How to know if a toddler pulled a muscle?

Ok so my almost 2 yr old little girl cried alot through the night last night eventually she fell asleep then woke up screaming a little bit ago and was complaining that her head hurts. She refused to move her neck around and had to have her head laid on something. I gave her ibuprofen about 30 min ago and she’s moving it now and seems better. My question is should I still take her to the dr? Should I be worried or could it be she just slept on it wrong or pulled a muscle?


A check-up couldn’t hurt. The medicine is only masking whatever is going on.


Maybe she needed to drink more water? You should be able to speak to a nurse and they can let you know if you need to go in.

I would get it checked out to be safe.


Definitely take her in to been seen.

I would still take her. Hopefully nothing more than slept on it wrong but better safe than sorry. Good luck momma

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She could have laid on her neck wrong some small circle neck excercises might help. Sore muscles hurt

I would! At least talk to the doctor office

My little guy does that too! His doctor said he has night terrors or nightmares. 🤷‍♀ there isn’t much they do to help with it either

I’d have her checked to just be on the safe side. One of my boys used to get a sore neck and cry when he’d get strep throat. His throat wouldn’t hurt but the back of his neck would

Sounds like it was bothering her already since she was crying throughout the night.

The ibuprofen is just masking the pain right now, definitely get her into the doctor to see what is going on


She could have popped her neck for the first time and it scared her. I remember rowdiest time I cracked .y neck, it hurt.

It can’t hurt to get it checked out

Does she have a fever? I would call the doctor 100%.

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She could of slept wrong. Any other symptoms fever? Vomiting? My daughter had meningitis at 4 months and favored her neck she had a high fever and vomiting to

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If you call and a nurse tells you not to bring her in, still bring her if you feel you need to. I called my sons doctor THREE times once and the nurses kept telling me I didn’t have to bring him in. I finally stopped listening to them and he had fucking pneumonia. Sometimes the nurses don’t know what they’re talking about. I would take her in just to be safe.

I would take her…with all the crazy anti vax people and all these diseases popping up, id get her checked. Does she have a fever? If so take her asap!

Definitely better off talking to the doctor. Headache and stiff neck can possibly be signs of some serious illnesses.

Is anyone aware that these symptoms are also the start of menenigitis.?


I would get it checked out

I’d get her checked to be safe

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I’d take her just to be safe. Since they don’t really know the difference between muscle pain, nerve pain, or migraines. Better safe than sorry!!

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Call her pediatrician, I call about everything because it’s always better safe than sorry.

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I would have here checked, she to young for sleeping on your neck wrong

Get her checked out better to be safe than sorry there are lots to things it could be some serious some not but little ones this small don’t usually complain if it isn’t really hurting. And don’t just let doctor sweep it under the rug. Make them prove it is nothing too many times things get missed

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maybe an ear infection

Could be an ear infection

I don’t see why people question taking a child to the doctor. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

I’d definitely get her checked

Take her.never second guess with small kids.

I would’ve taken her to the ER.

Check for ticks first and foremost as that can cause neck paralysis and or pain. But have her checked at ER for caution :heart:

Last time that happened, my middle child had meningitis. Go to the er stat and don’t leave til they’ve observed her for 24 hrs

Always Dr if you don’t know. Always

Dr, it could be an ear infection, but pain and stiffness in the neck is also the first sign of meningitis. Best to be safe.

I would take her in better safe then sorry.

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If it’s anything to do with the neck, they make us go straight to the ER, but that’s our doc!

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I would take her to the dr today

I would just take her to urgent care to be safe and then follow up with your doctor. If it happens again then definitely ER instead of urgent care

Omg why would you even ask people on here take the poor child to the doctor why take chances


I would definitely take her to the Dr.

yes…you do not know what is coming over the border…has she had her shots


If she is not running a fever and seems ok, then wait. If she complains about her neck or if you notice she is not herself, then call the dr. and make an appointment sooner rather than later.

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Why are you asking here go to the ER NOW, OMG REALLY

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Dr.checkup just to rule out anything serious,so much goes on these days don’t chance it.


I would ask the dr if they want to see her or not. And maybe chiropractic adjustments if it doesn’t get better.

With the neck stiffness and that being a symptom of meningitis I would take her to be seen now.

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Take her to doc. No need to ask questions or opinions

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My son did that and he had meningitis!!

Take her to the doctor…it could be meningitis or something else. Always air on the side of caution.

Take you kid to the hospital and get off Facebook ffs

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Neck and head pain is serious

You stupid person of course you take her to the hospital now


Call the nurse line an talk to them an see what u should do

yes you should! !!! Havent you heard of mininghitis?


Does she have a fever? Low grade or high? Do her glands feel or look swollen in her neck? Look down her throat with a flashlight, does it look extra red or have spots? Is her appetite good/ the same or poor? Is she playing as usual w/ the ibuprofen or still not herself and complaining? All things to consider before making an appt with the doc. It’s a good thing to assess all this and don’t let others panic you! Just an FYI, I’m a nurse!

I would be at the Dr instead of Facebook. If it turns out to be nothing…great. But I would definitely rather be safe than sorry…just me though :person_shrugging:


Headaches are hard to diagnose and treat. Record all these incidents on your calendar
If she has even a low grade fever I’d suspect she’s coming down with something

yes because I am having them to believe me it hurts i feel for her

Maybe she was having bad dreams and that was why she would wake up screaming. Definitely talk to the doctor about her neck. Could be just a muscular thing but better to be safe than sorry.

I would defintley take her to the dr now

I would take her asap

Go. For sure just in case


I don’t get these types of questions. :woman_facepalming:t2:. We cannot help you because we are not there to actually see whats wrong. you telling us the description of how the child feels is nothing. She’s 2. Same day pediatrics… you’ve already wasted half the day when you could already be home with meds. :woman_shrugging:


Don’t take any chances have her checked out!

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Better safe than sorry ,take her to the Doctor NOW

Go to emergency! Those are symptoms of meningitis!


Isn’t ibuprofen a no go zone if meningococcal? Drs ASAP, good luck

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Definitely yes have her checked out for peace of mind

I would have gave some Tylenol & waited to see if it helped… I dont get why every one runs to the Dr with every single thing these days.
If you think you should bring her, bring her …

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I would take her now there are se eral things floating around it’s better to find out it’s nothing than let bit go and turn into something worse

It sounds like an ear infection.

If she’s prone to exaggeration that’s one thing, but if this is unusual for her, have it checked out!!!

When in doubt, always seek medical attention.

It’s one of the first signs of meningococcal

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Take her to doctor better be safe!!!

Can she touch her chin to her chest? If not go to ER NOW. Wldnt hurt taking her anyway

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Why take chances what if it returns

i would definitely get her checked out to be on the safe side

W menengitis going around would definitely get it checked ASAP…

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Time is of essence if menengitis…can b fatal in short time

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I wanna shout out to the majority here who didnt scream about her not taking her to the dr immediately and seeking medical advice on facebook. Bravo to all you calm and sweet people :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Take her to the hospital, children don’t act at that young age, so to be safe get her checked over. God bless…

That is a sign of meningitis, take her to ER

Take her to E R right now.

If she has fever definitely could be spinal Meningitis. Stiff neck, headache fever. If no fever probably slept wrong on it.:pray:

Take her to the doctor!!!