How to lose weight?

Good evening,

I am herbalife wellness coach.
I have numerous clients as do the other herbalife coaches all of whom have had phenomenal results.

I would love to chat with those of you that have struggled or are struggling to lose weight.

There are many fad diet plans out there and people are bound to be sceptical when hearing about them all including herbalife. Wow, even we were sceptical. It took us ages to decide to give this a go. Our own results prompted us to help others.

Please guys, I urge you to atleast get in contact with me as the results I have had from myself, my partner and our clients are real.

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Just because you crave it don’t mean you need it stop buying unhealthy food nothin will caffeine no candy no fast food it’s okay to treat yourself like 2 times a month but if you are seriously about losing weight get ensures drink them for breakfast eat an apple for a snack a healthy sandwich for lunch no chips something low in calories for dinner don’t go over 2000 for dinner eat vegetables fruit and a meat if you do dessert eat another fruit

I cut out all drinks accept water, didn’t change my diet. Saw that on top of the benefits of cutting out sugary drinks, it somehow helped control my appetite too!

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Just make one change at a time…starting with up your water intake! (3 litres a day) What a difference it makes, don’t go no sugar, go low sugar ( NO sugar or fat free crap, it really is crap) as in cut down but not out, eat fats, good fats, oily fish, avocados, Greek yoghurt, low fruit and carb intake, again don’t cut out completely for two reasons

  1. You’ll crave what you deny yourself
  2. Long term it’s unsustainable, and if you cut out dairy, carbs, fats etc you can change the density of your bones, causing early onset osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, you don’t need to run miles etc either, twice a week lift some weights! Even if you use the kids :blush: compound exercises like squats, deadlifts etc you’ll sustain this lifestyle much longer than any Herbalife or weight watchers nonsense
    Good luck! :grin:
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Feel free to inbox me for what I did

I love weight watchers

Have you read Dr. Phil’s 20/20 book - 20 foods in 20 days? it’s meant for long term success

Diets work for some but eating raw/ whole clean foods, drinking lots of water, walking & hiking helped me loose weight & feel my best. I think when you make healthy eating & living a habit it’s easier. Doing meditation, journaling, yoga also helped me feel good mentally/ emotionally & was a form of self care to keep me going days it wasn’t so easy. Good luck, I hope you find what works for you. :blush:

Weight watchers is always successful for me

Im the same way and i suffer from anxiety and depression and its sooo hard some days to get motivated…

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Start small. Cut out one unhealthy thing. Sugar for me is a huge one that makes me gain fast and crave unhealthy food. Track your food. My fitness pal app is free and good to see where you’re using your calories. Up your protein and eat often but smaller amounts of healthier food. Move. Even a ten min YouTube video of yoga or stretching or squats. If you really want it and work at it you can do it!!! Best of luck to you!

Honestly. I was the same way, I started only eating between the hours of 11am-6pm sunday-thursday and 1pm-6pm Friday and Saturday. It was worked for me :grin: good luck

It was hard at first but worth it

Is it just your diet you’ve changed? Or have you tried increasing exercise too?

I have found that a keto diet and light exercise works for me. I was able to lose 25kgs in 10 months. However it can take some research and trial and error. I’m sure a lot of people will hate in keto and say how unhealthy it is but it works wonders for some people. Especially if you don’t have a lot of time for exercise.

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Have a hormone panel done at ur dr too. You could be dealing with some imbalances. Remember “exercise” needs to be fun so u stick with it. Yoga is good. Find stuff you wanted to do so it doesnt feel like ur exercising. For me hiking was great!.

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That pooch is your uterus.

Weight training and cardio

Find one of those HIIT programs. They’re usually no more than 30 minutes long and will give you amazing results if you stick with it and eat right. It’s OK to have a cheat day now and then by try and stick with it.

I joined an excellent online 30 min exercise class each morning to begin the day online (not wkds) - the trainer mixes up the week with different classes from pilates, yoga, core, weights . . .various workouts. Just moving in the morning will stop the atrophy of the muscles then you can add walks, bike ride some sort of aerobic then healthy diet - its routine, baby steps and keep moving in mornings. YOU can do it!

