How to lose weight?

Anyone else struggling to lose weight? I am 5"8, 240lbs and I have literally tried every diet. I just always feel hungry no matter what I do or how much protein I eat. I am at a loss because I just want to feel good about myself but literally am always craving something sweet or bad for me.


Hugs mama, its a hard journey

Have they checked your thyroid?


Honey I’m 5’8" and weight 265 and I make high amounts of estrogen
Healthy is not about the number on the scale
Healthy is how you perceive yourself
Healthy is your metabolic panel being normal
Healthy is being physically active
Healthy is being yourself
Healthy is your mindset
Healthy is learning to love yourself the way you are.

I’m the healthiest woman in my family and I have an athletic build and at 265 I am the happiest I’ve ever been. I’ve learned to embrace my individuality and my curves.


I’m the same way I’m not really hungry but I end up eating anyway I’m on thyroid medicine but it don’t make no difference I’m 5 ft 8in to back in 2019 best friend and my son both went to jail it was in April of 2019 I was still eating right and all of that what couldn’t lose my weight all the way up to August then my grandkids got made to leave move away from me and I ended up eating only like one or two times a week and I went from 270 to 224 by only eaten two or three times a week then my appetite come back once it came back I ate too much now I weigh 329 I’ve gained over a little bit over 100 lb back because of all the stress from them going to jail one ended up with life in prison the other ended up with 25 years with no parole I love the losing the weight when I wouldn’t eat but then when I got my appetite back I was eating ice cream and candy and all of that and now that I’m just at a loss for words of what to do cuz apparently I am a eater when I’m stressed plus I’m bored because now I’m here by myself and nobody to do anything with all I have is TV and cell phone so I know what you’re going through it is horrible you try and try and try and can’t never get the weight off you want and then if you do it comes back to you just hang in there and maybe you’ll get it one day

Check out Truvy, I have lost 42lbs taking just half of the recommended dose. It isn’t a scam or a pyramid scheme. It definitely helped me and several members of my family.

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Did you Have your thyroid checked??! … Also Im part of a team that sells award winning weight loss products, our Products have 7 different patents. Won best weight loss/fat burning products of 2019&2020. If you’d like to learn about our products pm me & I can send you my link & add you to our FB results groups. So you can look around. No pressure. there’s so many of us women that have tried & failed with so many products & wasted money.:woman_facepalming:

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I know diets can be a pain in the butt. But with every diet needs a little workout plan. It doesn’t have to be a lot. Even just search up high rep low weight exercises, atleast 30 min a day will help a lot! And hey I crave something sweet all time. It’s okay to have a little bit of course don’t cut it all out because then life won’t be fun. Just keep up a good little workout everyday, and eat in smaller portions and you will do awesome!


I cut out dairy and lost 40 pounds!

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I’ve lost almost 100lbs on keto and fasting

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Intermittent fasting eat only between 10-6pm

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Follow CICO. Start by tracking what you eat. See how many calories you take in on a normal day and set a goal to eat 500 calories less for two weeks, the 500 less after that if needed. You can eat what you want as long as your in calorie deficit. That’s the only way I’ve been able to lose any weight.
I eat tacos 3 times a week, and I lose weight.

Have you had your
Thyroid checked?

I developed gestational diabetes my second pregnancy. I did a low carb no/low sugar diet and lost 57lbs in 6 months. I quit soda that was the hardest. I started drinking water and Gatorade zero. Ate zero carbs at breakfast. 30-45 for lunch but I always kept it on the lower end and 30-45 for dinner. Portion size is also a big thing. Like if I ate a hamburger steak with a salad and baked potato I would only eat half of the potato. Pay attention to serving sizes on the nutrition labels. Limit intake of fruits and eat more veggies.I always ate a spoon of peanut butter before bedtime. All snacks should be 15g carbs or less.

Don’t diet! But yourself in a calorie deficit. I still eat whatever but I just count my calories! Down 20lbs in 2.5 months

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I did the juice diet and lost 15kg’s in 28 days

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Lots of walking and calorie cutting!

