How to keep up with housework while parenting?

So I have a 6 month old, and I’m having trouble keeping up with my house work, there are many other improvements I need to get done with the house, so the daily stuff falls behind, a friend offered to clean for me but I don’t know what to pay her, she said what ever is on my heart to help her out because she’s in between jobs, all I need help with is the dishes, laundry, and some small organization. What should I pay her?


Occasionally we pay people to come help out. We gave 50 for dishes, putting stuff in the storage room upstairs from downstairs, taking all the trash outside. If it’s just dishes we pay someone 20 or 30 just for dishes. It’s really up to you on what you think is fair.

I was gna say $50 as well

Depending how low it takes to finish the laundry and the dishes 2 maybe 3 hours give her 40 if it’s daily give her 20 throughout the week

Minimum wage at hourly rate

I clean houses and I make 12 an hour

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But if you pay an hour rate they take longer to finish

I was pregnant with my second and we were having hard times and one of my friends hired me by the hour to help clean after their father passed away. They did $11 an hour for me but the minimum wage there was $12.50. But again i had tons of help because i couldnt do most alone because of extremely heavy lifting. I mostly picked up and vacuumed and dumped unused dialysis bags in a bath tub because the supply place refused to take them back.

$30? $50 if she does a lot

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I’m sorry but one kid? A six month old? You should be able to keep up with everything. Put up a baby gate and get to it. Some of us are caring for multiple children and family members and pets with no help.


When I had a cleaning lady she dusted, mopped, dishes, changed linens, cleaned bathrooms, washed laundry, remade beds. She charged me 50 for every visit.

check Angie’s List and get a rough estimate

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Ask what she would like to be paid and go from there. House keepers are normally $15 an hour sometimes less but she isn’t doing everything. So $10-$11 an hour? Couple of hours maybe. Laundry could be going while she is washing dishes and helping you organize.

I didn’t have any help and I kept my place up. Playpen and I went on with the chores. He was fed and had his milk so he was good. I did put up a Johnny Jumper when he wanted to use his legs and that kept him busy while I worked around the house. I made casseroles while he was busy. So hubby had dinner when he came home.

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I did this as a 2nd job and was making 17 an hr to start…since it is a friend helping out, just throw her 10 an hr or just throw her 40 bucks! Or…throw her some cash n offer any help she may need w something…

I don’t mind this not being anonymous, the only reason I need help is because I’m dealing with a house that previously was lived in by a hoarder, I’m sure you’ve all watched the show and can relate to what I’m dealing with. It’s pretty bad. I need helped keeping up with the daily chores while I clean up the other messes, my 6 month old is breastfed and is teething and is extremely fussy right now, I also babysit. It’s hard to keep up with all the stuff when I constantly have a baby on my side, I’m sure most mothers can relate, I didn’t post this to be shamed for being lazy. I just simply posted to get some insight on what I should pay for some help. I’ve helped many others over the years. There’s no reason I should be shamed for asking for help. Thank you all who have given me insight without shame. Everyone has tough times once in a while and needs help.


I’d offer 15. an hour, with 1 child that should not be bad. Why you asking for help with housework when you have only 1 child? just 1 child?

50-60 for the day probably should be fine if she’s your friend and you’re helping do stuff too. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, it all can get overwhelming. Also i dont know if they have this in your community but habitat for humanity restore will come get stuff by the truckload that you don’t want that can be resold. Good luck and don’t listen to all these women judging you. Breast feeding ALONE is exhausting, so high five to you, mom!


I would say $10 an hour up to $50 (5 hours) and then it stays the solid 50 any longer after that.

Make her lunch, provide drinks of whatever she likes, and toss her like $50-100 bucks, depending what shes done. Bam. Done. Then say, “thanks. Let’s do this again in 2 weeks girl…”. But…to be honest…keeping up with housework should be kinda easy with one kid who’s 6 months old. Play pen or jumper or nap time, that’s when you clean. When my littles were toddlers and all over the place, I was still able to get stuff done. Just depends on what needs to be done, your routine and if you move quickly. Have fun.

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