How to live with bipolar 2 disorder?

I have recently been diagnosed with Bipolar 2 Disorder. I am nearly 40 and had been living undiagnosed with this disorder since 15. My family and friends have been incredibly supportive but it’s been hard just to process many parts of your life when you never knew you were acting way out of character. How is life with work, a husband and children? Are you on medication and is it helping?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to live with bipolar 2 disorder?

I have bipolar and I really don’t take any type on meds for it anymore cuz my doctor said I don’t need it cuz I’m fine with out it and if u need someone to talk to just pm me I’m here to talk and help talk it out

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Just do a lot of research , learn coping mechanisms, pay attention to yourself, try to learn to be self aware, take time when needed to be alone . I’ve dealt with it since I was 4…over the years learned about me who I am what I need…5 years ago was blessed from an abusive relationship with anxiety so now have to learn to live with that and better thn I was with it five years ago lol research, paying attention to myself, coping mechanisms…also off and on meds my whole life, rather be off them but sometimes you just need it and it helps

Do a lot of research to understand the illness and yourself better. It will help you become aware of your behaviors and such. I went 12 years without medication. It almost cost me my marriage and eventually my life because of depression on top of it. Before I started medication I was in constant chaos. I couldn’t keep a job because I’d have an episode and have to call out. My relationships were strained because of my actions and poor handle on my disorder. I have been on a medication called latuda for 2 years now and it’s been a life saver for me. I have my life back. I am a better mom, wife and person. I have a steady job now, my marriage is thriving and people can tolerate being around me. Yes, I still have episodes but the meds tone it down and make it less intense for me. I am here if you ever need to reach out to someone. It’s a hard battle alone.


I am medicated to make life bearable for myself and my kids. I really notice the up and down swing when not medicated and am very self destructive financially. Medicated is quite boring but I have worked out who I am.

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I take meds from psych, also have weekly therapy. Ive been fired from 2 diff jobs before treatment. Have less issues working with animals than with lotta people. I dont wk full time anymore either.

You’ve been living with it for years. You just didn’t know it. Now you have a name for it. That’s all that has changed.


Why is it any different then how you were living? Just live life like you were before you got diagnosed. Unless it was shitty.

I’ve got bipolar 1 disorder and I’m on meds and they have worked amazingly! I live a happy normal life now

I have bipolar 2 along with other mental health issues. They were diagnosed early on. I was medicated as a kid, stopped as a teen (by choice) and became an out of control teen/young adult. I got to the point where I couldn’t stand myself and was ruining my life and my relationships with my family. I finally realized I needed help.
I am way better of a person and feel so much better inside and out on medication and with therapy.
I take Effexor, lamictal and topamax.

However, I also have cyclothymia, panic disorder with agoraphobia, PTSD and some other issues ontop of BPD.


I had 2 friends with bi-polar & they were in therapy, And you should be too. You need someone to talk to about all of these feelings & that person can help you, along with the meds. And since you were just DX, that therapist will make sure the meds are doing what they are suppose to

Becoming in tune with yourself reasearch and more research study yourself though not just the disease everyone and every case is different study how and what makes you tick manic and such and the things that calm you let’s you breathe routine is everything for me anyways best of luck it’s a never ending fight

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I have bipolar depression and I’m unmediated the key for me is that I have people around me that aren’t scared to tell me when I’m losing it and they know to give me some alone time and space that way I can decompress it’s been a long road to get to where I’m at now and being self-aware helps because I can catch it and say hey I’m going to go do xyz

Okii How did you guys know you have it? I’m curious to know what the symptoms were…
Just to know more 1st hand information; may be I could watch out behaviours of ppl…and guide them accordingly

Depression like this can progress to diseases like RA. Stay informed

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I was recently diagnosed as well, 6 months ago. I am 32 and never knew I was acting out of character or from the norm. I was “manic” for probably 8-9 years until I got pregnant and I became depressed.
6 months ago I started taking meds and I have never felt better. My partner is happier my kids are happier and I feel better. I would speak with your doctor and do you research to find what is best for you.