Start with light exercises and work your way up

I set a calorie goal and it’s helped me lose 20 pounds so far. Switch to low calorie foods like pam or I can’t believe its not butter, caged free eggs, turkey instead of ham, replace snacks with baked chips or fruit or beef jeky. Gatorade now has a low calorie bottle that you can replace soda with. There are many ways to lower your calorie intake, satisfy your sweet tooth, and still get full meals without starving yourself.

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You can eat a little bit of everything. The key is to burn more calories than your calorie intake. That’s all. Smaller portions of carbs , more veggies and white meat. Don’t starve yourself. U can eat healthy all day long. U just gotta burn it.

You are beautiful luv, no matter what you weigh or how you look! :heart: I currently lost 30 lbs from exercises 50 mins a day 30 running 《without stopping》 & 20 working out like squats, mountain climbers, anything really! & I changed my diet, it’s hard at first of course but in the end the results are worth it, try again and again just don’t give into your temptation​:heart: You are capable of doing anything you set your mind to​:heart: I was 240 lbs as well, I went down to 203 & don’t force yourself to do things you don’t want to or eat what you don’t want to, it will make you give up easier:( find a diet you like & exercises you like, try not to eat more then 1500 calories a day & drink tons of water

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You have to eat less calories than you burn. Get a fitbit and get at least 30 minutes of exercise in every day. I made excuses for years about how I couldn’t lose weight. The truth was I wasn’t working for it. Forget the fad diets also. Pick a calorie amount under what your burning in calories per day and stick with it. Track every calorie you eat. You will see results if you stick with it.

Well, the thing is you want to make a lifestyle change, not diet. You want to do something that you can sustain long term. Eat more veggies and fruit to your meals, eat smaller portions, drink water, and make sure you’re getting enough sleep. You may also have like a thyroid issue too, which can definitely keep you from losing weight.


The first few days are the hardest but it’s so easy once you get past the hard days

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I’m 5’3 and weigh 260 and I’m currently dieting. I drink around 64 ounces of water per day and a protein shake for breakfast and one for lunch and then eat dinner. I also snack on blueberries and strawberries and I don’t eat sweets. I started the end of January and have lost 20 pounds. I also have Hashimotos Disease Thyroiditis. So it’s hard to get the weight off. Good luck!

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I do meal plan and workouts i can make u a sample meal plan i wont charge you
Can eat normal the portions and amounts that matter

Get the lose it app. It’s free and Iv lost 15.5 in 2 months by calorie counting and working out.

Try Noom, it’s not a diet and it really dives into the mental aspect.

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struggling with my weight also it is hard for me to lose weight but I can’t work out much right side weakness due to a stroke :pensive:

I was in the same boat till I did some blood work and found out that I basically had no thyroid got on med, got my thyroid levels on track I lost 25 pounds in 2 months

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I am like this too . I swear it’s my birth control causing the ridiculous cravings :thinking:… research “Tapping” find a holistic coach to get to the root of your cravings and work towards a plan that works for you remember ANY efforts count . Any movement is better than no movement , one cookie instead of 3, drink lots of water , stretch your body , etc .

Drink 8oz of water before you eat. Then if you are still hungry after your meal, drink more water.
Indulge in a sweet treat, but a small one. You don’t have to cut everything out, typically it’s more about portion control than anything else; unless you eat complete garbage all the time.

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Get your bloods checked x

Just try drinking more water, lessen sugar, try to not eat before bed. Add some walking, as u feel comfortable and build from there

If you like pickles…i know it sounds weird but eat a couple pickles and it will kick the sweet craving. Also…I did the apple cider vinegar drink every day and that also helps burn fat too.

You have to exercise. Eat right and exercise.

