How to lose weight?

I’m 18 and a first time mom. My little girl will be a month Monday, and I’m ready to get my body in better shape… I had a doctor appointment a couple days after birth and I was down 18 pounds so I was feeling pretty good but now I’m starting to just notice how lose my belly is and I also have stretch marks in ever place possible… I don’t really eat meals I’m more a snacked since birth because my boyfriend works all night so I have my baby to myself 4pm.-5am mon-fri and I do online school and take care of the house so I forget to make supper… Any tips on how to get my body looking better?


Have you looked into thrive? It has a lot of benefits.

Ive always been told go swimming if you can, but we live in an area with a lake for swimming alongside pools and the Y so we always have access to swimming here.

You will never look the same after you give birth im sorry it’s the truth but it happens to us all.


Get checked for abdominal separation before working out, you could end up making it worse

It’ll get better. I’m 18 and lost all of my pregnancy weight plus some. I walk sometimes and just hang around the house.

With a vaginal birth you can use a girdle afterwards to help your tummy kind of getit molded back in to shape. It worked with my first (I was 18). Within 2 months I was back in my size 6 jeans.

Give it a little more time. But honestly … childbirth and motherhood tend to cause most of us irreversible physical changes.

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Use tightening/toning wraps and stretch mark cream!!!

I agree with Brooklyn Harris, your body will never look the same. I have grown to accept my stretch marks, it proves the sacrifice I made for my daughter’s. I’m not in this world to impress anyone. If ppl don’t like it, then don’t look at it.

Best thing I have found for stretch marks is Aragon oil. You find it in the hair care department. It helps fade scars and is a great moisturizer. It works wonders for the itchiness and also for any pain from the stretch marks. Give yourself a little longer before you start working out. Best idea is to wait until after your 6 week check up. If everything is good your dr will give you the ok.

Go on walks with your daughter (daily), do sit ups at home, and find ways to make meals I am a stay at home mom too with my kids (3 kids) at home all day and I still make meals. Make meal prep while baby is sleeping if you want to. Your not going to start loosing weight until you start taking care of your body and eating healthy.

I was 18 with my first. Honestly all I did was walk. I had him in Feb and by may I had my stomach back to pre-pregnancy. I was always just a snacker too. Just make sure it’s healthy foods you’re snacking on . Good luck :slight_smile:

Not everyone will bounce back to pre pregnancy weight. Hell I was 100 lbs when I had my son. I’m now 195 and can’t lose weight to save my life… I’ve tried all those fad diets… Herbalife, it’s a wrap, shakes etc… none worked for me. I’ve worked out daily… I gave up and decided to love myself… hell I wish I was 100 lbs again but I got a healthy kid so I don’t care

Make sure its okay with yiur doctor before doing any extreme exercise… And please tell me What online school do you go to.

Trust me it’s not going to be easy you need a lot of exercise, where pregnancy panties, try to keep everything held tight for a while. You’ll be amazed what sort of exercise will help you out, if all you’re worried about is belly fats and I would suggest sense of cardio, even walking the baby around in your arms works. No sodas, stop the snacking, no junk food whatsoever. If you must drink tea or coffee but no sodas at all
I lost all my pregnancy weight and some by doing this

Coconut oil is a life saver for stretch marks

Eat, rest, and take baby out for a walk if the weather is nice.

I’m 21 and my daughter will also be a month old on Monday and I have the same issue as far as my stomach feeling mushy goes. I was told to just give it more time and do light exercises. Hopefully it works. :weary:

Ha ha I wish I forgot to make supper wait a few yrs you’ll have plenty of ppl to remind u “mom when is dinner” “mom what are we having for dinner” “mom when will dinner be ready”

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Online exercises on YouTube

I never lost all the weight, instead I started lifting weights to turn my fat into muscle, weight is just a number, if you really want to feel good about your car body and be strong and healthy, start working out once you’re able to and cleared by a doctor, with some cardio and weight lifting and a healthy balanced diet I promise you’ll feel better about yourself than you ever have. People say your body will never be the same but with hard work and determination you can make it better than it was even before having a baby.

Core exercises will help tone the loose skin. Planks, sit ups with a weighted ball. There’s tons of core exercises that you can do. And the best thing about core is you can never over do it. The stretch marks you’ll just have to learn to love. Also, go for a lot of walks with baby. Cardio is the best way to lose weight.

There is a great workout video on youtube by a fitness trainer you can try those I will get the links for you. You can also get the 21 day fix containers and recipe books and do those. this lady has great 30 minute workouts

Took me 2 years to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Some people lose it right away, but many moms don’t.

Lots of water, walk alot, be paitent. Eat fruits and veggies high water content. Lean meats. Once you’re cleared to work out it will help. Walk alot. If you’re breastfeeding it will help with weight loss :slight_smile:

Do some situps that will help but you need to eat to keep the weight off go walking with the baby

Take 30 min at least and walk. Take him with you. Bundle him up and the stroller. It will help all the way around

Give your body time to heal then exercise with help

You need to wait till after your 6 week checkup

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Give it some time. Use oils for your stretch marchs. They are like any wound, they take time to heal. If you keep them oiled they should fade some.

Do situps and crunches take baby for a walk early before it gets dark.

Talk to your OB!!! Your body is still healing and you can do major damage if you do too much too soon after delivery.

Just walking for now. Wait till after your 6 week check up. For anything more.

Ive alwayw heard to use a wasit trainer

Eat. Healthy choices. Drink half body weight in water. Core exercises to tighten n tone. and love your body as you just grew a child :heart:

Walking with the baby in the stroller can’t hurt!!