Have you had your thyroid checked out

Intermittent fasting and walking

Slim fast if you want soda Pepsi zero and water my last weight check I lost over 6lbs! I recently started using waist trainer and excessive occasionally

I’ve been working out for about a year now doing different P90X programs. I have muscles I didnt even know were possible. That and a low carb diet (mainly, I aint super strict with it). But I’m about done with my second round of P90X3 and those workouts are 30 minutes long

If you have an iphone they have a fitness app…they have dancing yoga and some hitt ones…they range from 10 to 45 mins

Look up Dance Fitness with Jessica… she’s on YouTube she’s fun and makes the workout fun


Low carb meals, nutrient packed snacks eating every 2.5-3 hours and drinking LOTS of water (64-100 oz per day). Stay away from sugar. My health program adheres to this model and I lost 30 pounds in 5 months without exercising. Exercise is great but weight loss starts with what you put into your body…

Body Project videos on YouTube

The biggest part of weight loss is your diet. It’s important to select healthy meals and a plan you can actually make a part of your life (has to be a lifestyle), not some fad diet. Also portion control is big, making sure you get enough healthy calories to feel full and and not starving all the time. Don’t deprive yourself of all the goodies you love, just have them in moderation. Exercise is obviously important but really only accounts for a small amount of your weight loss goal. Exercise will help tone, increase cardiovascular endurance/health and strength. Check out Chloe ting videos on YouTube, I find them to be fairly quick, and doable. Be kind to yourself - set your goal (small attainable goals, once you reach that goal set another) and get excited, your kiddos need their mama to stay healthy for them!!

Call me a b. To loose weight - do not eat the evening. It is hard because you get to cook it. After 7 or 8. I am not Hungary. Put leftovers into containers for lunch

Fill your nutritional gaps with thrive," all natural vitamins & workout. I’m turning 39 this year already dealing with menopause,Thrive has changed my life & given it back to me. Helps with my weight management & controls my crazy cravings. Gives me plenty of energy to make it through my days.

Count calories. Walk daily.

The most important thing is watching what u eat. But all u really need is 20-30 mins of workout u can do once the kids are asleep 4x a week. Phone apps really help get a calorie counter and u can YouTube diff workout videos or get an app that will tell u which workout to do and for how long and keep track of ur progress. Don’t give up if u don’t notice changes right away

Check to see if ur job has a wellness program. That has helped me sooo much n increase water intake. I lost 30lbs in 6 mo just walking eating small portions and no snacking at night I have 75lbs to go…

Drink lots of water and walk 30 mins a day. Cut out pop and junk food, bread and pasta

Talk to your doctor about phentermine, it curbs your appetite and boosts your metabolism. It along with healthy eating and exercise will help significantly! But life is short momma, rock those shorts! :heart:

Get rid of all Soda, Drink lots of Water & Walk, Walk, and Walk very briskly.
Good Luck.

Google tdee calculator to determine a calorie defecit for your height and weight. I weigh and track everything before I eat it in the lose it app. Start exercising even if you walk 10 min a day and build from there but it’s 99% diet

Personally, I have done none of the above, why? Because if i got busy being a mom and forgot to count calories or get an excercise in it would stress me out and just make things worse. So i add little work out excercises into my everyday routines. Like when doing laundry, while folding leave basket on the floor and do squats while folding laundry. Less stressed and more accomplishing!


When you shop, skip the middle of the store except for canned non-carb vegetables. Make colorful vegetables the star of your plate. If you eat meat, get organic. Eating animals that have been fed growth hormones doesn’t do us any favors. And no protein portions bigger than your fist. If you have to have cookies for the kids, animal crackers, Graham crackers (they come in chocolate!), and ginger snaps are good. Or any kind you don’t like. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Skip desserts and don’t buy sodas. Substitute fruit, yoghurt, or small amounts of organic cheese for dessert, seltzer water with no sweeteners for soda. Get unsweetened iced tea if you’re out. When I’m craving sweets, I have some high-end chocolate chips (10 max), like Ghirardelli.