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Don’t think of anything as a diet- but more a lifestyle change. Slow and steady works better then jumping into something only to quit a few days or weeks later. I lost 70 pounds a few years ago, and it was over the course of a year or two. I started by cutting out soda, that made such a huge difference. If that’s to difficult only drink diet until you can ween yourself off. Then I cut out fast food. If that’s too difficult cut out fast food during the week until you can cut it out completely. Then it was high sugar foods. If that’s difficult, only allow yourself a treat on fridays. Then it was walking everyday, at least 30 minutes. Taking the stairs when you can. Baby steps. Then it was gym twice a week. Then three times. Then four times. Invest in yourself and hire a trainer if possible. If finances aren’t there, youtube is a great resource. Dedicate 30 min a day to a home workout. There’s no excuse unless you make one! That’s the best advice I have for anyone (I’m also a manager at a gym and hear people say stuff like this all the time! It’s totally possible, you’re in charge of your reality) :heart:


Im 5’8 and weigh 180. I dont look it but they said i needed to drop some pounds because of my blood pressure and my good cholesterol being too good making my bad cholesterol high. We drink a lot of water, no fried foods and honestly its all about portion control. Walking for 30 minutes a day will help too.

It’s all about your diet!!! 80 percent is diet. Count your calories. Drink water. That’s it.

Take a look at DDPY. I recommend looking up Arthur Bormann’s story on youtube. I would never have believed how much better I feel. I also have a link for 30 days free and discounted rate after that if you want to try it after you check it out.


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I’m the same way, I like food. I lost 35 pounds in like 6 weeks and knew it wasn’t healthy. Went to dr and my thyroid was overactive. Since losing, I wanted to keep it off though and Ive just been eating less (have not changed my diet at all) just portion and walk at least 10 minutes twice a day. I’ve Asiago cut pop down from like 3 to 4 a day to 1 pop every day or 2. It’s honestly portion for me, it’s been 7 months and they even days being in thyroid neds Id probably gain but I’m still where I was. I’m trying now to lose about 8 to 12 more and just started watching my portions again as I was getting to comfy eating a lot more again lol. I know if I start that again, I’ll gain it all back.

I been drinking herballife thats help me alot

Have you tried carnivore?

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If you haven’t already, get some blood tests done. Thyroids can create all kinds of problems


I have struggled with gaining weight more and more the older I get. Totally get it. :tired_face: I’ve tried keto which works great but it’s not a long term diet. As soon as I stopped I gained it all back. Currently I’m trying calorie reduction and drinking LOTS more water. Start small if you have to. For example you can try to start with smaller portions of what you normally eat. Once you see the first few pounds drop it’s super motivating! I also just got a gym membership. I really enjoy the classes, because it’s fun and helps motivate me.

I might have something you are interested in. If you would like more info DM me.

Determine your tdee for how many calories you should eat to lose weight. I have to weigh and track everything I eat before it goes in my mouth to maintain my weight and exercise 2 hours as soon as I wake up :running_woman:t2::running_woman:t2:

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Try the keto diet, I struggled after baby number 6 @ 41 years old. This is the only thing that helped me lose 20 kilos!


If you don’t learn to find healthier alternatives to your cravings and controlling your calorie intake it’ll be near impossible

Try looking into Intermittent fasting.

First, you need determination and energy. If you’re eating protein you need to exercise. DIETS DON’T WORK!!!
Get rid of sugars and start slowly exercising (10 mins, 15 mins, 20 mins, 25 mins’ 30 mins every other day) I was 240 and I’m 5’7 I’m now down to 170 in 4 months. Good luck :crossed_fingers:t4:


May need to get thyroid checked. I gain like crazy when my levothyroxine runs out. However, before that I lost a ton of weight drinking apple cider vinegar mixture once a day at dinner time…

1 tbspn apple cider vinegar

1 pinch of baking soda…

1 tbspn lemon juice…

Add ice and a flavor packet for water…raspberry lemonade covers up the taste pretty well…add cold water…

If want to skip flavor packet…can just put in apple cider vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice mixture into a cold glass of lemonade. I got bikini ready doing that. Lost 30 lbs in a month. No diet or exercise added. Have to drink it once a day every day…


My doctor recommended Keto for me and I lost 60 pounds. It’s more a lifestyle change than it is a diet but it works. Lot’s of information online about it.

