climbing out all the time and he fell out once and hit his head while we were asleep. He was okay but had bump for a few days.

Maybe tradition too a toddler bed
When mine started climbing I did the sam thing I’d never want him hitting his head by going out the wrong with all else fails no eye contact
Nor words just put him back walk off.

My daughter turned the bed around and added quite a bit of height to it, hasn’t been able to get out since, hopefully it will keep her in there another 6 months…

When they start climbing out its time for a new bedtime routine and a proper bed. Personally mine went from crib to full size single…didnt see the point in a toddler bed …you can put a bed rail up or pillows by the side if you fear they may fall out while asleep.

I’ve got a cot and a toddler bed in my boys room, he’s 2. Maybe autistic. And does not stay in either bed to go to sleep. I just let him play in his room and watch cartoons til he starts getting tired then il put him in his cot where he will hopefully stay if he’s tired enough until he goes to sleep. It’s a mission every night :sweat_smile:

Once the can climb is isn’t safe it’s much safer to change to a toddler bed

Lol just went thru this w my son. It was back and forth for over an hour every night until we got him a bed lol

It’s time for a bed. My daughter was climbing out of her crib one night and ended up dangling upside down with her foot twisted in the rails. She got a big girl bed the next day.

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When they start getting out of their crib on their own, it’s time to transition to a toddler bed.

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You can’t lol when my daughter started regularly climbing out we took the bars off and made it a big girl bed and put a guard rail on the open side. It’s bittersweet :sob:

Time to upgrade to a bed. Make sure their room is “toddler proof” for safety. Gate on doorway. If they get up, direct them back to their bed… work on that til they know to stay in their bed during the night.
Depending on the bed you upgrade to, you can get rails for the side, to help make sure theyre not rolling & falling out…

Time for a toddler bed.

Put him in a big kid bed

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if climbing out of crib time for a big kid bed or depending how crib looks if has be in crib little bit longer put soft pillows or something like blankets on floor in front of it so doesnt fall or hurt self.

Set up a toddler bed and but a baby gate at their door that’s what i did they started putting then selves to bed after that

At that point it’s time to switch to a toddler bed for thier safety.

Time to transition to a toddler bed at this point. Once they are able to climb out, time to upgrade!

We just transitioned my youngest a couple weeks ago. The only way she will nap now is if we take her on a car ride lol and at night she falls asleep out in the living room and then I put her in the crib. She will come into our room at night sometimes but we always put her back in her bed.

Crib tent. My kidd definitely wernt ready for a big kid bed at the time so we put a crib tent on their cribs

You move them into a toddler bed before they hurt themselves. Once they can climb out, it’s no longer safe to keep them in it.


Put him in a big bed or a mattress on the floor before he breaks an arm climbing out. If he can get out of his crib when he is awake he’ll try it when he is too sleepy for it to be safe. If you are worried about him roaming the house tie bells on his door. Never lock him in his room, that could be a disaster during a fire. My middle son, who is almost 41 still hasn’t slept through the night. You have my complete sympathy as parenting these lively ones is not easy. I can tell you he grew up to be a very smart and considerate man, son and husband and well worth the extra effort!


When my daughter started climbing out we put her in a toddler bed and put a baby gate in her doorway so she couldn’t leave her room at night :woman_shrugging:

Do not listen to all the people telling you to transition to a toddler bed. It is not safe if your child is too young. It opens the baby up to much more danger and it’s a lot harder to get baby to lay down and go to sleep. My baby did this at 14 months. I removed the rack from her crib and now her mattress is directly on the floor inside the the crib frame. She is now 2 and still can’t climb out so this has worked wonderfully. The only downside is that I can’t reach her mattress now to change the sheet so my husband has to do it but he doesn’t mind. You can also research crib tents. This was my next option to try but I haven’t needed to since lowering the mattress to the floor worked. Good luck!

Time for a toddler bed with a gate at the door

You switch to a toddler bed. If toys are kept in the same room, I recommend arranging them so that most if not all of them can be shut in a closet if possible. They’ll get bored much faster and go back to bed. My toddler even started putting herself down for naps sometimes.