I take medication for mine. It’s a life saver. It makes it much easier to function. Without my meds I’m a hot mess

My mother has Bipolar 2 depression also. We found out when I was around 12, im 29 now. She use to get so embarrassed after she had one of her manic moments, but we never made her feel any less about herself because she couldn’t control it. (this was the same time her doctor was trying to balance out her meds to see what help and what didn’t) She has an amazing therapist who has work her through a lot. She made a huge change by moving to another state and started to work on things that terrified her. (going out in public) of course she still has her moments but I think the best thing to do is talk to a therapist. My father and I read a lot of books to understand bipolar better and the different forms of depression. You have a great support system behind you, it may be a long journey since you were just diagnosed, but you will be okay❤️


Hi there! I was diagnosed with BPD2 3 years ago. I have been on medication ever since. It took a bit to find the right medicine, and the right dosage but let me tell you, I feel normal. I love being medicated because it makes me feel like a better mother, better friend and better lover. I work full time, and I don’t have as much anxiety about work, and my relationship with my fiancé has improved incredibly.


You are still you. This is a mere label and doesn’t change YOU. I have a son that had been diagnosed DMDD at 12 and re-diagnosed bipolar 2 at 15. Life doesn’t change, it only opens more opportunities for therapies and understandings/ research. We’ve tried all the medications for help, but honestly the only one that works effectively is THC.

I have been living with Bi Polar 1 almost thirty years. I have had long term success managing my life on medication. I have gone off my medicine as a test because that’s what we do lol! And I self medicated with an illegal substance, became addicted, lost everything. Went back on my meds after many years of destruction and have been happy and healthy for almost four years!

The key is patience while you and your Dr find the medicine that works for you. It’s a lot of trial and error. Also know that many bipolar patients cannot take antidepressants. It causes severe mania. I am on gabapentin and have been successful for two years on this. You have been living with this your entire life. Now you know the name of it.

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So, I’m 35 and was diagnosed 3 years ago along with PTSD, I also have a handful of other health issues like Lupus. To back up a bit, I thought my issues stemmed from the trauma caused from my past 18 year abusive relationship but it turned out my boyfriend (now fiance) started keeping track of my symptoms and pointing things out and I finally went and talked to someone after a year of being together. I take meds and see a psych and am in therapy. Meds changed a few times over the course of these last few years till I found the combination that worked. Therapy was frequent at first, now its just maintenance. I’m very open with everyone in my life about my mental health so they can understand me and know what to look out for. I’m receptive to when people tell me I’m acting out of character so I can be aware as I still go through my ups and downs they just aren’t has significant. Both of my brothers and dad are also bipolar and one of my brothers likes to go off his meds because he thinks he’s “fine”…DON’T EVER DO THAT! I ran out of my meds a couple times because there was an issue with my doctor not refilling them on time and went crazy for two weeks the first time bc it was cold turkey. They second time I was aware there could be a repeat of the first time so I started skipping days to make them last and it helped tremendously. I also fired that doctor bc there was no excuse for that to have to happen.

I’m not sure if hubby has 1 or 2, but he’s on medications. He was doing therapy, but hasn’t for some time. His meds help but therapy seemed to really be the key to managing it well.

I took medicine for bipolar 1, depression, anxiety and ADD. Worst mistake ever. I will never take medicine again for it. The medicine cost 1500 monthly & it messed with head so much.

My sister was diagnosed at 14 when she tried to kill herself. She was always prescribed meds but never took them. She started drinking, then switched to cocaine and finally heroine. She od’d almost 2 years ago and died next to her passed out husband. Please take this diagnosis very seriously especially if you have children. My sister left behind 3 children.


Hair analysis and nutritional balancing program.

I was on medication (Latuda) it helped. The only issue now is that I’ve been off of it for almost a year because I can’t get ahold of my phycirotrist. No one won’t answer the phones and she’s the only one that’ll take my insurance in my area. So I’m basically screwed. It’s hard for me to handle it alone, I haven’t found a way to handle it yet without medication and it’s stressful.

I have been on meds since I was in High school now in my late 50’s and yes I take meds

I was diagnosed at 13, I am 37 now. Its hard, but very manageable. I am also unmedicated

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Throw the stigma of mental illness out of your mind. It’s an illness that needs treated to sustain. It’s really no different than type 1 diabetes, thyroid disease, etc. Diabetes affect the pancreas, thyroid disease affects the thyroid and mental illness effects part of the brain. Sadly, people have stigmatized mental illness and I’m sure you have been conditioned to believe it’s much worse than any other illness. Educate yourself (no Google searches), find a psychiatrist ( not a family Dr. or nurse practitioner),see a therapist. You will be amazed at how wonderful your life can be. Also, be patient. Chances are your meds are going to be changed several times before you find THE ONE. Keep close contact with your psychiatrist until you find it.

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Hi does anyone no if bipolar is connected to early short term memory loss
Thanks so much