How to lose weight?

Hey mommas! What is yalls thoughts on taking Adipex 37.5mg for weight loss? I’m at home all day with two kids and a dog. I’ve gained so much weight. My doctor just prescribed it to me yesterday but I haven’t picked it up from the pharmacy yet. Just wanting to hear stories of mommy’s that have taken this for weight loss. And yes I am dieting as well. 1,200 calories a day, water only, no breads, pasta, potatoes, or sweets. And doing a little “exercise” like cleaning the house, and walking a walking track a few days a week.(No rude comments please, not everyone is able to go to the gym or have a weight loss trainer)


No judgement here. It didn’t work well for me only because the medications I’m on for neuralgia conditions won’t let me lose weight BUT it gave fantastic energy to actually get things done. That I think you’d enjoy at least

Do what you gotta do. As long as its prescribed and under the care of a dr, im sure you are fine.

I had a friend that lost a good amount of weight with it. But as soon as she quit taking it she gained it back. My sister took it and couldn’t handle the side effects. Made her shakey and nervous. So you will have to see what side effects you have. I think you have to make s lifestyle change and not “diet” if that makes sense. Not like I have room to talk at all! Good luck!

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I’m on it now. The first month I lost 12 pounds. Going into month two now and results have slowed down dramatically. But either way I feel a lot better about myself already! I want to lose at least 15 more pounds before my prescription is up (60 days). You’ve got this hunny! I’m also a stay at home mom and know it’s hard to lose the extra weight when you aren’t actually out of the house any during the day!

I take it…lost the first 20 easily…I’ve maintained and now after I move I’ll be able to walk more…some days I only take 1/2 pill!!!

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With proper eating and exercise…I lost 50lbs in 3 months
My results are not typical…I was born with a physical disability so any exercise for me is 3xs harder and burns more calories…

Dont be in a rush I wouldn’t add a diet pill when you are already limiting your intake and cutting out food groups slow and steady will keep the weight off

Make sure you have a “cheat day” once a week where you eat whatever you want. According to studies ive read, dieting is more likely to last if you have a cheat day at least once a week.

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I took it for about two months and I lost 25 pounds after my daughter was born. I ate healthy but I did not cut anything out as far as breads and pasta and what not but I don’t eat that stuff often anyhow. You need to eat more than 1200 cal. 1200 cal is on the borderline of starving yourself. And the problem with only eating 1200 cal is you cannot sustain that forever so if you don’t eat what you can sustain then you will gain the weight right back. I maintained about 1600 or 1700 cal and I also worked out. I didn’t gain the weight back because that was something that I was able to maintain after I quit doing it. Also, if you have any kind of heart issue then it could make it worse. it made my heart race quite a bit. so, it does work but you have to take it responsibly or after you stop taking it you will gain all the weight back

It worked amazing for me. I took a half of a 37.5 each day (also helped stretch out the script to two months instead of one) I got a ton of energy and did lose weight. I didn’t gain it back immediately after stopping either. I will say it made me constipated so heads up.

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I’ve been gardening last few days and swear its as much exercise as my gym days or my dancing days. My whole body aches but my butt n boobs feel firmer😆 n my yard is starting to come together

No pill is going to make u lose weight they are all a scam. U have to actually put in the effort by walking and exercising

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Give it a try working well for me this far. If it’s not for you discontinue under dr. Supervision of course

Make sure you take a calcium supplement, it has affects on your teeth if you are on it long term (3+months)

After I lost my gallbladder, I lost weight and then gained about 22lbs. May not sound like much but when you can’t afford a new wardrobe, that’s alot.
Do you momma!!
If you can, check out YouTube, they have videos on how to actually use your kids as weights. 🤷😊
You can also use cans, bags of frozen foods, etc.
I use Tai Chi videos too. It’s SO helpful in calming my mind so I can focus better. :heart:
Good luck momma!! :kissing_heart:

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My mom used it a d it works great but take it BEFORE 10 AM or you’ll be up all night!

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The first time i took it, i lost 30lbs in 5 months. That was about 10 years ago. This last time, about 6 months ago, i didnt lose any weight at all. It just depends on ur body and how disciplined u are to stick to ur diet and exercise. Good luck!

Im following lucy Wyndham-read workouts on youtube.i do her 7 min workouts in the kitchen on my phone.shes had thousands of success stories.good luck

My dads gf use to take it…she lost weight fast but after a month she started only takin half of hers but she startrd changing her diet and exercising and taking half every 2 days…when she took a full tablet she wouldnt want to eat or anything…she eould throw up anything she ate with in hrs of taking her meds and the longer she went without eating due to lack of interest in food she become ill…and she didnt like her personality…onve she did half a tablet every 2 days she seemed fine…she was fine for awhile on a hole but once you looks weight which you do fast they dont really adjust your dose and if you have lost enough the meds can be to much for you…once you loose some id make sure to have your doctor check weight and dosage.

It gives you plenty of energy too.

Also, if you use a goodrx coupon it is cheaper.

I’ve known quite a few women who’ve taken it, it was a really popular medicine in our area about 5-7 years ago. Everyone was getting it and they sorta “cracked down” on the prescribers in our area. I personally haven’t taken it, but my identical twin sister did, for about 7 months during that time. From what I’ve seen, it’s a stimulant similar to our experience with my husband being on adderall for ADD. Yeah, it gave her energy and made her lose some weight, but it made her a super b*tch while she was on it (same as my hubby on adderall, we stopped that after 4 months because the pros just weren’t outweighing the cons). As soon as she stopped taking it, she gained weight back.

It’s gotta be about discipline and the medicine can’t be the only part of your fitness journey. My tiny piece of advice is just make sure you’ve got a good doctor whom you trust managing your medication, and make sure you’re focused on mental health as well as physical. Best of luck!

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See if your doctor can get you a referral to speak to a nutritionist. I see one once a month and I walk for 30 min in the morning before my husband gets up for work then I take another 30 min walk with the kids in the afternoon. I’m only drinking water and milk and do portion control. It’s been 2 months and I’m already down 20lbs which my nutritionist says is a healthy timeframe for losing weight. It’s also teaching me better eating habits. We have a cheat meal once every 2 weeks where we order a veggies pizza and I have 1 glass of soda. I do also go to the gym every evening with my husband where we pick either legs, shoulders, arms, or back exercises for the day and add some core exercises everyday. Then we finish it up either 30-40 min on the elliptical, 30 min on the treadmill, or 15 min on the stair machine. Sundays we do swimming. I swim laps in the lap lanes while my husband teaches our 5 year old how to swim in the free swim area.

I started taking it in March and when I went for my check up I’m down 15lbs. It works and gives you a little energy

It can cause serious heart issues even a hear attack.

I took it in the past, but I had to take it around 7 in the morning, otherwise I would be up the entire night.

Is this a prescription only thing? Sounds like something I need. I’m ALWAYS hungry :sob:

Can you get this on medicaid?