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Calorie deficit is the only thing guaranteed to work. Look up how to calculate your deficit and go from there.


Download My fitness pal and start counting your calories, it’s really easy, and you can still have some “naughty food” as long as its within your daily calorie intake, drink 2-3 litres of water per day and increase your protein, what ever you weigh in pounds is how much protein you need in grams, so if you weigh 200 pounds you need 200 gms of protein, and walk more


Check out, Log into Facebook | Facebook

Try beach body on demand!

Awwww😭 Hugs Work out from home momma​:muscle:t5: I teach online Dance Fitness With Kieralynn classes​:hugs: Dance, Sweat, Tone, Strengthen and Stretch all while burning up to 500/600 calories and in the comforts of home, work etc.:raised_hands:t5:
Check me out id love to help⚘

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Have you tried working out? It may help you more than the diets.

Keto. I was always hungry. Whether breastfeeding or not.
I’ve been doing it with exercise for a month and have already lost 8 inches.
I eat what I’m alloted in an 8 hour window then I fast for 16.
Its been great once I got the hang of it.

Don’t overdo protien over do green vegetables.

Calorie counting i am down 33 lb so far and not even strict on it.

OMAD One meal a day.
Intermittent fasting has worked wonders for many including me. From 80 kgs to 66 kgs in 2 years. Slow and steady.

Always consult your Dr first


Try the Facebook group Eat like a bear it’s keto but nothing to buy and has lots of support

I used a fit bit to track calories and used the app to log food. Turned out I wasn’t eating enough to lose weight. I’m also someone who gains weight from eating too much protein. Try for a balanced diet, log what you eat and don’t stress as you’ll just keep craving things. Don’t see foods as bad. Have a piece of cake but try to eat less that day to include the calories. Cook with spices and you’ll eat less too.

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Try drinking a glass of water when you’re craving sweets. It helps.

Keto, I’ve dropped 80#

Yes try drinking more water throughout the day

Eating is 80% of the battle.

  1. Yes you will feel hungry your stomach is literally shrinking and therefore you will not feel “full”.
  2. There are good carbs and bad carbs stick to the good ones.
  3. Drink WATER like it’s $1 shots at a bar ( so lots lol)
  4. Work out- in whatever capacity your body is comfortable in. Basically just make sure you are moving and breaking a sweat
  5. Don’t compare your journey with others. We don’t know where everyone is and every person takes their own time and path.
  6. Always think “veggies first” when it comes to plating you can have it all but 1/2 the plate should be veggies.
  7. As for sweets eat them, but it moderation if you deprive yourself of the things you love you will never truly be committed or happy.
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I use MyFitnessPal as a tool to log food. I count calories, so far i have lost 62 pounds. Portion size is my downfall. Keep at it, set small goals till u reach the big ones


I needed help to lose weight, I’ve been doing noom for a bout 2 weeks and dropped 14 lbs. I drink lists of water and exercise but the information that I’ve gotten from noom helped me a ton

Hunger is part of changing your caloric intake and burning more calories. You shouldn’t be so hungry it hurts or it changes your mood though. You shouldn’t be losing more than a lb or so a week, but you should feel a little hungry for the first few weeks. However, you should also be moving more and drinking a lot more water. You need to make small changes. There are a million apps that can help you track what you take in vs what you put out. I like MyFitnessPal. It’s a food diary and exercise tracker. It can connect with fitbit and Garmin. There’s also a free website called and if you put in the number of calories you want to stick to and your diet of choice it will give you a meal plan each day, which you can sub out if you don’t like the options. But honestly, dieting is a terrible way to lose weight. Making permanent small changes is a better option. So use these resources, but also think of something you can live without and focus on that change. I cut out alcohol first (unless it was a special occasion). Then I cut out caffeine. Then I cut out all drinks but water. Then I cut out pasta. Then I changed the kind of bread I ate and how often I ate bread. Then I cut out sugary desserts (that sucked). Once I started to lose I introduced regular exercise into my daily routine. Then I reintroduced some pasta and bread, and eventually sweets, but by then I was running several miles a day. I made life changes. I didn’t just diet. Now I have to do maintenance, of course, but I’m in way better shape than I was. I even ran everyday through 7.5 months of my last pregnancy and then biked 1 hour everyday including the day of my c-section. It is all about incorporating changes into your life. I also do intermittent fasting, because it works with my schedule. No eating until after I workout and shower and get done everything that needs doing around the house, my schedule allows for this though. So I get up at 430am, and eat my 2 meals between 230pm and 830pm. I try not to eat outside of that, or snack in between meals. It’s hard sometimes. Anyway… try a bunch of stuff and see what sticks. It’s a long process, don’t get impatient.