If you eat out, put half your protein and carbs in a takeout box right away. Eat the rest and all the non-carb vegetables. Add more colorful veggies from home to the takeout box for another meal. Only eat decadent desserts and fattening foods on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or Mother’s Day. Give extra cake away to others so you won’t have a giant slab to tempt you.

I put meals on small plates and eat with small utensils to make it seem like I’m having more, and eat mindfully. When eating food I don’t like as much, I use a big plate or bowl, big utensils, and eat mindlessly while reading or watching TV (big bowl of greens or cauliflower, for instance). Use flavorful herbs and spices instead of butter and cheese. We Americans eat way too much fatty and salty cheese. If you must use cheese, stick to those with lots of flavor like Parmesan/Romano, bleu cheese or very sharp cheddar where a little goes a long way.

Eat whole wheat bread and pasta and brown rice instead of white in small amounts. Use olive oil and herbs/spices on half a baked potato vs. sour cream, cheese, butter and/or bacon, though small amounts of well cooked bacon, like strong cheese, can add a lot of flavor with just a little.

Add mashed cauliflower to mashed potatoes, squash to (whole wheat) mac n cheese, dump frozen mixed vegetables or a bag/box of whole or chopped spinach in anything you’re eating. Salsa is a good, low-cal addition to whatever you’re cooking. Hummous works instead of mayonnaise in lots of things & as a sandwich spread. I double the vegetables and halve the meat & carbs in recipes. I add lots of celery & water chestnuts to my tuna salad, for example. Use unsweetened applesauce or other fruit in your hot cereals or on (whole grain) waffles and pancakes to sweeten them vs butter & syrup.

Don’t Fry stuff in oil/grease. Bake or air fry, and air-popped popcorn is a good snack. Find restaurants with healthy food (Wendy’s salads, KFC pot pies [marginally better], McDonald’s oatmeal, Middle Eastern and Greek restaurants, some Asian dishes with lots of vegetables (save half the rice/noodles/potatoes for later), Cava, Sweetgreen, some Panera selections). Pick frozen yogurt, sherbet, ices or Tofutti instead of ice cream for birthdays. Use tofu instead of cream for creamy soups. As much tea as you want and dry milk and stevia in your coffee unless you take it black.

Once you cut out a lot of sugar you’ll miss it less & less. Colas are addictive, and you’ll lose the cravings after you’ve been off them for a while. When you have Italian food, be sure to have a salad, zucchini, or other vegetables and fruits available for “pizza and movie” night, and fill up on those first. Get cauliflower or whole wheat crust pizza if possible.

Add movement as much as you can. Bike or walk to the store if you can, park further from stores/office so you have to walk further. Do plies while you’re standing at the stove, sit ups or yoga while you’re watching TV.

Walk with a friend, take a movement class, get a mini trampoline, put an exercise machine in front of the TV. I have a rowing machine that I can fall onto in the morning and row until my eyes open. I am so NOT a morning person. I have a sort of sit-up device that hits my lower abdomen (my pooch), and do a few reps whenever. I follow Carmen Brocklehurst doing Tai Chi Ch’ih (find “Joy Through Movement” on You Tube) which is super easy if you’re out of shape, but actually brings results and is easier to follow and remember than regular Tai Chi. Also is a form of meditation and good for your lymph and circulatory systems.

Good luck! It’s good practice for menopause when the pounds creep on quickly.

If you do go Keto, check out FlavCity videos with the adorable 2-year-old Rose as sous-chef.

Track your calories. Get a fitbit and see how many calories you are burning. Eat less calories than you burn. Exercise daily 30 minutes. Get 10k steps per day.

