How to keep toddlers occupied while driving?

My family is going on pretty long trip next month and I have twin almost 2 year olds any activity recommendations to help the drive go smoothly?

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Best tip I’ve ever heard is take a few weeks screen break before the trip. This will increase the “zombie mode” screen watching during the trip.

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We just traveled from Ohio to Tennessee with my 9 yo and 4 yo my 9 yo had her phone and she took naps and with my 4 yo we turned the hot spot on my phone and let him just have his tablet and snacks and went smoothly

Last week we did a 12 hour car trip one way with a tablet with favorite movies and shows along with a cool velcro activity book if bored with shows. My 2 year old did great and the 2 month old hung in as long as fed and changed.

Peppa pig, cocomelon, whatever keeps them occupied. Coloring pages. Play I spy. Who can see how many different state license plates they can see… off the top of my head. Good luck :purple_heart:

DVD players. Amazon Kids Tablet for each of them.
Honestly, it’s exhausting already for long trips, don’t try to plan things for them except a few toys and tablets.
We just traveled and it was so nice each kid (4 and 11) having their own tablet w/headphones.

Leave at bedtime and drive through the night

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Drive at night so they will sleep! That’s what we do :woman_shrugging:

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They’re around 2 so, books, toys, snacks lol

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Lots of small new toys and activities. I always built each child a travel pack with dollar tree and cheap toys, coloring books, books and activities that they had never seen/had before. Also lots of snacks and drinks. Stop ever few hours at rest areas for run breaks. If at all possible start late at night or really early morning so that they sleep a good portion of the trip.

Check out the Yoto Player. My two year old loves hers.

Vportable DVD player and movies work well, my daughter has them for her boys

I just did our first long road trip our son who is almost 2. I went to Dollar Tree and bought all kinds of little cheap toys and then bought a Melissa and Doug reusable sticker book & the water pen coloring book, and some of the Crayola Color Wonder sets. I took 3 of his favorite books too. He was busy the whole trip (10-12 hours).

Make sure your stop every couple hours,to let the kids stretch their legs

I bought a car seat tray off Amazon
Pillani Kids Car Seat Tray for Kids Roadtrip Essentials, Travel Carseat Table Tray for Kids Road Trip Activities - Toddler Lap Desk Organizer for Airplane

I let my kid pack a car bag with toys, books, etc. I also usually pack one with activities, snacks, and toys. That way there are surprises to pull out of the bag as they get bored. The tray helped her from dropping everything.
Besides that I try to play games and point out different stuff outside. It helps distract all of us.