How to lose weight?

I’ve never been very fit. I’ve fluctuated in weight a lot. I always thought I was fat when I was younger and a teenager, but looking back, I wasn’t… But I’ve always had that pooch on my belly ever since a teenager. I’m 5’8 and hold my weight well. I think I look good in clothes but don’t think so naked. I’ve had 2 kids; they are 4 and 7. I’ve been up to 240 pregnant and comfortable at 170 years ago. I’m 31 now and 200. I just gained 10 over the last couple of months and I’m getting uncomfortable in my clothes and depressed. I work my husband’s works. The days are filled and the kids are so tired by the end of the day. I’m starting chiropractic care soon to treat a back injury from an accident. I don’t have natural muscle mass at all anymore. I walk on my breaks at work which isn’t much time at all. I eat very well all day I do fail at night with dinner most times and dessert. My weight is such a complex it always has been. Summer is coming up I look disgusting in shorts. What can I do?! What is a practical exercise routine I can stick with that I can even find time to do, and that will make a difference at my age? My main goals are overall weight loss, especially belly weight, building up some muscle in my booty, and toning my legs. Please help, ladies.