I worked with a coaching company called Copper State FIT and lost 50 pounds. They taught me really simple strategies that didn’t require excessive exercise or sacrificing certain food types. Its really not about mental stamina, but more about just having a plan. They were great for me!

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I’m going through a physician. And I have lost a total of 20 pounds so far. Would like to put a plugin for my doctor at bio symmetry in Wilmington North Carolina. Very good at what they do
check him out. Am I too had problems losing weight going this way I am able to lose. If you call him just tell them Ellen referred you

I may have an alternative private message me.

My husband and i do intermittent fasting and the meal we eat is high protein no carbs. He’s currently doing steak and eggs for breakfast and dinner, no lunch, water only to drink. He’s lost 8lbs in 3 days. When he straight fasts for 24 -48 hours he loses around 10-15. I lose about 2-3 lbs a day.

People are going to think I’m crazy BUT. I used to crave candy like sour gummy worms all the time, and made the switch to freeze dried fruit and have done some intermittent fasting and dropped 12 lbs in 3 weeks.


Im use Herbalife, and do an all protein waffle for breakfast and I’m good til dinner and dinner I do a protein shake. I feel way more energized and with my job I walk at least 7 miles a day. I do 1 soda a day my cheat item but I mainly do water. I’ve lost 14lbs in 1 month

try truvision. I went from 206 to 135 in 6 months. its expensive but worth it

intermittent fasting has worked well for me. Plus it has helped me not craving any sweets.

I am 5’ 4 and I weigh 220. I lost 40 lbs. drinking lots of water recently. Good luck! Be mindful of what you eat. I am high energy and don’t stop all day.

For me weight loss shakes were the way. I lost about 3 stone, I had my shakes, drank a lot of water, made an evening meal and I was walking 10K+ everyday. Cheat days were Friday and Saturday and then back to normal in the week. It’s sitting down and being bored where you want to stuff your face, but you can do it as long as you’re keeping yourself busy.

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I been thriving using thrive products.
It’s so easy.

I have some 10 day trials available if anyone is interested in trying??? Just pm me.

I started working out in July 2018, doing camp gladiator. I had a hysterectomy in April of that year and was my heaviest, 203lbs. I’m 5"7". I didn’t change my diet, my diet changed because of working out. I noticed that on days that I did a work out I didn’t eat as badly. I still eat whatever I want, I just don’t eat as much now. But sticking to working out was the hardest thing I’ve done. It’s definitely a love/hate relationship. I always feel so good after though! I’ve lost about 50lbs and have kept it off. It does take time to see results, so stick with it! It’s also easier when you have someone to do it with, to hold each other accountable, find a buddy!


Follow I have the same issue scale won’t budge

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Diets don’t work for me. Eating clean, lots of water, no eating after 6pm. Doing exercise, walking. That’s what has helped me

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Plexus slim pink drink… I literally just started and I don’t crave anything! And can already feel the difference in my body.

