How to lose weight?

I’m ready to choose me. I am ready to take my health and make it a priority. I’m ready to lose weight. I just get overwhelmed trying to figure out how to do it with 3 kids, a full time job, and a husband that works 3rd. I want to be able to have my time to focus on my body. I am 5 1 and 175 pounds.


First this is up your water and track what you eat. To lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit (burning more than your taking in) food isn’t “bad” everything in moderation and healthier choices. Walking is good and will help. When and if you decide to work out and build muscle do it because muscle helps burn fat. FitOn is a great app with free workouts. Good luck momma you got this!

The shot. Honestly. I’ve just started it and I wish I could had started sooner.
I don’t care which one they’re freaking amazing. Sometimes your hormones ARE the answer.

Monjouro, I just lost 82 lbs over the last year with it


Diet, exercise and lots of water. Phentermine and Topamax are fabulous if your Dr will prescribe them.

Start with counting calories and portioning food correctly for yourself.


Intermittent fasting has helped me soooo much. I eat my dinner by 2pm and don’t eat again till about 6am. I only have water. Or any kind of hot tea with 0 cal. And in the morning before I break my fast I have coffee with the skinny syrup which is 0 calories 0carbs 0 sugar. It helps tremendously even if I don’t eat so great that day


I’m 5’1 too. I was 146 lbs back in August. I’m now 118 lbs. I started jogging in the evening, cut out alcohol, and limited carbs and sugar. I ate a lot of protein and vegetables. I didn’t eliminate yummy snacks, I just limited them. It was surprisingly easy.

Counting calories and carbs is so restricting for someone who has never worked out or watched what they eat. Try intermittent fasting. Look up some videos and find what will work for you as far as what fasting windows will fit with your schedule. Cut out snacking and drink more water. After a couple of days it gets easier. You can drink coffee in the morning to curb your appetite or even have an apple as long as it’s under 50 calories. I lost 15 pounds in 3 months without exercise.

There is really only one way to lose weight and to keep it off, Only eat natural food and have portion control. If it doesn’t come from the earth, don’t eat it. Do not Eat until you are full but satisfied Instead to shrink your stomach. Bake or grill all your meat, No fast foods, No sodas (sugary drinks), No canned foods due to the amount of chemicals. Eat fruits, vegetables, meats, diary, limited deserts and you have to make it a lifestyle. This is my daily lifestyle I’ve been through every diet that exists and healthy choices and portion control is the only way to keep it off. I’ve kept it off for years now.

My endocrinologist says the best way to eat forever is weight watchers


Start with your diet. Eat less carbs, less portions, more proteins, cut out sugar, drink more water. Then transition to intermittent fasting. If you can find time for walks or get a treadmill, stationary bike or rower. Get in some cardio.

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calorie deficit
LOTS of protein
LOTS of water

You stay in a calorie deficit. That’s literally IT.

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Try walking. Put babies InThe stroller and walk around. Also change eating habits and limits carbs at night.


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Start on a low carb diet/high protein diet, I dropped a lot of weight just by doing that. Went 235 to 185 pretty quick. Still in the process of losing more…

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I’m a certified Personal trainer and nutrition coach with an online focus! :blush:
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I’ve lost 130lbs this past year just eating less and moving more. No shot, no pills, just discipline. It is hard at first because it feels like you’re always hungry but if you get through that it gets easier.

Everyone starts differently. I started with intermittent fasting, walking and portion size. After a month, I did floor exercises. I cut off all alcohol and soda. It was amazing for me. I notice and everyone around said the weight was melting off. Then I started throwing in weights, all this was done at home. Drinks lots of water

i have lost almost 60 just doing alot of walking and walking to work sense my work is 20 minutes walking from home.and stairs as well. i need to lose 30 more to get to my normal wait but i dont count on it. i went from 130 to a little over 200 in past 8 years and lost what i lost in past 2 maybe 3 yrs. and have early dinners before 6pm this is me though.

Nutrition is 80% and exercise is 20%.
I have lost 17kg through intermittent fasting (my window is noon - 8, I’ve never been a morning eater) Low carb diet, protein at every meal, and exercise. I workout with lwr fitness on YouTube. Lucy has exercises that are 5mins to 30 mins. If you can get up a little earlier you can get a workout in, even if it’s a 5-10 mins or nap time? Consistency is key.

Find a gym that offers Childcare. Work out and eat healthy.

Be mindful of your eating. Eat to contentment, take a look at the nutrition labels such as sugar and carbs. I’ve don’t count anything just use mindful eating. Don’t eat late at night. And get moving. Whether that’s dancing doing the dishes or whatever else. Walking helps too. I am a firm believer that diets don’t work. I gain weight easily and have lost my pregnancy weight 4 times. Which seems to stick on me harder than regular weight.