I have tried almost everything and ended up being depressed and hated my body for very long. When I accepted my 6.3ft tall and 245lbs body and moved on I started loosing weight without any workout or routine. I am now 201lbs. Brush it off your mind and eat healthy

I walk 3 miles minimum 4 days a week. I keep a healthy diet lower 1500 calories . I use Samsung health to track the miles and sometimes the food.
I work full time job. Single mom of 3, so yeah it is busy outhere.

Food: Veg juice cleanse x 7 days, followed by 2 weeks of whole food vegan (Pegan), easing into auto immune paleo (or whole 30) x 30 days.
Exercise: intervals! Whatever you are doing (bike, run, etc), go as hard as you can as long as you can, then go another 1 minute, then go slow (not stop) until heart rate comes down. Then do it again… a bunch of times. Both morning and night for quickest result.
Oh and MyFitnessPal app.

Do not fall for any of the vitamins, weight loss shakes, or pills that are out there please! It all starts with diet. Cut out the amount of carbs you eat. Snacks soda and junk food? throw them out!
It’s hard work but you can do it!

But please, there is no magical pill out there that will shed the pounds. The pyramid schemes out there infuriate me.

Try intermittent fasting

Start lifting small weights and drink lots of water. You need muscle to burn fat. Also talk to your doctor and let them know you want to workout. They may have a good starting place

Calorie deficit and YouTube work outs

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I gain weight when I cut carbs. Don’t try restrictive diets as they’re depressing and difficult to maintain. Get some form of step and calorie counting device and log calorie intake. You can set calorie targets and aim to eat 500 calories less than you burn each day. I ate anything I liked and lost 20lbs doing this.


To lose weight you have to be burning as many calories as you are taking in. You should have your heavier meals when you are most active and your lightest when you are less active like at night. I would see the chiropractor before trying situps or crunches. You will need those or your belly won’t go away likely very easy. However with back pain that may be hard for you. You can still have something sweet if you crave it but again make sure you are in an active part of your day. You got this!

Easiest trick I’ve learned is buy ankle and wrist weights… put them on with your clothes in the morning… helps build muscle which in turn helps burn calories… you don’t have to do anything extra… try to eat healthy

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I’ve struggled with weight mist if my life. I’ve tried different diets and exercise routines. I’ve been doing noom for three weeks and finally making process. Check it out see if it works for you. It’s not a diet but it helps

Track calories. You’ll learn where you’re taking in calorie dense/nutrition poor foods and adjust. MyFitnessPal works great for me.
Add in some exercise. Start slow and work yourself into a routine. There are free apps like FitOn that have easy to follow home workouts.
I’ve lost ~20lbs in two months.

We have recently started a partnership with Camdurance to post their workout videos right on our page!!! Check out our videos tab at the top of the page, they are great to pair healthy eating habits for health goals. Super easy because you do it at home. We love that you asked a question that so many can relate to, much love!

Blood work then go from there. For me it was too much carbs and high fats. Not enough good fats. I changed that and now I’m losing weight. I also had weight around my belly

I do 10km each morning on my exercise bike and 40 mins light weights, stomach and legs - I do this 5 days a week and I’ve stopped snacking between meals - I’ve lost 9lb in 4 weeks I’m really hoping to get another 5lb off by the end of the month

Look into keto lifestyle and yoga. 61 y.o. and dropped 30 lbs. In 2 months. Back is much better and core is stronger to help flatten tummy. You can do it! Do some research first. Tons of keto related FB groups.

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Just get moving. I tried out lots of stuff before I found something I like. I like to change things up too. Les Mills body combat is my favorite solo workout. With the kiddos, I like bike riding and dancing. I also make a conscious effort to stop eating when I feel 3/4 full. Lots of water

I’ve lost almost 50 pounds on WW (weight watchers). It’s a great program. I do the digital it’s like $20 a month

Fruit smoothies and increase your water intake. They even have cheap small cordless blenders to make it easier to do on the go

Check out It is the website of Mark Sisson who IMO is brilliant when it comes to health and weight loss in a more sustainable way. He also wrote a book called the Primal Blueprint which is great too!