How to lose weight?

My husband told me today he wants to try for another baby
Yeah I should be happy but deep down I’m not
I’ve gained so much weight and I wanna loose weight before we try
I wanna feel pretty and not depressed
Please help me


If there is no rush… Get right with your self first! It will make your pregnancy so much better :slight_smile:


Talk to him. Tell him your not ready. Period. If he argues, tell.him it’s your body, and you do not want to carry a child right now, if he wants to get pregnant and carry the baby, cool
Communication is key here. Its between you and him. A serious talk needs to happen.


On the bright side, if you decided to go ahead and have another, you wouldn’t have to work so hard to lose weight twice. Could pack on a few more pounds for pregnancy then work it all off at once :woman_shrugging: your decision though just a lil silver lining


So tell him you wanna wait. Its your body.

I didn’t lose any of my weight between having my 2nd and 3rd. I gained the least amount of weight with my 3rd (20lbs compared to the 60lbs I gained with my first 2). I don’t think I’d have it any other way. Now I can focus on my well being while being a family. I do remember feeling exactly like that when my husband and I talked about another one. Weight is something you can work on. Time isn’t always there.


Girl… The morning sickness will take care of that…lol…don’t let body image hold you back from motherhood…and you could just watch your weight gains during this pregnancy and stay active and let that baby take it on out with him or her… After you’re all done having kids usage you shouldworry about losing weight… Or try a gym or women’s workout group to set a goal for when you will start trying to get pregnant…so many ways you could look at this

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Tell him you don’t want to right now. It’s your body and your decision.

My so is struggling with baby weight and depression. Wish i could help her so she doesnt feel so down


So lose weight first. Only YOU get to decide when/if you get pregnant again

I’d talk to him let him know, my husband was pretty understanding I had put on weight cause I’ve been dealing with my eating disorder recovery and was terrified at the thought putting on more weight so I totally understand you . Everyone wants to enjoy their pregnancy :green_heart:

Maybe you can tell him that you want another baby, but have to be physically healthy and ready first. A doctor would probably back you up on this, and they could inform him that they want you to lose weight and gain muscle first before trying. It might help if he hears it from a professional, who can guide you both on health, exercise and nutrition for you before and during another pregnancy. Bottom line, you are the one who will carry this child, and you know it is better to be healthy when conceiving than being overweight. Know the human race would fizzle out if men were the ones carrying our children. They cant even handle a cold…so they can desire another child, but not tell another to have one at their command.

I felt this way also but I decided to do it any way. I gained about 15 lbs during the pregnancy ( tried to be active during pregnancy while I could). Luckily having a toddler around helped keep me busy. Then I bought a double stroller and spent the entire summer walking the kids everywhere! And I lost 60 lbs!!


Maybe monitor you weight if you become pregnant to keep it down so just baby weight. Not knowing how old your first is hard to say how long you have carrying the weight. Join a gym, walk. I had a Slim Gym I used allot good for stretching and burning calories. I did give up allot when pregnant, like ice cream. I have a very small frame so doctor was very strict with me. I munched on apples. oranges and ice water so when I made dinner for my husband I wasn’t as hungry as I would have been.

Tell him you want to wait 6 month and get healthy. Walk eat healthy lower carb etc.

Help you what? Talk to your husband…


You better learn to speak up for yourself or you will waste your life on downward spiraling…make a plan …navigate your own path…


Start getting healthy and try for a baby if YOU want one. Talk with a nutritionist they can help you

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If you don’t want to get pregnant, don’t. Its your body.


I was heavier with my last baby gained less, it balances out. But I gained more after having my kids. Idk do what makes you happy.

I lost the baby weight, got pregnant again, had baby number 2 and now the weight just won’t go away! My youngest is almost 4 and I’m about 25 lbs heavier then I was. :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: there is no right and wrong!

Tell him you not ready for one yet and he has to respect that

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Tell him that, he’ll understand

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Tell him that. But make sure you take the steps to lose the weight and get healthy if that’s what is actually stopping you.

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It takes 9 months to gain the weight and about the same time to lose it. Don’t diet, just eat healthy and take long walks with baby in stroller. Good luck!


Take vinigar tablets help you loose weight slowly without crash dieting also good for cholesterol and blood pressure

Tell him you want to lose some weight first. Talk about changing your diet as a family so it’s easier to stick to, and tell him you want a gym membership, and then go to the gym. I’m having serious depression because I gained a lot after this new baby I have, so I know how you feel. Wishing you the best.

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Cut carbs and start walking more! That’s how I lost weight quick when I wanted to :slight_smile:

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Tell him how you feel

Tell him NO men think having kids is like easy …

Cant help u with any of that go talk to your man tell him how ur feeling

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you just tell him he might be ready but you’re not you let him know when you feel ready after all it is your body that gets stretched out of shape you feel the pains the extra weight on your back and your ankles being pregnant is not easy at any age you tell him you will let him know when you are ready after all it does take two and if I were you I would be on the pill or some form of birth control right now because it’s so easy to stick a needle through a condom and I’ve known men who wanted babies so they did it so you do what you want

Then tell him no. Not now.that your just not ready. He maybe get upset or mad. But he well get over it. And he might understand too.

If your not ready than your not. Work on yourself first than baby.

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I was the same way. I gained 65 pounds and 7 of that was my son, the rest amniotic fluid. I decided that I can always lose weight after trying for baby #2…but I was still trying to lose weight when I found out Im already pregnant. I haven’t gained much and I’m 6 months so hopefully it will be easy to lose.

Lose the weight first its healthier for you and baby to be. Good luck explain it to him tell him your doctor said you needed to great rid of the weight before another baby

i was in the process of losing weight when i found out i was pregnant… with twins no less. lol its frustrating for sure but i figure whats a little extra baby weight to take off. would rather lose it all at once than lose a bunch and then put the weight back on with a pregnancy. but really its about how you feel darlin. do not have ababy until you are ready

You should feel good about yourself that a man loves you and wants you to have his babies :wink: plus who wants to loose weight just to gain it all back 🤷

Help you with what? Tell him you are not ready!

Just tell him that its not that you dont want another, but youre worried about your extra weight. You want to be healthy so you and the baby will be healthier during the pregnancy.
Then ask him if he would help you. Start with meals in the home, eat healtheir as a family, start going on walks together. Set a goal.
Then after, try for baby