How to lose weight?

I’m a nursing :breast_feeding:t4: mother on low carb diet and Keto dieting. I been doing this for two months and lost 28 lbs but I need to lose more weight (12 lbs ) in a month. How do I do this without risking my supply? So far been doing good and supply still keeping up with my baby!! What have you done or have any tricks? Thank you mommas


I feel like you should just eat healthy. Get what you need to feed yourself and baby. I’m sure you are a beautiful goddess❤️


You’re already doing good. You don’t want to risk your supply for baby

I’m sure your supply is more important to you then weight lose. Just eat healthy for the 2 of you. You’re already burning calories by breastfeeding alone


you really need to be careful doing keto whilst breastfeeding. its better to just wait it out and nurse your baby, then work on losing the weight when theyre done.

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There are several keto/low carb breastfeeding groups on here. Search for them! There is no reason you can’t keto and breastfeed at the same time. And if anybody tells you differently, it’s because they’re misinformed!


What is the reason you need to lose 12 lbs in a month? You have really good results and progress so far but you shouldn’t set your sights too high. 8lbs a month is do-able and considered more normal. You’ll plateau soon so be prepared since you’ve been losing so much. Supplements is the only thing I can think of.

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We all plateau on any diet but Keto seemed to be worst for me and my husband. We did Keto with Carb Cycling and helped a ton. We picked two days a week usually Monday & Friday and adjusted are macros to keep us in ketosis but give us the extra metabolic. We do healthy carbs like veggie pasta and sweet potatoes.

Everything you eat is nutrients for baby… consult a nutritionist

P drink 3 cups of mother’s milk tea a day

I have read ketones pass through milk to baby. is that harmful for him? i have just started my keto diet. thanks!