Dr. Jim Stoppani changed my life

Go to the doctor and get prescribed a weight loss pill. Night and day difference. You literally won’t be able to eat

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You’ll get there love first thing I can say is drink tons of water throughout the day, have a water bottle or jug to drink from all day if you don’t like water infuse it at night with fruit :watermelon:, second thing I suggest is meal planning and portion control for breakfast have something like oats, toast, egg wrap, lunch have one portion of a meat and salads I love but you can get creative and do stir fry whatever, suppers stick to the rule of 1/2 of veggies 1/4 a plate of grains or carbs aka potatoes, pasta, rice, 1/4 a plate of meat aka a chick breast, steak whatever you like, have shakes or healthy snacks inbetween each meal- yogurt pretzels, nuts, cut up veggies and dip, fruit salads , just small portions of it not heaping plates. Just enough to hold you over to the next meal.
Take a multivitamin, plan for 1-2 walks a day every day or a bike ride , I do the stairs outdoors because we have huge sets of them leading up to hiking trails but just even walking for 60 mins a day or getting outdoors every day will help you. Once you feel comfortable adapt to a 30 min workout with weights and then 30 mins of walking from there up it again once your ready. Just be patient with your self and set achievable goals like I will lose 1 pound this month. Or I will dedicate 1 month of walking and working out and keep a diary of it. So every time you achieve your goal have a set reward, like a new shirt or lipstick you wanted or whatever you like. I like silver fox food diary on Amazon to track my food and progress. I really hope this helps love. You can do it!


Giannina Munoz Truvy :wink:

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Honestly, go to a doctor. I used to have the same issue and now I’m losing weight.

I lost 50 lbs in about a year. I quit drinking sugar completely. No sweet tea, pop, shakes etc. I didnt change my eating habits just quit drinking sugar, no diet soda either. Was 245lbs now 195.

I’m on the Optavia program which works on losing weight, changing your mindset and healthy movement. You can message me if you are interested.

Cut sugar out, lower carb intake, up protein intake. Lots of fruits and veggies too. Try to stay away from smoothies. They break down the fibers and nutrients of the stuff going in them and only temporarily fill you up and make you actually hungrier during the day. Try taking walks or hikes when you can. Also look into Chloe Ting workout videos on YouTube. MadFit also has some good ones. Lots of stuff for beginners. You’ll get there. Just takes lots of time and effort and discipline. Also try meal prepping. That has helped tremendously with mine as well as saved me time during the week to spend more time exercising or being with my family.

Easy… cut all sugar … use splenda instead… dont drink you’re calories… they add up… and go for a 30 min walk at least 3 times a week… and remember to put the fork down… portion control

I tried weight watchers, nutrisystem, slimfast, jenny craig.
You name it, I’ve tried it.
I’ve struggled with weight my entire life.
I would NEVER let ANYONE take my picture, until one day someone at church put me on the spot and I was too embarrassed to say “no”.
As embarrassed as I was, I’m glad I did, because that picture was the beginning of a journey that has changed my life.
I was 285+ when the picture was taken, wearing a 24W-26W and 4X-5X tops.
I am now 168 and in a size 12.
The way I did it? The keto diet.
Nothing else has ever worked for me.
I’m still working on losing about 30 more pounds, but I’ve gradually (over the last 6 months) gone from keto to low carb and healthy.
I think keto taught me discipline.
Biggest thing to remember is it is a JOURNEY, and just don’t give up.
The first picture was taken in March of 2019. The second was taken this February.
If I can do it, I promise, anyone can. I was a food addict. I ate my feelings. I ate to celebrate and I ate to cry. I ate because a show was coming on and I ate because it was 2am and no one was watching.
Just find what works for you and KEEP AT IT. If you have a bad day, dust yourself off and get back to work! If you eat a bad meal, don’t say, “Well I’ve blown today, might as well go out with a bang!” Eat healthy the next meal.
Don’t think “Well I’ve messed up this week, might as well re-start next Monday”
Just keep at it. Don’t give up.


Look into high volume eating with low calorie foods & a calorie deficit . That way you are eating more to keep you full but also eating healthier… also lots of water / liquids . Alot of the time you may just be under hydrated and you body can mistake this as hunger.

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